Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle


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Magnetic Tape Bundle

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J. Tarver

May 19, 2012

Unless you wish to endorse me perhaps you should piss off and write your own review?!!

T. Cosentino

January 20, 2014

I loved it when I heard it working for about a minute

Whether it's the fault of Apple computers or UA , the bottom line is that my brand new iMac doesn't work with my Apollo Quad. A problem that has now for me been over a month with no solution as of yet. So.........I'll review this software and the interface when some party can get around a fix. I am not the only one who has been inconvenienced both financially and time wise by this issue and the fact that, to this day UA states on it's site that this unit is supported by the 2013 iMacs makes them responsible to a great degree.

J. Drevermann

January 23, 2014

Was "THRILLED" at first, BUT...

Check out all the inconsistent crashing problems with Apollo interfaces and UAD satellites for which there is certainly no apparent cure.
BIG WELL KNOWN PROBLEM to seemingly a lot of folks, but I was taken in by all the hype. UA got me for the price of the Apollo quad and at least that much more in plugins. Spec'd out 2013 MBP won't run the Apollo on any of the UAD firmwares either above or below 7. Great plugins, LEMON of an interface, and the problem goes on and on, well over a year. I thought UA was GREAT, now I think UA is "slick". Lost my endorsement and my now $7000 "loaded" Apollo Quad goes on the shelf, for who knows how long.... Total BULL$HIT UA!

A. Fischer

February 5, 2016

Not my must have

Having received as part of a promo bundle I may yet have to discover how great it is. Sofar, I didn't notice much.

UAD User

August 22, 2015

Great quality and very effective

This plugin really glues a group or mix together well. I love using it to make it sound like you are in the room with the session.

G. Anikin

March 24, 2015

Great as Delay

But not good as a mastering tape machine... not even close to the sound of original ATR. makes sound too mono and over compressed even on a low level. Sounds good as slap delay though.

F. Barbaglia

November 19, 2014

the tape is not spinnin'

I don't know what's goin on,
since I bought it, the tape is not spinnin' anymore in the interface.
don't know if this effect the sound of the plug or not.

J. Cranman

June 30, 2014

Pretty Freakin Sweet

I'm going with 4 stars instead of 5 just because it's not real tape and their of course will always be some sort of analog magic, some ethereal sparkle that no digital device will ever re-capture. . . But this sounds awesome in it's own right and gets very close to my memories of nice tape machines. . . But it's kindof it's own thing. Adds a certain heft and density to the recording that is subtle but very very cool for taking tracks "over the edge". . .

S. Gilroy

May 23, 2014

Old Geezer Stuff

Not impressed because I have native plugins that do the same thing. If you need the power buy it and use it on your DSP system but don't be intimidated by the name, just another tape simulator. Typical UAD model something 50 years old. What a Geezer company. I hate how complicated this plugin is, like it takes some magic genie to run it or something. Tape emulators should be simple, like the Phoenix.

S. Gilroy

May 23, 2014

Not Great

Duy tape, Cranesong Phoenix, and Slate VTM are my first picks but I need the DSP
So I bought it.

E. Gonzales

February 20, 2014

I would have paid $1000 for this plug's that good!

This plug in is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me. A must have for guys trying to master at home. It literally saved several tired mixes I had given up on bringing life, warmth and clarity to otherwise dead mixes. I never thought I would say there is one plug in that can save any mix but this one defys everything I know about digital and home recording. That old expression, "You can't polish a turd?" Well this plug in can. Very musical. Universal Audio has changed my entire perspective and approch to recording and this plug in is the flag ship that transforms your recordings to music. For the first time in my life, I'm smiling at the finished mixes I'm able to put out now.

D. Medvedev

July 31, 2013

The first sample

Hi! Slowly prazbirayus with this device. One thing I can tell he's doing his job. Although not all the tracks it can be applied, it is necessary to accurately represent what you want to get to the finish. In general, good!

