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Customer Reviews

Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

Overall Rating

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K. Davis

June 16, 2011

This is a great EQ. The filters are phenomenal!!! Very musical and clean.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Oh, this strip is why I bought the Harrison Mix Bus.
And that's been a revolutionary move too.
Enough about the Rolls Royce quality of this company.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

What's interesting is how much I really like this and my mates don't.
I don't care.
Hi Bruce Swedien, thanks for lending me your strip,

J. Fox

April 16, 2011

I just put this on my piano track and it went from good to magical!!! I will purchase this as soon as I possibly can.

J. Umo

February 10, 2010

Simply Amazing. Enough Said. If you think you've heard anything better please let me know. This EQ works wonders on anything you apply it on. The Q settings are great and just for that alone, it makes this EQ unique in its own right. Put this plugin on a Vocal and watch it carve out the nuances and make the audio creamy and smooth. Totally UNDER-RATED Champion of a Plugin. UA, NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO YOU GUYS. Keep up the MAGIC.

A. Molaei

February 10, 2010

soft..warm..and`s like magic ...thanks you guys

T. Rybka

December 1, 2009

Something sounds wrong in your audiotrack? no EQ works? insert the harrison 32c and it fits! very musical and smooth EQ. The Neve one's are very good - BUT : The Harrison tops everything!! a must have... Thumbs up to the UA Modelling Team!

R. Masters

November 2, 2009

This is a must have.

D. Wegner

August 20, 2009

During the Work on an "Michael Jackson Tribute" Album I was very happy to have this great Plug during the whole Process.
It´s impressive !! I don't wanna miss it ! Another good step from UA to satisfy Clients....!

T. Liljegren

July 13, 2009

I must be dreaming!!!!!! I believed that nothing ever could beat the Neve 1073 console, but here we are! Just buy it! You'll love it! Worth every single penny!

B. Dennee

June 12, 2009

This is a must if you are into producing hip hop and r&b. I own a lot of emulation systems and none of the others have the Harrison. The sound is extremely rich and dynamic with great smooth highs and lows, it's really amazing that this is even a plug. There's no wonder why Bruce Swedien fell in love with the sound of this console. It is really that magical sounding and will make your frequencies dance. I know everyone in the hip hop world is hot for the SSL sound, but if you want something different that sounds equally as good if not better, be sure to check this out. It is seriously underrated!

K. KurmuÅŸ

May 23, 2009

all I can say is wooooooooooooowww!!!.what is happening to my mixes?This is the best eq in both digital and analog world.Thak you.

K. Andersen

May 8, 2009

This is the best plugin I have ever used. It really takes a mix to a higher level. I know a guy who got his album mixed by Bruce in 2007 on the actual mixer this plug is modeled on. And the plug comes so close I can't hear the difference between the two, and I have done ALOT of listening. If I had to buy my first plugin from UA, this would be it. This is the best sonic tool I have in my plug box!

J. Parsons

April 3, 2009

I have the entire UAD suite and i can honestly say this has instantly become my goto eq, usesable, musical, warmly colour full, just superb. When you can, Buy will be very pleased.

P. Mohamed

January 23, 2009

the first UAD plugins to really have me floored were Fairchild and Pultec. those two just made my productions shine. great on vocals and drums with a bit of 1176 compression . lately I've been mixing a very busy and aggressive song and thought that still it doesn't sound as upfront as I wanted it to. I remembered the Harrison demo and just installed it. this was another stunning knockout hit from UAD product. exactly what I needed. a musical, effective brilliant eq. I ended up remixing the whole track and the quality just blew me away. some presets are a great way of seeing the genius of Mr. Sweden and an opportunity to learn something.
I love the filters and the auto Q thing. you can go both extreme and delicate with this thing and it will give you always a good result.
I never had and opportunity to work on real thing like Neve, Fairchild, Pultec, Harrison so this is a godsend ting for me and I have chills whenever I try a new/old thing. I want to thank you for this. if there is and example of using technology in a good guys are doing it.

C. Chun

January 14, 2009

i bought it already so quick..what more can i say.?action now

J. Carlo

December 22, 2008

Absolutely gorgeous EQ... the best sounding and most useful plugin I have ever purchased. If you have any reservations about buying another EQ from UA, dont demo the Harrison 32C... it's a guaranteed purchase.

R. Virili

December 20, 2008

My first impressions about this Harrison 32C Plug-In, on my vocal, was absolutely amazing!!!
Neve 88RS sounded good to my ears, but this one is so musical, that I immediatly bought
it without waiting for the "Demo expired"! Smooth & Sweet sound! Great Job! Thank you!

D. Craighead

December 20, 2008

Now THAT is what I call an EQ! It feels even more Tweakable as the Neve Stuff, sounds VEEERY analog to me! No distortion even if the lowest frequencys are pushed to the max. I love this plugin, the best Soft-EQ i have ever heard, will buy this baby as soon as possible. Thanks again UA!!!

D. Good

December 18, 2008

The new Harrison 32C is a very musical & smooth eq. I tried it on vocals & instruments and the Harrison made em' sit real well in the mix. It's a must have for sure and is now my go to eq! Great job UA on another excellent plug-in!!!

221-240 of 240 Results

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