UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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A. Fusini

March 15, 2019

Una mina

Gogo, sti plugins spaccano il culo!

R. O'Brien

March 9, 2019

More Analog Plugins

I love the power I now have in my mixes, sound design and everything
And Octo card in my Mac means more Pultecs, Neves, Fairchild’s etc. and no problems
Love it.
Thanks UA

P. Calabria

March 7, 2019

Great product!

I can only say well about this product and about the Universal Audio Staff! Now I can work with plugins without using the CPU of my computer and through the exclusive UAD plugins that are of an incredible quality! Right now, in my opinion, to have enough DSP for a satisfying mix, OCTO CORE is the minimum to start from !!

A. Shaw

January 31, 2019

Double Up

This is my second octo PCIE card. Because I love the plugin set I tend to use a lot of UAD2 plugins. With one card I was alway almost running out of power. With two I can do what I want and not even think about it. It is great!

S. Muresan

January 28, 2019

The concept great and the sound is unmatched.

S. Kuebart

January 17, 2019

Not working with AMD Ryzen Platforms

UAD-2 SOLO/DUO/QUAD PCIe cards are not recognized by AMD Ryzen (Threadripper) based PC builds. Whether this is related to AMD, the Motherboard suppliers or UA it is a shame how customers issues are handled. Reading through several forum threads and blog posts the issue seems to be related to a different FPGA- or board-design compared to the OCTO PCIe cards and it is not only the AMD Ryzen architecture which experiences these issues (2013 Mac Pro has the same issues and is based on an Intel architecture). So I would like to see that Universal Audio offer a trade-in program for customers who own SOLO/DUO/QUAD PCIe based cards. I am willing to pay the difference, UA does not need to offer the trade-in program for free. But since 2017 (!) loyal UA customers are being left alone with their UAD-2 issues on AMD Ryzen platforms.

J. Bridges

January 2, 2019

A must have for any studio

This process card has made a big difference for my recording Mixing and mastering and i would suggest it to anyone who takes their music creation serious

E. eliOsc

December 25, 2018



P. Mazur

December 13, 2018

The great times for home production ....

What to write .....? If you don’t have this card you don’t understand and you will never believe that’s works ....

UAD User

November 23, 2018

Awesome Gear!!

Setup was straight forward and easy. I'm using a Sonnet Echo III expansion chassis. The plugins are amazing! A lot to choose from. I highly recommend purchasing the UAD-2 PCIe Card!!!

J. Moreno

November 14, 2018

power to the people!

Just simple as that: power to the people!

N. Sharif

September 29, 2018

My second octo card and I'm loving it

Rock solid card that works very well without any problems. This is my second octo card and I will not hesitate to get the third one! Thank you UAD

J. Ginnetti

September 25, 2018

Power is good!!

I started with an Apollo unit, but soon realized I needed more DSP. Having rebuild my Mac, I could now use the PCIE slots. This Octo-card is just what the doctor ordered. My only wish is that I had the option Of other plug-ins besides duplicating what I already got with my Apollo. I do love the power though, and the plug-ins are first class.

A. Sechkin

September 24, 2018



J. Langhoff

September 17, 2018

I'm so happy !

Just works amazing, and UAD plugins ... wov ... amazing quality.
I will definitely buy more in the future !!

C. Lesca

September 14, 2018

I Love This Card

It was very easy to install, I had my fear for using a windows system, but it was very easy. The software and the plugins are amazing, very stable, and I have been able to use them in Pro Tools, and Studio One. Although Studio One does not work very well in Windows 10, I mostly use Pro Tools. I have purchased the SSL-E Channel. Those plugins are incredible. Now my intention is to acquire the new Apollo X16. I knew of the excellence of UAD, but when using the board, and the plugins exceeded my expectations. Undoubtedly the best purchase I've made for my studio in a long time

m. łuczak

August 10, 2018



UAD User

August 6, 2018

Dedicated DSP support for the most accurately modeled plugins

Actually, this card failed at about 18 months, and the good folks at Sweetwater worked with UAD to replace it promptly under warranty. All good.

k. Rutledge

August 3, 2018

Love these products!

Definitely one of my best investments!! Would get 5 stars if the installer only installed the plugins that you own or at least gave you that option!! Still love the product!!!!!

UAD User

July 10, 2018

Amazing Quality, but I need MOAR POWER!

The PCIE Octo card is amazing, using with cubase 9.5 my mixes are sounding better than with the waves and slate plugins. I was surprised at how fast the 8 cores get used up with all the channel strips, preamps, compressors, and master chain on. I'll either have to adjust my workflow, or get a second Octo.

21-40 of 660 Results