Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ

Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ


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Customer Reviews

Trident® A-Range Classic Console EQ

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S. Hallstrom

April 12, 2013

Final touch

Love the Trident for that last touch on a mix that already sounds great. Very good presets too!

L. Richardson

March 23, 2013

Simply a great EQ

I love this product as a Channel strip or an EQ, it is TRULY a stellar product that sounds great and of course easy to use as long as you know how to use an EQ. WELL DONE AGAIN UAD!!

W. Cato

February 16, 2013

Great EQ

This is a wonderful EQ for drums and acoustic guitars. It allows me to find the right frequencies and bring them into my mix so the listener can hear all the different instruments with minimal phase cancellation.

C. Lennon

February 15, 2013

Excellent carving eq

This was literally the only eq from UAD that I didn't have. I did a demo and again watched the video to see how it really worked. It has a sound that simply sits in the mix the way it should. My personal preference for it is on mid to high range instruments. Personally, I think that's where it excels. I've never had strings, brass, guitars, pianos, and even vocals that didn't sound good using it. It is great on bass also. While some genres of kick drums sound good with it you will have to understand what the switches do if you want sub kicks to sound good using it. Once you do, you can really push the sonic boundary with it.

V. Kuzeva

February 6, 2013

The Hi FI tool !

This is very underrated plugin for what quality is it . Its one of most accurate eq emulations ! Highs with this sounds decent maybe better then some expensive hardware!The highs are also better here from the Manley version!When it comes to hats and some claps this is the go to !

J. Yozsa

January 14, 2013

Love it Love It LOVE IT!

This plugin features almost everything you need to create a sweet sounding track. I love using this to brighten up vocals, or to add beef into some sweet guitar riffs. It features everything you need with a super easy control surface. I love everything about it and will surely use it in all my mixes.

S. Vd

January 14, 2013

Trident a-range

Recently i bought the trident a-range plugin
And I must say this is by far the best eq for electric guitar I own
Not really to see which knobs are on or off but then again very easy to make a good sound and to make a guitar to fit the mix
It might seem expensive but I don't know any other eq that suits my guitar tracks as beautifull as this trident a-range emulation

D. Widmar

January 13, 2013

Loving the Trident!

I just recently purchased the Trident A Range EQ so I haven't used it a lot yet, but I instantly fell in love with it when I put it on a couple of electric guitars. It really gave the guitars a great tone and put them perfectly in the mix with a nice sharp edge. I love the color it imparts. I put it on some vocals too. It's wasn't right for every vocal that I tried it on because of the amount of color it added (I'd say it's aggressive sounding for what I was doing), but for the vocals it did work on, man, it really sounded fantastic! It helped the vocal cut through the mix and gave it just the perfect amount of attitude. So far, I am really loving this plug and can see myself using it on a lot of sources. I Can't wait to throw it on a snare...well, actually, I

C. Sammarco

January 13, 2013

Trident A Range

Excellent smooth, sweet sounding eq with great character!

S. Love

January 12, 2013

Trident rocks

I just recently got this plug in. I haven't put it through the ringer yet, but I have used it on drums and it is a badass. It really allows you to get the meaty rock sound when you want it and I'm pretty darn impressed. If you have the cash, and like the "rock" sound. I say get it and you won't be let down.

UA rocks.

R. Sokolovski

January 12, 2013


If I want to sound my dance kick really "round" with punch I often use Trident to achive desired sound. This is my kick doctor. I like it very much. But sounds great on other instruments as well.

T. Miyauchi

January 11, 2013

Fantastic plug-in!

Fantastic plug-in! Great for acoustic guitar. I couldn't find the sound I

C. King

January 10, 2013

Musical EQ

Like most of us I have many EQ's that I can turn to. The thing that I appreciate about the Trident and why I bought it is because it has a musicality to it that many others don't. Most say this EQ is great on guitars, and it is, however I've used it on all types of sources without disappointment. Plus with the sale and coupons I got it for $24 hehehehe...can't beat that, right!?

M. Saure

January 10, 2013

Sounds good, easy to use!

Great EQ, gives nice colour to Guitar- , Vocal - and Bass-Tracks.
For us really one of the best for that purpose.

J. Alea

January 9, 2013

A classic indeed...

I demoed quite a few EQs before purchasing the Trident.

This EQ give my synth tracks a bit of that midrange punch that is lacking in some soundsources that I use. It also adds a nice bit of color that makes things a bit more sonically interesting. Of course it add some nice sheen if you need it....

I really like the filter buttons as they offer quick LP/HP changes without too much mouse wiggling....

Highly recommended

M. Chipembere

January 7, 2013

Trident A-Range

This is an EQ with character and attitude. If you are looking for transparent this is not the EQ for you. If you are looking for something with personality you've come to the right place. I use it on just about everything now. I've never used the original but I grew up recording through Neve an API boards and this EQ lives in that neighborhood.

P. Hird

January 7, 2013

Vintage magic with the A Range

I love the Trident A Range. It has a magical warmth and works via mystical frequency crossover joojoo making it often a unique sonic choice for EQ.
Well done once again UA!!

C. Jolley

December 28, 2012

Truly magical for guitar tracks

Whoever said it was magical on guitar tracks is correct. It seems to add a liveliness back to the recorded sound of a guitar through an amp, like being in the same room again. Very much a good deal during the December sale!

S. Lees

December 19, 2012

Great Flavours

I bought this on a recommendation on a web forum, and I find it rather useful for adding colour to tracks!

A. Heasman

December 18, 2012

nice EQ for drums

I got this after Ken Scott mentioned it for recording drums - it enables drums to stand out a little more and have their own space - fairly broad subtle EQ is great for this

81-100 of 102 Results