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Magnetic Tape Bundle

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A. Jepson

January 30, 2023

Just magical

Heavy guitars sound magical. There isnt a bad setting on here, its fairy dust sprinkled on everything I track at home to send to the producer.

P. Robbins

January 29, 2023

Great sound.

Makes things come to life and adds a lot of warmth

K. Didvalis

January 28, 2023


Great Tape!

J. Szeszel

January 27, 2023

My favourite.

Of all the tape emulations, ATR is one of my favorites. It has character and gives me what I expect from a tape.

V. Kozarin

January 23, 2023

Must Have For A Mix

It makes a big difference, sounds more refined just like a real record / recording. Absolutely must have it in your collection.

A. Hillman

January 22, 2023


Just brilliant

A. Monov

January 16, 2023

ATR 102

Well, i ownd them all
from waves back to all the others and also own all spectrum of und Tapes. I must say, nothing is greater than this one. Believe me. I don't know how the hardware sounds, i hear it back in the day 1994. At this time i haven't any clu what thats means, cause i was just the musician boy recording. Now, ton of years later i can can hear it.

K. Cromwell

January 15, 2023

Nice unreal

While you can EQ and adjust the tone of your music this device is something different it just adds texture and tone that is just unreal worth it!

J. Forest

January 14, 2023

Excellent tape

Great on every track ! Sounds great !

R. Mendez

January 14, 2023


Must have for mastering! Amazing saturation


January 14, 2023

my favarit one!

If you want good sound,
you have to try this plugin‼︎

you will encount special feeling!!

J. Szeszel

January 13, 2023

First impressions positive.

I've used many tape emulations in digital form. I've never used analog. I just close my eyes and listen. I listen and if something is unpleasant for me, I reach for ATR. very nice.

L. Brown

January 12, 2023

Excellent… A+

Excellent… A+


January 10, 2023

Som maravilhoso

Ótimo plugin. Linda textura.

R. Dann

January 9, 2023

Sounds good

Pretty good overall, lots of options and sounds good

Q. Phùng

January 9, 2023


The sound is smoother.

S. Lopez

January 8, 2023


Can you dig it? Sucka!!!!

I. Voevodin

January 6, 2023



I. Voevodin

January 6, 2023



C. Ventura

January 6, 2023


The color that makes a big difference in sound. Got it and always using it. Recomendes

21-40 of 1902 Results