UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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S. Perez

July 1, 2019


It's a little bit frustrating to need to buy something by UA to use his plug-in's, but I need to say that it gives you the life. So congratulations for that amazing hardware!

C. Horsethief

June 26, 2019

Seamless integration and capacity...

UAD’s seamless integration of SHARC processors wouldn’t be possible without the foolproof plug and play functionality of the Satellite units. Scalable and reliable processing power—first time, every time.

V. .

June 25, 2019

UAD-2 Satellite OCTO CORE

Welcome to Universal Audio.
I want to thank you for this optimal solution in the matter of more extensive work ,8 chipboard processes, everything works quickly and easily ,which is very convenient for quality work.
I Express my gratitude to you for your amazing product.
With respect to the company Universal Audio.

D. Hahnfeld

June 23, 2019

UAD-2 Satellite on all my mixes

Recently bought a UAD-2 Satellite and it is running plugins on every mix I do. So far I had no performance issues and all plugins are running butter smooth. In the future I probably will get an Apollo interface and the combined processing power of both should cover all my needs.

G. Ferasson

June 22, 2019

Great piece of gear

I have got two Satellites Octo running on a Mac Mini 2018. Recording and mixing in Cubase 10 pro. I use loads of UAD plug-ings, few Waves and Eventide. I love the plug-and-play approach, the processing power (16 cores, 8 by Sattelite) and the quality of the vst‘s. Thanks a lot to UAD for having changed the life on thousands of passionated sound engineers.

M. Blackman-Gonzalez

June 19, 2019

Mix Engineer's

Great accelerator when it authorizes. Sometimes takes a while to recognize. Other than that it's the most consistent UAD device.

s. coar

June 12, 2019

Octo luv

More is better. This makes me happy.

g. laurent

June 7, 2019

Parfait !

Fonctionne très bien sous Mojave , 3 plugs offerts avec la version custom + Brigade Chorus Pedal en cadeau ça fait plaisir !

P. Perfetto

June 5, 2019

great power

Great for adding additional power, hopefully they update these soon though, because these came out in 2015, they are almost 5 years old. They should do thunderbolt 3 with 16 and 32, and the the PCI slots for the mac pro 2019

E. Nowak

June 5, 2019

Exactly What I was Expecting!!!

I am mixing a fairly large project and needed more DSP because I wanted to A/B multiple Guitar amp inserts and effects on multiple tracks without having to delete the current models. I have the Tweed, the Marshall Bundle, The Friedman Bundle and the Fuchs Over-drive-so too many tasty choices!!! I had 2 UAD-2 PCIe Quads, and an Apollo 8p Quad so adding this Octo brought me over the top!!! Happy to almost double my DSP at one shot! Nirvana!!!

L. Urbel

May 30, 2019

Satellite OCTO TB

A very good device. Really glad that i bought it. Works perfectly and helps me get my work done on my MBP without stressing it out.

Actually its the second one i have - first one was glitchy out of the box, but the retailer got me a new one really fast.

The only thing that I would really "change" on this device - add genuine rack ears, so that I could fit it perfectly in my rack alongside my audio interface. UAD doesn't provide this option, sadly =)

B. Sigvert

May 30, 2019

Perfect addition to Apollo Twin Duo

I needed more DSP horsepower for my mixes and this does the job perfectly. You can’t argue with the quality of UAD plugs and the satellite gives me the freedom and abundance of DSP, so I won’t run out of DSP any time soon.

J. Milaszewski

May 28, 2019

Too little DSP power

Many new UAD plugins consume large amount of power. I need at least two Octo to do a smaller mix. Other than that, it's great and compact in size.

A. Young

May 27, 2019


The octo Satellite does exactly what is designed to do. Now I have way more processing power and can run way more plug-ins at the same time. Thanks UA......your products rule!

J. Lefebvre

May 21, 2019

Perfectly perfect!

Fantastic unit!

Exactly what I needed (more DSP) to run session with even more fun with my fav plugins. I've managed to put about 30 plugins so far in my Mix and combined with my Apollo 8p, I 'm at about 42% Yiiiiihaaaaaaa!!!

J. Poloyannis

May 20, 2019

Great unit - UAD - 2 Satellite Thunderbolt

I was predominantly a "Waves" person, but needed some DSP power as my CPU on the Computer couldn't handle the load on some of my mixes. After a lot of thought, I decided on the UAD Satellite. I was so impressed with the performance and effects, I bought a whole lot of extras a few days later..... both Hardware and software are very impressive. use Waves very little now.

J. Dockerty

May 17, 2019


She’s a beaut!!!!

S. Young

May 16, 2019


With the Apollo Twin and the Octo Satellite, I can focus on my workflow without even thinking about the processor load. And the UAD plugins are sweet! Huge difference!

D. Pronin

May 16, 2019

Thank you for UAD-2 Satellite

The possibilities that this device gives, make you feel confident) Thank you!

M. Sirinathsingh

May 15, 2019

UAD-2 Satellite Quad (Thunderbolt) MAC

Great addition to our new Studio "B', the plug-ins are FANTASTIC!!! Do yourself a favor and buy one of these. Easy to setup, great plug-ins and the hardware box looks great on any desk.

21-40 of 848 Results