Precision K-Stereo™ Ambience Recovery

Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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M. Overman

September 28, 2021

Secret Weapon

This plugin sat on the back shelf for years and now I cant believe it was ever there. I literally don't even touch the controls. Add it to your master bus once you feel you're finished and it will almost every time say...ok now you're finished. It is a very subtle polish that was missing.

p. hodji

September 20, 2021



A. Vasiliev

June 16, 2021

Awesome plugin

Awesome plugin, such a fine workmanship is just great.
I tested it in demo for several days for the instruments separately and then when mixing, the question disappeared in the purchase.
I bought it now, I'm happy.
Something like this can of course be assembled, but it takes a lot of time.
Latitude, depth, frequency clipping and M/S in one bottle - Super !!!!

C. Prey

May 14, 2021

nothing comparable out there

This tool is just brilliant, it adds depth and dimension to a mix like magic. Before buying, i tried a few other stereo tools to see if i can get the effect cheaper, but nope. They just do stereo widening. I'm glad i got it...thanks UAD and Bob Katz for this !

L. Martella

April 17, 2021


Excellent plug in, I use it on vocals and in mastering to give stereo to vocals and environment.
A really great plug in!

D. Long

March 6, 2021

Much better than I anticipated.

Wasn't sure why I was buying this plugin cause I have quite a few other plugins I thought did just the same job....but it worked a bit of magic on the mix and master now I will be using it more often.

R. Cote

January 18, 2021

Very Good!

The Stereo and Embiance options combined give a good result on individual tracks. If you don't have this type of software, this is the one for you.

J. Makhaisingh

December 21, 2020

Big Master

If you want to take control of your low end and create that big sound, this tool could do the magic trick for you !!! A must have tool

s. Ha

December 12, 2020


Use it with a stereo feeling and a feeling that protrudes forward.

UAD User

November 12, 2020

Use on a buss

Took me a bit to figure out where to use this plug but now it’s a staple in my template. I have it on a bus with only the sides + 3db. Send whatever needs extra width as you mix there and there you have it. It’s subtle as many have mentioned but that’s the beauty. It’s not like a doubler or chorus it’s very pure with no phasing issues.

M. Diaz

October 25, 2020



t. taeksu

October 18, 2020

내겐 꼭 필요한 플러그인이다.

It is very useful and useful for the wide range of sound.

E. Irarrázabal

October 3, 2020

Simple y grabitante

Se pueden provocar cambios considerables, más finos de lo que me permite BBE sounds y Waves. Los nombres de modos ABCD / All no ayudan al usuario.

M. Malinski

August 24, 2020

Secret weapon for mastering

Its like magic box, subtle and irreplaceable.

C. Kiasi

August 19, 2020


This thing is magical. Must have

B. Zhang

August 4, 2020



A. Mtz

July 20, 2020

Terric !!! awesome!

I just read Bob Katz Mastering book , he comments about this plug in he create with UAD. Immediately i gave it a chance and oh , god ! for producers making recordings at home this tools is saves a lot of work. I didn't believe how the depth is achieve and natural sounded

thanks Bob and UAD

B. Mora

July 13, 2020

Unique, subtle sweetener

I especially like it on mono voiceover / spoken word tracks, brightens and adds presence quickly and easily.

P. Borisevich

June 17, 2020

Amazing tool

Compared it to Leapwing StageOne, Mathew Lane StereoDelta and Brainworx bx_control V2. None of them come close to the sound quality of this plugin. All of them ruin the sound stage and mess up the timbre of the source (all bad frequencies and resonances start to come up when you widen the stereo image), while K-Stereo does exactly opposite - enhances the sound stage and the timbre in very natural way. The man who made this plugin is a genius. I'm also amazed at DSP hit, only 3%!

D. Pirrie

June 9, 2020

Too subtle for me

I’m not an expert, as a novice I find this to be too subtle to be of any value to me, I wish I had sampled it first before buying, I’d much rather have a different plugin instead. I’m sure the experts love it though, based on the amount of stars on the review forum.

1-20 of 246 Results

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