A. Perez

July 26, 2013

Ampex Utilities

thanks for your request,
can i use this plug in mono channel? or is only for stereo channels?
is only for mastering?
what is the difference between the studer A600 and Ampex?

M. Bolton

February 8, 2013

Saturation at Its Finest

I was skeptical of anything to do with tape.
I demoed it, comparing it to the Ampex emulation. The Ampex was blown out of the water.
With this, you can adjust how much analog hiss you add to the signal... it's nice to do be able to do that.
It's almost like EQ by adjusting the high freq on it.
Try it out; you'll fall in love with its distortion properties and warm sound. Once you add it to your signal path, you simply cannot take it off. Happens to me, every time.

J. Murawski

February 1, 2013


The best plug.. out there, Not only for master, You can use it on individual tracks,iam. using it as a sound procesor making the track bigger ,it ads That analog Punch To do low end, And of course the nice sweetness of tape,litle EQ, ,,, You can set up the ampex as a tape delay and it's really unique,,its like having six or more Plugs in one , And when am done recording am puting it as a second to lastplug,on my stereo out, It glues Everything together, Ther are different presets for either MIX or MSTR.the only MINUs is that UAD pluggins in general dont have to many presets for any type of electronic music,,its all like rock ,jazz,country, I wish the uad People Recognize that and Release an update with some presets for electronic music,

G. Sebastien

October 15, 2012


i own the ampex atr 102 for real and the plug
also i use the studer quite often to warm or tame lot of differents stuff
a great piece of software

M. Blue

July 5, 2012

I was immediately impressed by after inserting this across my mix buss how the sound took on a certain sheen, presence , warmth and punch !

You can mix into it and use it as channel inserts. It is versatile as it has presets, plus you can play with the imput(clean or distortion), output levels , speed, bias and eq and delay.

If there is one UA plug to buy, imo the Ampex is it !

p.s, plus it gives a little compression variable by input settings so very useful across the mix bus !


J. Grimm

April 4, 2011

UH-MAY-ZING. Best, most useful plug-in ever. Hardware manufacturers are probably scrambling like mad cause in another 5-10 years, with the exception of good mic pres, outboard hardware will be unnecessary thanks to UA.
Yeah, that's right, I said it, I'm not scared. Ever since I got a UAD-2, (got 4 now, and I'll keep on getting them) the rules of the game have changed. And after getting the Massive Passive and FATSO plug-ins, I thought how can they top them? Well they did, and did they ever.
This is hands down the most useful, incredible plug-in made by any company to date. If you have enough UAD cards, you can drop this on every track as the first plug, adjust to taste, using the input and output to saturate or "compress", the tape types and IPS settings to "EQ", not to mention the calibration, all the under the hood controls to further create and tweak the tone you're looking for, and the Bias and LF settings are just fantastic on bass or kick, not to mention beefing up overheads and room mics, guitars, etc. And all in about a minute or 2. Makes mixing in the box and dream whether you have a million dollars of outboard or not. Yet another miracle from UA to add to your collection. Let's not forget you also don't have to buy any tape, do any maintance, and can run tons of them with all different settings which you could never do with the real thing.
I can't really think of a UA plug-in I don't like, and I have most of them. If you're weary of the price, than get out of recording, cause this is hands down a f***ing steal. People who complain should have their gear taken away and auctioned off to charity! Now you need to get together with Chandler and Cranesong and make the Germanium comp and EQ and the Trakker plug and I literally will be in heaven!

J. Perkins

September 19, 2019

Studer 800 On Vocals

I demoed this plugin and I must admit that what it does for vocals is subtle but yet effective. I've used waves plugins but I purchased my appollo twin a few months and I still use waves mostly for affects but ua plugins sound very professional. So I would highly recommend the Studer 800

T. Brogdon

September 14, 2019

The Deal

I’ve recorded to the real thing. This is as close to that vibe as it gets. Superb vibe.

81-100 of 1248 Results