Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

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Magnetic Tape Bundle

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J. Pablo

November 2, 2011

I never had the chance of using an analog tape machine, I´m from the new generation, but with this plug in now I understand what the people said about the magic of the old tapes. Im in love with the plugin, everything sounds biger and warmer

M. Julien

September 3, 2011

The missing link in the chain.

It's a new feat from Universal Audio, after the Studer A800.
I love it.

J. Baxter

August 24, 2011

WOW! I am TRULY AMAZED after hearing the difference on my mixes. I honestly believe this is the missing link. This is the sound! This is the "warmth" we've been trying to find. I LOVE THIS PLUG!!! (I think I'll stay up all night! ;) Thanks, Universal Audio - I am grateful you exist.

L. Franco

June 16, 2011

I personally don't care how close this thing is to tape, to me it's a compressor that sounds like nothing I've ever used. I've had it since it was released and am still discovering new tones with this thing; there's always a combination that works. Together with the process of my HEDD 192, I finally don't need any more "analog" saturation effects.

I would love to see an upgrade to this where the reels would stop spinning automatically when there's no audio passing, as well as the hiss being stopped. Not for the purpose of realism, but because it's distracting (and so is having to remember to click on the ips label to manually stop the reels when you want to). I used to record on a Fostex reel to reel years ago and for me it just feel unnatural.

G. Erwin

March 3, 2011

Growing up in the days of tape-and-blade editing and having a career that has involved some tape-to-digital transfers, instantiating this plug-in provides what's been missing for the last 20 years in DAWs. Before this was released, it usually took several plug-ins to get the sonic qualities needed to warm up individual tracks, especially in the rhythm sections. And with all those plugs, it never came close to what you get with just a single instance of this one.

Not only will you notice that your ears are pleased by the results - more low end, more dimension, the harshness of digital recording tamed and a warm, round presence overall; you also have the ability to creatively use different tape types and speeds for different tracks. It's a joy mixing with this plug-in and well worth it.

J. Fore

January 20, 2011

I took the plunge and bought this even though I cringed at the price. I'm hoping that when the price does finally drop for a sale that UA shows some love with a special coupon of some sort. But anyway...

I'm really pleased with the results on this thing so far. It's pretty easy to use and being able to set different tape speeds and tape types for different channels is great. Drums seem to benefit the most with kicks and snares fattening up and pounding extra hard and cymbals smoothing out very nicely. I tried this with the Neve channel strip on each channel and the cumulative effect is quite nice.

It is a bit of a resource hog and with the channel strips it quickly started to tax my UAD-2 Duo card so now I'm looking to upgrade to the Quad.

The first project I used this on, the client was very happy with the results and noticed a difference from previous projects I've done for him so I guess the investment was worth the money.

Overall, I'm pleased with the purchase.

N. Zervos

January 16, 2011

I just used this inline on a big midi project going to PT9. Recorded all tracks thru this plug strait to disk to save using it in the mix later. I would have to say it is amazing. But be careful as it can mess with timing on things if you make small adjustments on individual tracks to it. I sold my old Tascam deck for this and so glad I did!

D. Mazurek

September 26, 2012

Makes mixes sound like records.

That's it. Just buy it. :)

This is just filler to reach the 50 character minimum. :)

P. Giacalone

July 2, 2013

Brilliant! Powerful!

This plugs in is incredible. It is VERY different from the Studer A800 which I've had for a little while now. The Studer is very plug and play - it's hard to go wrong. There are different settings but they don't vary too drastically and they're all kind of moving in the same direction.

The Ampex is a whole different beast. It reminds me of working on a high end console. If you know what you're doing, you can do great things. if you don' can make a royal mess. You just have to be more careful and pay more attention when using the Ampex. If you do, the results are phenomenal! I can't imagine mastering without it.

For anyone wondering - No, putting the Studer on your mix bus is not at all the same as using the Ampex.

A. Oberholz

December 7, 2010

As an EX owner of the Telefunken-M-15-A I can say this product is not bad by any means.

