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Customer Reviews

Eventide® H910 Harmonizer

Overall Rating

61-80 of 147 Results

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K. Sluiter

December 15, 2018

really useful plug in!

I bought the H910 originally because I had to recall a project that had them in their session. I now use it regularly on almost everything I do. Great for the micro pitch shift ( I use 2 plugs for this). Also great for de-tuning. Would be even more useful if keyboard responded to MIDI

C. Valentine

December 14, 2018

Oooh instant space

Have been using this in a bunch of ways. I drop it on keys and it’s instant space. I drop it on vocals and it’s a consistent solid octave sound. It’s soo pleasant to the ears. Thx for making this plug

V. Gerasenkov

December 5, 2018


Magic wand to make dim track interesting. But you need to be careful, because it is very easy to over-salt.
Feel I will use this a lot.
Thank you, UA!

高. 弥歩

April 20, 2018

very good

It is good to have lots of very good samples when changing settings

e. hartwell

February 23, 2018

Eventide HD910 Harmonizer- drummers perspective

For me, having never owned an Eventude HD910 Harmonizer, the plug-in is definitely tricky to dial in. I did use it on both a bass guitar crush aux and a guitar crush aux to give the tune a little extra tone and texture- And after a little elbow greese it worked well.
I’m sure with more time this plug-in will become more intuitive.

A. King

February 4, 2018

Pretty Cool.

This is one of those plugins that didn’t know you needed until you tried it on an instrument. I see why people in past have raved about it years ago. This plugin is spot on to the original.

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018

Nice, like the original!

A beautiful plugin!

a. sharma

December 21, 2017

the plugin will only operate in console

the plugin will only operate in the console. Why is this so, why was this not mentioned in the description when purchasing this plugin.

Z. Kovács

December 1, 2017


I use it in 1.01. The singer move one step forward!

Z. Kovács

December 1, 2017

The chorus effect

I use it in 1.01 for vocals, just for fun! The singer is one step forward!

s. crichton

November 26, 2017

Very buggy

When and if it runs it is as good as hardware, Just in my case I have had numerous authourisations issues and with the last update the plugin will only operate in console. Probably more sensible to buy the direct eventide one to allow better support

E. Wohl

November 6, 2017


What can I say, I always wanted one of these and now I feel like I have one, great job!!

M. A

July 18, 2017

Living life in Harmony

Harmony , Its every sounds cousin , same family differnet tones. Complements anything you theow at it

B. Bulmer

July 14, 2017

Swing and a miss

I love UA, but for this particular product...go directly to Eventide.

p. leisander

July 7, 2017


You can get some really nice sounds by tapping on strings softly with your pick with the different presets

p. leisander

July 7, 2017


This sounds really good on electric guitar with some of the presets by softly tapping strings with your pick you can get some sounds from outer space

l. maplanka

July 6, 2017


Just the kind of quirky I needed. Great for sonic explorers.

R. Holder

July 5, 2017

UA Nailed It...

Very nice plug-in. It sounds like Eventide!! It's just what I needed!!

g. Pascual

July 3, 2017

No difference:

I used to enjoy this amazing H910 back in the days and now I still have it on my computer and my recording studio. Love it! Thanks Universal Audio Team!

T. Hinton

June 29, 2017

Harmonize and widen with ease

This thing widens every vocal and instrument with no artifacts a great and different sounding plugin when desired thumbs up from me UAD thanks!!!!

61-80 of 147 Results