Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor


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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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J. Williams

November 2, 2012

very very nice

A great addition to the UAD arsenal. Upon downloading I revisited the mixes I currently working on and the results are fantastic. I can tell you this unit is unique and will add "that" sound to your work with ease. For hip hop and rap it and a thick bulbous bottom end while solidifying the entire frequency range. Its very close to the hardware. Great Job!

R. Masters

November 9, 2012

Not better or worse then the Neve 3309

I'm not going to buy this compressor because I already have the Neve 3309. Did a A&B and I was able to achieve the same results with the neve 3309. How many compressors do we need by the way? If you already have the 3309 there's no need for this comp. Very subtle differences between the Neve 3309, but not better or worse. I would say the both of them are equivalent.

Try and A&B the Neve 3309 next to this. Then ask your self if you should blow $300 on another compressor.

J. Kline

June 16, 2013

I'd pay $50.00 for the plugin, but over 200? Seriously? The emperor is naked!

This plugin was difficult to decide. I've happily paid for some expensive UAD plugins, but even in UA''s promo video the plugin and the analog unit did not sound comparable side by side. Not even close. I think that the GUI is so cool that it blinds users to exactly how mediocre this plugin is, and its slick appearance is undoubtedly a reason for its popularity. I tried a few presets and tweaks, and although the plugin would probably be useful, I don't see what it gives me over and above the plugins that I already own. With UAD plugins, the Precision Multiband and Precision Maximizer do the trick pretty well. For this money, you're better off buying Izotope Ozone 5.

G. Bucci

May 30, 2013

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

The hardware does sound better than the plug in. With that being said, does the Shadow Hills plug in improve the overall sound of your mixes? If used right, the answer is a clear yes. The presets offer great options to start with, and then you can fine tune things. The opto can generally smooth things a little while the 2nd comp adds some punch. At the mastering stage I like a compressor that can gently control the transients while still letting the music breathe. I use the Samplitude Ammuntion opto compressor plug in for mastering which I love. It offers more control over the Shadow Hills opto comp. However the dual comp Shadow can do some things the Ammuntion cannot. The Shadow Hills won't replace Amm, but it can be a second tool to use.

P. Lemos

December 20, 2012

Well presented, sound not quite there, expensive.

This compressor sounds so different to the original that I can hear it on my iMac speakers - not a good sign. It is for this reason that I find it too expensive. I don't mind paying a premium when I know I am getting "the authentic sound of analog" or "the world's finest analog hardware emulation". Take that away and I start wondering what I am getting this for. I hope that UA will improve on it in further releases.

Meanwhile, it is still worth something as it does have a pleasant effect on the mix, albeit grainier than the hardware, and the UI is good.

J. Heil

November 27, 2012

know your roots.....

hey ua,

please remember and know your roots, this is not simply a business,
this is a VIRTUE.

write this onto your hearts and let your mind follow this path,
it is not a shame to take some steps into the wrong direction,
but it is the end of the road if you do never admit and change.

honestly yours
johannes heil

L. Kruijssen

November 16, 2012

As all in their own way VERY USABLE!

Owning plenty of UAD plug-ins using them each extensively on each project I wanted this time to contribute with a little more than just words.

No saturation prior fooling whatsoever

Does it sound 100% like the original hardware? I don't own this specific piece of hardware, nor have I ever used it but based on the official promotion video from UA itself I clearly say no and agree there. The hardware briefly heard contains an overall different response within the lows to it, more depth, openness and for that has also accordingly a clear price tag to it. The mid and highs coming way closer, from a mix perspective yes great bang for buck. All known!

Than is for these reasons this plug-in not useful? Hell no!

S. Elmblad

June 4, 2013


Demoed the SH Mastering compressor, but was really disappointed. Didn't sound as good as expected. In fact, it didn't do anything that I liked. GUI looks weird too on my 27" screen. Given the high price and DSP usage, this is a real downer.

N. Parfitt

November 8, 2012

the A / B comparison doesn't sound the same..

The tone is completely different on the plugin version. The hardware example sounds better immediately... even on a the web video.

P. Alanko

January 10, 2013

demo expired and...

All I'm going to say is that I didn't purchase the plugin after the demo had expired, for various reasons. I didn't feel it was close enough of a real thing. With certain settings it fooled most of the three of us working with it, but the sound of the "in-between settings" were the ones that made me not buy it. Something's missing.

I don't know much about modeling analog circuits, but I came up with a theory where the third party using Uaudio tools had chosen the faster and shorter route, and the original was modeled with "less sampling points", so to speak, and thus the sound misses the original here and there.

What I've described here is damn close to metaphysics, and with next grace period, the testing continues.

D. Odom

November 27, 2012

I would like to actually hear this done by UA

I didn't buy... I always demo first. Just not up to snuff with the rest of the UA plug ins. It looks great for sure.

J. Hiltz

August 28, 2013

Fantastic Mastering Compressor

I'd be lying if I said I had tried the real thing, but I can say that this is a phenomenal mastering plug. It also has gotten some use on drums. If you only buy a few plugins, make this one a priority.

J. Chaney

December 6, 2012

My take in this guy

I demo'd it on a live kit i recorded recently, i tested all settings, it seems as if your not going to get anything too magical here, Just a subtle sweeting. it not an artistic statement kind of compression. But for what it does in the subtle since is very nice, sometime thats all you need. most of the time in fact. But yeah not a big wow factor here. Maybe that's why its considered mastering compressor.

In a strange way it sort of reminds me of Bomb Factory's Fairchild plugin

Also this video will tell you a lot as well. minus the hype, take a gut level listen.

I. Duarte

November 5, 2012


This is one of the best compressors I have ever used. Transparent and clean when you need it, and very naughty when the song demands it !
I Just Loved It !

D. D

November 2, 2012

UAD strikes again

Wow amazing!! Again!!! #1 plugins of choice...

Looking forward to test it.

C. Rikotek

March 19, 2016

Shadow hills mastering NO

After looking at the hardware hallucinate masterizador and I decided to buy the Uad plugin but it is clear that the hardware is worth $ 10,000 and plugins 300 $ expecting much more from this Plugin and truly believed that my tracks iván to sound spectacular but it has not happened ... I'm disappointed with this Plugin. Perhaps I thought it would sound like the hardware that really is the bomb !!

A shame...

B. Olke

February 23, 2013

must have!

The compressor is one of the best for mastering I 've ever heard. ++

Mastering Berlin - GL Audio

J. Cummins

January 14, 2013


It is grand and works very well. Perhaps more settings would be nice from other pros in music and how they set it when they use it on different projects. Love the interface and big knobs. ps. My plug-ins are not showing up in Studio One?

i. sanver

July 28, 2019

Powerful compressor with a unique soundprint.

This one has a unique sound, especially in the low and low mid frequencies. Never used the hardware but used the ssl and vari mu hardware. This for me is some kind of a one trick pony when it comes to tone, when it works it works great. I cant call what it does as transparent at all. When it doesn't work, dont fiddle with it, take it out. Yes, I find the 2-in-1 compressor and the gain staging etc all very intuitive, but that doesnt mean it can be your final and only solution for mix buss processing. However if you're looking for that powerful low mid dark saturated sound, here it is young Hans.

J. von Matt

July 23, 2019

Pure love

I just love this machine. It works in every style and every place. You can do very smooth compressions, and your mix sounds lot better. And if tou want do something hardcompressions it sounds even better, style to style.

Master comp no.1 for me.

41-60 of 433 Results