Softube® Amp Room Bundle

Softube® Amp Room Bundle

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Softube® Amp Room Bundle

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F. Minoia

January 19, 2014

So good

Great plugin amp for every sound... clean, rock, heavy, funky, pop guitars. 5+

F. Minoia

January 19, 2014


Great plugin for rock, blues, funky, pop bass. Excellent

J. Brown-mccue

January 13, 2014

Good but not Great

I've found uses for almost each of these simulated amps so they aren't useless.. I prefer Guitar Rig though.
It would be cool if they had offered gate on each amp, I believe it's only on the Metal.
It takes up a lot of cpu. Good but could have been better.

C. (buck)

January 10, 2014

I guess so

If you have ever played any of these amps you will no they are not even close. I guess if you don't a decent amp. this is a good way to go. I own a silver jubilee and a very old deluxe. I now play through a Hot Cat 15. I do know what they are supposed to sound like. I was going to buy the bass room but think I will pass on that one

R. Macmullen

January 3, 2014

perfect bass amp plug in uad

thank you for creating this perfect bass amp ,it performs immeasureably clean or as required with the dash board configuration / multi cabinets .I link in the little labs v.o.g. bass resonance plug in to enhance the variables offering exceptional tonality and diversification .every one loves the blend with either midi or bass guitar .
uad is the finest engineering on the planet bar none
perfection at its finest
ralph macmullen
retro shack recording

C. Diggelmann

December 26, 2013

distorion & enhancement

what is really interesting with this plugin is the use as 'distortion & enhancement'-box. it's nice to have so many different distortions to make a sound a little bigger, a little nastier, a little grittier, a little stronger, a little less dynamic, a little brighter, a little fatter, a little more focused.... i use it parralell for many sources

J. Cummins

December 23, 2013


Once again great, they so just what they should. Sounds from the past to the present. Now once again get back to work with these wonderful tools! Thanks again Universal Audio.

M. Allums

December 4, 2013

Why only one tone in Vid?

I'm watching the video and wanting to see examples of the plug-in and all I hear is one tone example? You guys really need to learn how to demo. Don't get me wrong I love your work. Some of the plug-ins you offer are stellar but I am so far disappointed in your guitar sims.

You really need to let me help you design a plug-in. I have just a little experience in tone design. Also, I loved Nigel. Why did you guys drop such a great guitar plug-in? You drop a great plug-in (Nigel) and offer plug-ins that IMVHO are just sub-par. I want to like you guitar plug-ins but you really need someone with a good ear for tone to help you design them.

Waves GTR3 blows your guitar plug-ins away! And for less $$$s.

L. Luchet

July 28, 2013

Softube amp review

Great sound, I just wish we could add some stomp boxes effects on it.

F. Whitehead

July 27, 2013

I wasn't sure at first...

After using more processed amp sims such as Native's Guitar Rig and Scuffham's S Gear (which are also great amp sims) I wasn't sure that I liked Softube's Amp Room at first. If you want effects (compression/delay/chorus/doublers/reverbs) then this isn't your amp sim. But, if you just want a great tube amp tone that fits in the mix nicely, this is perfect! Very easy to get great sounds! My favorite amp currently is the Fender model.. Crank the volume, treble, and middle to 10 and keep the bass around 2... Control how dirty you want your signal by how much signal you are sending the amp by the pre. That setting is my go to with my Fender Tele but it also works great with a Les Paul and a Gretsch. The bass amps are killer, too!

R. Macmullen

July 13, 2013

showcase of vintage amps

the softube vintage amp room is the finest issue available ,this trio performs fantastic offering a miriad of tonality and options beyond belief for the most generous sale price of $160 with no cheap gimmics like the competition ,just that great actual sound
thanks again uad /softube for this addition to my uad collection
best regards
ralph macmullen

T. Reis

July 5, 2013

So Useful for low latency tracking

Use it mostly with the apollo for tracking, the lack of latency when used this way is god send. Sometimes it stays on the track sometimes I swap it for Scuffam Amps or Amplitube. But its usefulness when tracking is worth the alone.

D. Dipietro

July 1, 2013

Very usable

I can see where in straight up plug-n-play it's not stellar but when I treat it like my other mic'd up tracks it's very workable- LA-610_SVAP_STA800 then a touch on room from OWS. The OWS plugin definitely adds to the realism of the sound. the 800 gives it some bottom and running the 610 input hot adds a touch of saturation to the sound.
All three amps in this configuration work well for me and that's basically what I do with real amp tracks. I really like the fact the amps are in a three-up configuration that you can switch between easily to compare.

I'd give it 5 stars if it had a decent mic selection.

Added mention for having to turn the bass down on the Fender when cranked- just like the real thing.

D. Gaschen

June 23, 2013

Why not a Amp SIm from UAD?

Ich mag den Overdrive und Cruch -Sound nicht. Er lässt sich zwar dynamisch spielen, den Klang muss ich aber stark mit dem EQ bearbeiten, dass er klingt.

D. Giroir

June 16, 2013

Best Guitar Plugin i've Ever Heard

I've been trying to find a guitar plugin that sounds like a mic'd amp for years. I've used the POD farm plugins as well as GTR 3 and while I made those work, I never could get that natural sound. I tried metal amp room a couple days ago and I was very impressed to say the least. I tried to get the same tones from GTR 3 and then a/b'd the two plugins. The metal amp room just sounded like a mic'd amp every time where as the GTR 3 just always sounded thin with that aggravating high end thing that most guitar plugins have. I can honestly say this is the first plugin i've found that sounds natural. Coupled with the ability to move the mics around i'm definitely looking forward to using this plugin.

T. Crystal

June 3, 2013

I'm Very Impressed

SVAR has a very subtle but very pleasing tone that sits well in a mix. Exactly what one would expect from a quality amp simulator.

J. Mcris

April 30, 2013

Amazing Guitar tool

Amazing plug n play guitar tone!!!
It feels like a real amp ,it sits perfectly in the mix!
Definitely my fav guitar plugin!

J. Mcnabb

April 11, 2013

Amazing feel

Responds so well with pedals. Records flawlessly with my PT10. AB'd with some very skeptical guitar player friends and the amp room had them baffled and in most cases the amp room was the more desired tone. Have also used it live when my amp went down and the sound tech was amazed. A+

S. Beckham

March 27, 2013

Amazing isnt enough

I love AmpRoom for the sound and real time Apollo power, but it needs to host other UAD plugs (ex)-EP34 ,as part of the preset instead of having to set that up later in my D.A.W sends to get the same exact sound.
Left thinking ruins the creative flow..and every bit helps immensely when creating.
I INSIST that UAD make a much faster preset menu!
Quick scrolling of presets on ALL plugs i s NEEDED! NO more click/scroll/load, LAME!! When looking for a sound I wanna hit the down arrow on the keyboard and that's it..NEXT! UA..Please make better preset flow/speed, AND..
Transfer of sounds from Console to Daw Drag and drop would do nicely here!!!
Ideally having Amp room with FX inserted then dragged to my Daw would RULE!! As 4 all UAD plug

W. Poland

March 21, 2013

A game changer!

From SansAmp, to POD, to Guitar Rig, it's been a long journey that's always landed back at square one, with an amp and a microphone. But now the combination of UAD's low-latency Apollo converter and the Softube Vintage Amp Room has put amp-less guitar recording on a new level. The three simulated amps sound great and more importantly feel real.

The only little complaint I have is handling. The GUI still feels a bit sluggish. But based on my experience with UAD software, I'm sure this will be fixed soon in an update.


181-200 of 218 Results