SSL® 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

SSL® 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled

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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

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June 30, 2017

the sound

the real sound I enjoy this software thank's UAD

W. Machado

June 29, 2017

The Ultimate Channel Strip

Classic sound, perfectly emulated, with beautiful add-ons!

R. Manfredi

June 29, 2017


Now my go to plugin for literally everything! Was a bit skeptical at first even when reading other reviews but once you try it you'll understand!

T. Hinton

June 29, 2017

Just take my money this is Awesome

This plugin is ridiculous period just buy it

S. Martinez

June 26, 2017

Too resource intensive! nice sound but...

great sounding but can only use two instances in my 48 track session. I have a new 2017 macbook pro and apollo quad and when I use this plug in along with my other SSL legacy instances which are about 5, then add in the new SSL channel strip my machine bogs down. I hope UAD improves the performance of this plug in. To date, its not very practical to use for mixing!

J. Bur

June 26, 2017

Great SSL 4000 E Channel Strip !

What a great channel, it's good on anything. I appreciated it in particular during the recording of a bass. The result is fantastic (thanks to Unison)! The presets are very useful too.

C. Calvo Pardos

June 22, 2017


La tecnologia Unison es pura magia. Incluso tiene la posibilidad de añadir un circuito XFMR para aún dar mas color. Increible sonido y además nuevo.

J. Kandels

June 20, 2017

Really great!

Sounds just like the real thing - even the preamp is nicely modeled and is able to give a nice distortion for drums, bass or vocals. Love it!

R. Garcia

June 16, 2017

SSL UAD es realidad!!

Hola, compare el Eq de SSL UAD chanel strip, con mi Eq SSL 611eq de serie 500, increible!!! suena igual!! han hecho un trabajo realmente grande, felicitaciones ala gente de Universal audio!!

L. Watts

June 15, 2017

Great E Sound

I like the new version better than the older one and WAVES' version. It think it is much warmer and has better clarity. I appreciate the pre dynamics button as well.

H. Gray

June 10, 2017

I was surprised!!!

I personally do not have hands on experience with SSL. NEVE and API -YES, so when my Brother who has worked on SSL consoles for decades said get the SSL plug in! I was skeptical for lack of personal experience. So I went for it and I must say I am very impressed with my purchase. The SSL4000 E is a very fast mix tool, It is simple to dial in pretty much anything with this channel strip. Fast, effective and it really sounds good. Thumbs up UAD

m. hardy

June 6, 2017

SSL magic

Love this on everything! Eats dsp up, but... still in love!

E. Wilmot

June 5, 2017


Such a transparent and pristine pathway for audio. Depth and subtle separation are my favorite characteristics of this strip.

S. Peets

June 4, 2017

Love It But.......

This plug-in really opens up the sound of the track and the EQ selection between brown and black is a great option BUT....the amount of DSP it uses (even with multiple UAD-2's) and low number of instances it can be used it disappointing.

G. Vsevolozhsky

June 3, 2017

My favorite unison plug

Love it. Sounds great. My favorite unison plug.


June 3, 2017



A. Lee

June 1, 2017


Talk about sheen on the top end, talk about clarity...just Wow!

UAD User

May 31, 2017

great on kick drum sound

before and after using this baby and tried out a preset. the sound is unique and gave it... the oomph factor... b.@.l.l.s

P. Giacalone

May 30, 2017

Spectacular! A leap forward (again) from UA.

I had the legacy version of this plug which I liked but I had stopped using it over time. I've worked on real SSLs here and there, not an expert by any means but I have some knowledge of what the real deal sounds like. This plug-in is phenomenal. All the components sound great but the really indispensable one is the input transformer. I have....a LOT of plug-ins. I have nothing can do what this one does for low end material. Bass in particular. Slate was giving UA a real run for their money, particularly with their recent 1176 addition. This plug in another leap ahead of the pack for UA. I only wish I could run more of them, but at least I feel like I'm getting the commensurate quality for the amount of DSP it's taking up. Do yourself a favor, this one is definitely worth owning.

M. Iuliano

May 28, 2017

Cannot get much compression

To get some compression the threshold needs to be completely down...and sometimes is not even enough. Very weird nobody mentioned it.

101-120 of 210 Results