I was mixing a whole song with it and it was fascinating how it can round of transients and saves you from using extra compression in the mix.

The user manual lacks description in how to use the hidden EQ,Bias etc. controls traditionally right.
There is a Generation that never had the chance to work with such a Tape-Machine.
For this reason it would be great to get more context-information how these hidden knobs affected the output.

At this point I don't care if it sounds like a real tape machine.
At least it emulates well the Tape-Kompression and alone that is great!!

I measured the plug in - watching out for inharmonic-distortions...nothing bad to see.
Other UAD plugs still suffer from inharmonic-distortions - missing dithering in the signal-path?

I give it only 3/5 points because I think it is too expensive for a plug-in.
For some more money you can get a decent 1/4" real HW tape recorder and you will have lot of fun with it.

The price point in my opinion is 250$.
350$ will make this wonderful plug in for a lot off younger-folks unreachable-

I skipped Massive-Passive and Fatso because of the high price.
It looks like that I will skip this one as well even if I like it.

Development: 5 POINTS
Price-Tag: 1 POINT

E. Burnett

February 11, 2016

Basically a poor man's Studer - and it's great!

I've worked with the Studer and Ampex plug-ins here and actually found them a little too feature packed - when I'm quickly looking for a nice tape effect the Oxide is a perfect place to start. And obviously the DSP hit is so much less than with the Studer/Ampex - great job UAD!

M. Penn

November 5, 2015

Just The Touch of Warmth Needed!!

Wow, Warm, Punchy.. Love it, Easy to use .. Just slap it on Dial a little or grab a easy Preset. Instant Love is what I Hear. Simple Results!

Great Job UA!!

A. Souza

April 14, 2013

Great plugin but....

This is a great plugin, but if you have a uad-2 duo like me forget!! This plugin use many dsp resources of you card. I suggest you buy Ampex 102, great plugin no use dap like A800. Expend my money for nothing. But great plugin if you have system to use.

G. Brandt

October 4, 2012

Most historic engineering accomplishment in 20 Years

OK , now the critique.

I own an ATR 102. I have 1/4" and 1/2" heads. I have removed the input transformers.
I have replaced the 1/2" record head with SAKi.Other changes done as well and yet, the machine sits in my garage unused. I decided to review this plug first because I'm basically lazy and don't have the energy to move the machine upstairs to my work room here in Wisconsin where I have moved from LA.

I'm still in the middle of the road as far as a decision although I plan to eventually buy this and likely the Studer plug.

ATR Bias needs work. Bias sounds harsh and not silky like the real machine. I would provide easier to control pots and a Bias meter with easy controls. Pots to small/sensitive

Make bias tone silky like machine.

M. Garcia

August 15, 2012

I've wanted this plug-in ever since it became available! I demoed it and fell in love with it immediately. Matter of fact I put off all my mixing and mastering jobs for four months until I finally bought it. I don't know what else to say to describe exactly how much I needed this tool in my arsenal. There are only a few other key pieces of hardware that I will add to my setup to push my sound to where I want it but as far as software goes, this is one of my final additions and it took my sound one step closer to perfection. Just thought I'd mention that I'm an owner of plenty of mixing and mastering tools; Waves Gold bundle and many singles and Ozone 4 as well as good monitoring equipment, a UA 6176,a Big Ben, but this was still VERY needed


November 11, 2015

Good, but

Good plugin, but nothing to do with the ATR 102, which remains my favorite.
One could compare it with the Studer A800, the settings are simple, the presets are not all to my taste !!!
The price is very interested, but I prefer to choose other quoted above.
thank you uad

A. Dixon

November 27, 2015

Simple, easy to use, and effective.

Imparts a desired sonic character... Works nicely/most effective when applied across lots of tracks, which is actually possible as it is not such the DSP 'hog' as the ATR or Studer A800.. have been using this plug in on every mix.

S. Robertson

November 22, 2015


Love it!! What an awesome tape emulation.. really tightens things up

UAD User

November 4, 2015

UA does it again.

More tape goodness from UAD!

R. Adame

October 21, 2013



81-100 of 1474 Results