Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool

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Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

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J. Nemitz

December 20, 2011

That was about the easiest decision I've ever had while trying a demo.

1.) Open up a mix that has bass in it.

2.) Put the VOG on the bass guitar.

3.) Turn two knobs at will until jaw is on the floor.

4.) Buy the plugin at

S. Tall

August 12, 2012

The VOG has been, in many recent cases for me, the difference between dull low end and thumpin' bass. This is one of those purchases you make in life thinking "I already have something that pretty much does that," then you demo it and play around and realize it's an absolute must-have. If you want kick drums and bass guitars you can feel in your chest, without all the hideous tubbiness, this is it, hands down. One star off because it's by no means a fix-all and sometimes doesn't solve my bass resonance issues how I'd like, but save for the occasional "not this time," can't beat the VOG.

R. Brown

August 14, 2012

Hello my low end friend. What a difference on the bass. I use it on the master bus and presto, it's like magic. Voice of God is an unbelievable tool for anyone's DAW setup. I got it after reading reviews and I'm here to say "get it and enjoy." Super easy, yet super powerful. No one could be disappointed. Plug into God, your bass will never sound the same.

M. Duchesne

July 11, 2012

Really tighten up the low end of any instruments or vocal. If it sounds thin on lows, this is your goto tool... I like it.

J. Murphy

March 11, 2014

What a great tool

I am a two-time billboard number one engineer , and ithis plugin is exactly what I needed for my bass enhancement , amazing

Jimmy Starr

S. Fuhrmann

June 10, 2013

really nice

I use the VOG for my basslines to cut the deep frequencies and to give more depth to the main range. This piece gives his own charakter, it is not just an one-band-EQ some guys noted earlier. I like very much, what this thing is doing. Check it out, maybe you won't like it, but maybe, you will !

J. Moreland

March 3, 2013

An important tool to have

Don't tell anybody but I use this plug-in on pretty much all the kick, snare, toms and bass guitar I record (heck, with a Duo you can run nearly 200 of these). Insert this on virtually any track you wish had a bit more meat (I've used it on Sax, Piano, Viola, Guitar and all manor of synth patches and loops). Oddly though, for me it shines its best light on vocals. Nasal, thin voiced singers sound like their moving more air or projecting more rather than just having the EQ bumped up at 200Hz. This is not just EQ, this is something much more useful for low frequencies.

S. Vanderploeg

August 16, 2012

All I can say is Wow!

I've been kind of reluctant to purchase specialty plugins like this, usually going for equalizers and compressors, but all I can say is Wow! This plugin combined with a few of my latest UA plugin purchases have brought my mixes up to a level I never would have believed before. What this does for the low end and subsequently the overall sound of the mix is really quite amazing. Pretty strong when a plugin immediately becomes invaluable.

J. Gates

June 27, 2012

Bung it on a bass channel twist the amplitube up full then twist the frequency knob until you hit the sweet spot, Flipping love this plugin

J. Perno

July 9, 2013

Not worth the money. Move on!!!

Brandon Drury recently blew the lid off of the truth about this little plugin. It's nothing but a resonance high pass filter. He demonstrates in his youtube video by using the voxengo span plugin. The amazing thing is that when he flips the phase, there is complete CANCELATION!!! Move on, don't buy this plugin. There is nothing amazing about it when you can duplicate the same effect on any stock eq plugin.

check out the youtube review by searching "UAD Owes Us An Apology For The Voice Of God / VOG"

C. Sheppard

August 12, 2013


it is just a low pass filter with a boost around 100hz. This can easily be replicated with a stock parametric eq in your daw! this just a rip off entirely and really makes me question uad and their honesty.

P. Garcia

December 16, 2012

Unfortunately Universal Audio doesn't accept returns.

Its pretty much useless, unless you want to unbalance the notes on bass guitar. It enhances only certain frequencies and make some notes louder than others.
I works on kick drum and probably other "monotonic" bass instruments.
very specific, almost useless.

J. Englund

July 23, 2012

This is now my go to for male vocals....! Unbelievable!

J. Miguel

April 16, 2012

This plug in is a total downer. Who in their sane mind would pay for the VOG instead of getting the Cambride-EQ for the same amount of money? The Cambridge-EQ does the same and a DOZEN more things ... for the same money. Appart from the fact that it is incredibly more versatile doing the same task as the VOG. What a waste of developer time. I am stunned.

My rating of the VOG is ZERO stars ... but I am not allowed to mark a 0 stars with the UAD "rate and review" form. So I am forced to mark 1 star.

R. Gardner

September 7, 2014

VOG - using it for voiceovers.

It really does not do anything that special. You can do the something with an eq. So don't waste your money on it.

d. sexton

December 14, 2018


A must.....

D. Dionisi

December 14, 2018


Es el plugins perfecto para redondear instrumentos en baja frecuencia. Sencillo y poderoso

D. Neumann

December 14, 2018

King of bass enhancement

Great tool for adding sub to especially kicks and basses, also sweet for giving more body to vocals or other instruments in need. To our ears the best sounding plugin of that kind at the moment plus really easy to use


December 8, 2018



UAD User

November 30, 2018



21-40 of 384 Results