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Customer Reviews

Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ

Overall Rating

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R. Morris

June 1, 2024

My faveorite old school sound.

In a digital age where old people like myself still love the sounds of the 50, 60 and 70¨s this is one of my go to plugins. I honestly use it on everything. It quickly became my go to for warm hot bass, but then again the sounds it produces on electric guitars and vocales even, is just amazing to my ears. I like that it is somewhat of a hidden gem, and am super excited that UA would recover it and make it available in today's world of music production. I would love that UA would even develop more plugins based on the old Trident world, just to top of things.

-. TzwSVsOw

May 9, 2024



R. Argilagos

May 9, 2024

ssss it is a secret

dont buy it's only for me

M. Galindo

March 22, 2024

Añade muy buen color

Basto con escucharlo al ecualizar unos contratiempos de gama muy baja

K. Chatzopoulos

December 31, 2023

Great circuit emulation

As long as I used the demo version, I noticed that it gives you a more open sound when you just apply the plugin, without altering any of the EQ's faders. The EQ is good as well, for adding color an character. Feels like analog stuff!

R. Villafane

September 21, 2023

Plugin vs Real Deal.

We purchased a pair of original A Range pres when Cherokee parted out their desks. Just today we got around to A/Bing the hardware vs the plug. I was surprised to see just how close they were... doubt i'd be able to pick the plug from the original in a blind test. Congrats, UAD!

S. Tanner

August 13, 2023

Nice sound for some stuff

I don't need this EQ a lot. But when I am using it I get some nice sound out of it.

I. Finney

July 15, 2023

Classic EQ

Classic 1970s EQ that has a wonderful effect on sources. Very musical and effective, modelled, from Elliott Smith's desk (source: Tape Op Magazine). Using this alone, you can make some interesting and effective EQ choices.

J. Mateo

June 28, 2023

a powerful and flexible eq

this is hands down one of the best eq plugins you can use on bass and drums

M. Cafeo

June 9, 2023

Trident A-Range Classic Console EQ

After researching, watching all the vids to be found, and speaking with associates, We cannot wait to get the time and with new music to listen to and work with this unique item.
Thanks TRIDENT and UAD!

R. Byers

January 7, 2023


A client wanted that mick fleetwood drum sound - understanding that so much goes into achieving that sound ahead of the EQ, the Trident A-Range Classic Console EQ was absolutely the icing on the cake. The perfect EQ to push the kit right where it needed to be.

U. Audio Account

December 9, 2022

Sencillo y efectivo

Una eq muy musical, una herramienta perfecta en la mezclas.

A. Petrou

October 17, 2022

Great character eq

This eq has vibe and character and sounds great on guitars. Use it on acoustics to get that 70's Bowie sound. Beautiful.

J. Manness

September 21, 2022

Want a retro EQ that's beefy and has some bite? Get the Trident!

I got this one on a whim, and I am LOVING IT on my Moog synth. It has a little more girth than the API EQ, more aggressive than a Neve, and not as harsh as the Helios. I'd say the closest in EQ tone is probably the Chandler Curve Bender, but the Trident's limited EQ options got me to a desirable tone much quicker. I'm looking forward to trying this on sources that need some attitude.

H. Bouetard

May 6, 2022


Versatile, musical... Unique
On guitares, pianos, drums...

S. Charrier

February 3, 2021

Sweet caramel gluing so well my favorite frequencies

Dear UAD (U A dream) , Your Trident emulation sounds like sweet caramel, gluing so well my favorite frequencies. I used it so far to EQ my acoustic guitars and it's sounds gorgeous. Thank you again.

C. Rochte

February 2, 2021

Input/output section

Hey UA,

I'm a a UAD enthusiast and use almost all of the UAD plugins in my work.
I have the Trident A-Range EQ Plugin, but I was wondering if there is ever a chance that you would model the input section of the A,B, or Consoles in a Unison pre-style plugin.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what the A-Range EQ plugin is doing in the input/output section, though. Is the input/output section modeled in this plug-in as well? Just curious.

Thanks for all the great gear and plugins!

. Adams

January 8, 2021


This thing is a beast on guitars. It’s great on other stuff too, toms, bass, certain vocals but man it comes alive on distorted guitars. Playing around with different combos of hi and lo pass filters can really shape the tone before you even get to the rest of the filters.

A. Reverberi

January 8, 2021

What a gem!

My new favorite EQ. I used to work on a Trident 80B and this EQ definitely captures the vibe and sound of Trident.

J. Boes

January 7, 2021

Sweet and low!

I love the sweet sounds of this EQ. The low end on my kick is perfect!

1-20 of 135 Results

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