Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

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s. fujimoto

September 15, 2018



T. Lenoci

June 25, 2018

Great compressor!

This plugin is the real deal. I recently used it on an acoustic guitar session and it brought so much love to the track.

M. Repin

June 13, 2018

LA-3A - For me it`s O-K!

Love it from the very first sight on my UAD-1 card. Looks tiny but it rocks! And fantasticly easy to use. So i forgive it this tiny-not so glamour face, as i love it with my ears )

c. Eastman

June 12, 2018

Good sound, small graphics

I love the sound of the LA-3A plugin... works just like the real one. The graphics on the screen when the plugin is opened is rather small... not a big deal, but a bit hard to see.

V. Brunello

June 8, 2018

Best and smallest LA-3A plugin!

One of my fav rec chain for vocals is : U87 > 1081 > LA-3A. The Unison Neve preamp put in the LA-3A make great results and come close to the hardware sound. Now (like other UAD plugins), I wish Retina (or somehow more pixels) version of the UI. So please send us MkII version and make it a Legacy one ;)

A. Mtz

May 30, 2018

Waiting for a mkii version

I love all your plug ins; they have changed my life, really :)

But for this plug in i suggest and i request, please ; as a lot of persons say about : WE LOOK FORWARD AND CANT WAIT A MKII VERSION. The interface is too small , it feels poor. All your plug ins have beautiful interface designs; don’t leave this great compressor behind the others :)

T. Augustinas

May 29, 2018

interesting stuff

quite great compressor, not my best weapon but still worth to be checked

T. Augustinas

May 29, 2018

interesting stuff

quite great compressor, not my best weapon but still worth to be checked

A. Blaze

May 22, 2018

Perfect Tool!

Used it on my Uad-1 cards and can say it`s something "magical" - safe for the dsp and absolutely superb for mainly everything! Bass , BD, Snare - sounds cool and very important: so easy to use - and not as expensive as LA-2A Lever or 1176 , yes both this compressors-limiters fantastic but it needs more time to create your sond. With La-3a - just a few touches and you have sound in your face )

w. costa

May 21, 2018

Love it

Always loved LA-3a on Acoustic Guitars. UAD version brings me that same feel.
Just wish they revamp the UI. Too little for modern monitor res.

K. Monroe

May 15, 2018

Sounds really great! Looks average.

Love the sound of this plugin. I use it all the time or acoustic drums and electric guitars.
However, the plugin window is really small. I have no idea why the design was so small, but it can be difficult to see exact settings. Not the sexiest looking plug-in out there. Lets do a re-design!

J. Jordanov

May 10, 2018

LA-3A compressor

A killer plugin! Highly recomended!

A. Müller

March 17, 2018

LA-3A is a little but great one

Works great, not DSP-hungry and fits your audio-material in the mix. I use it a lot and would recommend this plugin.

R. Polson-Lahache

February 6, 2018

The Leveler!

Love this simple compressor. It works great and sounds great. You can't make a mistake with it. Love it on acoustic guitars and the occasional vocal that's paired with an 1176 or LA2A depending on the speed of the vocal. With most audio I compress around 3 db's...sometimes with peaks around 5. Its just an all 'rounder tool!

UAD User

January 30, 2018


simply put, it can be the perfect glue to hold ur mix together.

C. Horsethief

January 26, 2018


Great plug to drop in between the guitar hi-Z line and the ENGL sims. It tames excessive pick attack without smashing anything or adding color.

S. Milloway

January 25, 2018

Sounds excellent

Sounds great on a number of sources. I like it on vocals, brass, and even snare at times.

S. Riggi

January 22, 2018


Now this is my to go cOMPRESSOR , AND TRUST ME ME I HAVE USE 100 Compressors in my life ! this is the one ! Recording vocals on it ! boom Cutting trought the mix like butter ! :)

O. Kyoung Seok

January 15, 2018

very good!

very good plugin

B. Mclendon

September 27, 2017

Crispy vocals every time!!!!

I love this compressor!!! Im using it in every single session nowadays. I've been tracking vocals using the 610b mic pre on my unison insert and the La3a as a standard insert in the console app. This combo for me tracking vocals is amazing and i have complete control of my vocal as it hits pro tools.

41-60 of 219 Results