Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Regular Price: $349.00


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Customer Reviews

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Overall Rating

81-100 of 543 Results

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D. Alexandrov

January 18, 2019


Great plugin)
I bought this plugin as soon as I bought a DSP satellite card. And I did not regret, my tracks sounded in a new cheers)

S. Pedneault

January 14, 2019


I insert it on every tracks!

J. Tristán

January 11, 2019


Me encanta cómo emula la cinta, verdaderamente aporta ese 'vibe' de cinta, esa saturación, ese color... La verdad es que hay pistas de la mezcla a las que les pones el A800 y una EQ... y están listas, a veces sin la EQ incluso. Es una maravilla.

M. Bird

January 11, 2019

Warm Analog

It has done wonders for my mixes, they sound expensive! Takes me back to the sound I miss from when I used to record onto tape, I don't miss the maintenance though :) I really love it with acoustic guitars and vocals gives them an almost 3D quality. Yes, its subtle but really notices when you take it out.

s. kgr

January 10, 2019


Easy to use sound, love it!

T. Ensemble

January 9, 2019

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

I use in every project !!! Cool plugin !!!

P. Jonsson

January 8, 2019



P. Jonsson

January 8, 2019



d. favuzza

January 4, 2019

Do you like TAPE?

Do you make HIP HOP productions and do you like that warm sound on the sub bass?
Do you prefer to have a vintage effect on your ROCK or FUNK song?
You can use this STUDER A800!
But remember, if you want to give a little saturation to the DRUM group, the warm to a Pad or to a GUITAR BASS, you can do it!!

T. Porter

January 3, 2019

The Studer is the game changer for analog warmth in the box

Put the Studer on any track and instantly hear the sound become richer and fuller. I advise anyone looking for a top of the line plug to add some warmth and fullness to your mixes, purchase the Studer a8000 and immediately hear your tracks liven up

UAD User

January 3, 2019

Great plug in!

I’m new to UAD plug ins and wow... it’s been a lot of fun! This is a great plug in, adds fullness, width, etc... A must have! Can be used across the board!

J. Headrick

December 15, 2018


Nomnomnom. Sounds delicious.

B. Zdravkovic

December 11, 2018

The best plugin I've ever bought!

I'd put it on every channel if that DSP allowed me!
Instantly makes an incredible difference in sound.

A. Vella

December 9, 2018


Use it in my low end this is a beast machine!

B. Higham-Smith

December 6, 2018

Can’t tell the different in the slightest!

After using a real A800 for a few years, I can say honestly that I could not tell the different between the plugin and the real thing. Blind tests with clients also gave the same result!

M. Ahn

December 4, 2018

Glue machine.

I must use it at last master track with ssl gcomp.
Result is never disappoint me.

z. de

December 3, 2018

very good!

The same simulation effect as imagined!

K. Morris

November 13, 2018

File under "it just sounds good"

Whether for tracking or post, this plugin is dynamite. Subtle or extreme, it adds feel and color with that hard-to-define "analog warm-yet-punchy". Don't be shy about using the defaults, but also definitely pop the cover and learn the tweaks. Love the gang mode as well for tracking or applying across a mix in post.

K. Morris

October 26, 2018

Superb tracking and mixing tool

I love running kick and snare mics through this in console. I frequently reach for it when mixing. It just sounds great. The under-the-hood tweaks are plentiful, and worth exploring to tease out your own sound. Having said that, you can literally use the default setting on almost any instrument and hear it instantly settle in the mix. Highly recommended.

P. OakwoodProductions LTD

October 9, 2018

Must Have on your Mix buss.

I know that this is based on a multi track machine but when used on the stereo buss it adds a fantastic glue that totally reminds me of the old 2" Tape recorders compression sound. I found using it on every channel too much, but one over the whole mix helped fatten the bottom end and bring everything together like the old tape machines did. Love this plugin

81-100 of 543 Results