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Customer Reviews

Eventide® H910 Harmonizer

Overall Rating

101-120 of 147 Results

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J. Jiles

December 5, 2016

A noise free , glitch free version of the real deal!

I owned a real H910 until it died. This behaves just like my old hardware unit without the flaws!!! Happy to have it in my arsenal again!!

m. adragna

December 5, 2016

one of the best plug-in for the voice (and not only)

Excellent toll that takes you instantly to another era

J. Barry

December 3, 2016

I bought this for the lush delay. Everything else is a fantastic bonus.

I'm a connoisseur of delays and this is one of my favorites. It's rich and lush on vocals. Gives them a wide and surreal sound. It gives guitars a new dimension. I like it more than Dimension D. It has an epic crescendo that can make weak vocals sound powerhouse. The harmonizer is elegant and vintage. It works well on guitars and vocals, but I don't like overt harmonizers on my vocals. This plugin is a thing of beauty and one of my goto plugins. Sometimes a touch changes a mediocre track into a dynamic track.

A. Singh

December 2, 2016

Sonic Fantasy

Very useful tool on backing vocals, synths and FX. Check the use of this unit by Bruce Swedien.

D. Taylor

December 1, 2016

As weird and wonderful as I hoped it would be.

I was looking for a plug-in that would give me some wild, inspirational sounds and effects. The H910 Harmonizer does all that and more. So far, I've used the plug-in on drum and guitar tracks and am getting sounds that range from simple stereo width expansion to mind-blowing alien invasion. There seems to be limitless possibilities ranging from subtle to extreme that you can dial in with this plug-in. I can't wait to try this thing out on vocal tracks! Good release, I highly recommend this plug-in.

S. Hill

November 24, 2016

Great Toy!

When you want something to sound special and "not from this world" - this is the tool you need. I love it on snares and background vocals. But there are so much more possibilities. Midi support would have been great... perhaps an free update UA?

M. Brkic

October 16, 2016

Great plugins!

The sound is great, but the product would have been better with a midi controller.

M. Wells

October 6, 2016

Presets don't work right in Logic Pro

After purchasing, I was disappointed to find out that the Preset drop down for this Plug-in does not work in Logic Pro. All other UAD plugins that I own have worked in Logic correctly.

I did some research online and saw that this has been a known bug for 3 years! C'mon, Universal Audio. Fix this thing, or sell it with a big disclaimer that presets don't work right if you are a Logic user.

P. Greco

August 15, 2016

Great Flexibility Plugin

The only limit is the imagination. That plugin let me a large space to create new sounds its great!

P. Marriott

July 27, 2016

I love it, but I wish you offered a Dual version like Eventide does...

There's no doubt about it, the H910 is awesome! But I'm pretty annoyed that Eventide who developed this plugin with Universal Audio is throwing in the Dual mode for free with their current $99.00 offering. I don't fault UA, but I hope they make a better deal with Eventide in the future...

S. Peters

July 15, 2016

Not the Eventide deal

It does sound good, it is an unusual treatment for every sound source thrown at it. BUT... no control of the keyboard? Do I have to click my mouse in realtime to make use of it? Then better hide it away completely, now it's just "there" and doesn't serve any useful purpose. And the other thing - where is the duo-version? I hope UA adresses this as soon as possible, otherwise you're far better off to buy this directly from Eventide. Their plugin includes all that's lacking here for a more reasonable price.

K. Kouchian

July 13, 2016

Very Good but no midi for the keyboard and no H910 duo for this price?

I must say I really like this effect, but i'm very disappointed that the duo version is not included. You can get the native version for 99$ at the moment and it does include the dual version. Way better deal. I would have give 4 stars but because of this I will only give 3 stars.
I was hopping to replace my sdmx that is being repaired at the moment and the lack of dual mode is really a downer on this.
Otherwise it sounds magnificent, very gritty, just perfect to widen any sound or create weird percussion mayhem.
I don't understand that you can't control the keyboard via midi though.

S. Tib

July 3, 2016

Great to add depth on vocal harmony

I haven't the chance to use it a lot but it's a power tool, very creative and give to the vocal a different dimension.

It's great on backing vocal and harmony, very useful !!

It can be at the same time a vintage reverb unit with delay too to give a unique color

I purchased it on sale + 50$ voucher, so for 149$ it's worth it !!!

S. Basham

June 21, 2016

Fantastic Plugin

I was curious about this device since reading about its use on albums by Bowie, Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols. Part of it reminds me of playing around with an old RAK digital delay many years ago - but of course its capability is way beyond that. The most interesting and rewarding aspect is the interface - it really does inspire you to interact with it. UAD is the perfect platform for this kind of emulation - being able to play live into it, making adjustments as you go along, really benefits from the zero-latency setup. Fascinating and superb.

s. kgr

June 2, 2016

this is awesome

Amazing sound for guitars,vocals,drums,and more.Very Special plugin of the world.
One of the most amazing tools for me.

L. Herve

May 17, 2016

Très bien

Un produit créatif qui sonne bien, simple d'utilisation, et qui a le mérite de rassembler les défauts et les qualités du vieux hardware, qui sonne vraiment bien.
Une option harmoniseur intelligent aurait été la bienvenue, mais c'est une qualité du H3000...

A. Morris

May 16, 2016

Sounds great - badly implemented

Amazing sounding & faithful to the original box. Pre sets are clunky to get to in logic audio. Spoke to support and appently its a known bug... We'll see...

K. Wolfe

May 11, 2016


I've already used this on 3 projects and it's shown itself to be quite the add -- never owned the hardware but love this plugin!!!

T. Birchman

April 24, 2016

Love, love, love it!!!

Amazing with so many options. So much to learn about each awesome plugs to get the most out of them. I would love to see more character type plug-ins such as this one by Eventide.

M. Samek

April 4, 2016

Snare Drum Inflator!

I haven't had the chance to try the Eventide H910 Harmonizer on vocals or guitars yet, but it's my secret weapon for making snare drums sound HUGE! Very satisfied with this plug-in.

101-120 of 147 Results