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Customer Reviews

Pure Plate Reverb

Overall Rating

121-140 of 444 Results

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P. Nyström

January 11, 2022


A pure plate and simple but awesome sounding reverb. Works perfect as a guitar reverb.

I. Yunakov

January 10, 2022


Great depth for vocals and nice dimension

B. Walters

January 7, 2022

Awesome reverb!

Just got this as part of a promo bundle with an Apollo Twin. Already used it a ton on a current project. Sounds killer on vocals and acoustic guitar!

Z. Rivera

January 5, 2022

Great reverb

Great plate reverb, it's my go to for vocals.. Smooth sound


December 9, 2021

a good one

not my best but sound nice

R. Cremasco

November 16, 2021

Nice and Neat

Simple but lacking nothing. I’d love to have a mid control but that’s not common in plates anyways.

R. Kirk

November 2, 2021

Nice Tone, Easy to Use

To my ears this sounds as good, if not better than the EMT plate, and is easier to dial in quickly and nail tone that works.

P. Räisänen

October 23, 2021

Warm reverb

Lush reverb sound for every type of genre!

M. Fletcher

October 10, 2021

Great on electric guitar

I already have the EMT 140 which is great. But I bought this because this is the reverb that is on my OX Box and I wanted to be able to record from my OX without reverb and add it during the mix. I can see why UA chose this reverb for the OX. It is more neutral than the EMT 140 but no less stellar. Just a different flavor that happens to work great with my amp and guitr

G. darchis

September 29, 2021


Très bien mais, Je trouve un manque de précision pour le dry wet.
a utiliser pour moi, uniquement en Bus FX.

P. Ribeiro

September 20, 2021


excelente plug-in, tornando vocais perfeitos rapidamente de forma rápida e prática.

J. de Jonge

September 10, 2021

Lush and simple to use

If you're looking for an easy to use plate reverb, that sound just the way you'd want it. Look no further. Use it on all my tracking sessions and end up using it for almost every vocal, acoustic guitar and many other instruments. Its just how you want a plate to sound

V. Basyul

September 7, 2021

Great rever

N. Leconte

September 6, 2021


Everything you need in a plate reverb!

Š. Kominko

August 26, 2021

Very practical reverb.

Very practical reverb with a nice sound. I will definitely include him in my arsenal.

M. Pereira

August 26, 2021


Beautiful plate reverb, one of the best I tried.

P. Megi

August 17, 2021

Great depth!

Did not expect such a great depth coming from this plugin.

T. Zimmerman

August 13, 2021

Simple, Lush and versatile.

While I am a fan of the EMT 140 plug-in, this plug-in is streamlined, and despite the limited controls, it delivers a lush vintage sound with minimal effort. Perhaps the limited options make you use your ears more than your eyes. Its great.

S. Kim

August 6, 2021

Better than i expected

It really sits in the mix

L. Rocha

August 3, 2021

Óptimo plate

Achei incrível a qualidade do reverb

121-140 of 444 Results