UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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M. Kerlin

November 7, 2020

Top notch

Flawless Octo performance.

F. Biagetti

November 6, 2020

Great for additional processing power

I bought this satellite TB2 second hand and it works like a charm, no compatibility issue just plug & play!

It's giving 4 additional DSP cores to my twin quad and for now I think that's plenty for typical rock projects

a. cowan

November 6, 2020

UAD Satellite Thunderbolt 3

Very happy with this UAD product. So glad to be using plugins I purchased some years ago plus some new plugins. I had lost my original hardware after moving interstate. Back on track! This accelerator works really well.

C. Bruce

November 4, 2020

Industry Standard

If you still are on the fence about UA and the Apollo X line and the satellites here’s the bottom line from an x6, Octo and Ultimate 8owner of 6 months The defining moment that every one will encounter is when you start hearing that the music you are doing starts sounding like records old and new and you can now make that elusive sound you become musically drunk with amazement and you will feel your now unstoppable. What shows is that your barely mixed songs start sounding better than the mastered versions of stuff you did on consumer targeted equipment. What made me buy this was a review identical to this one and I swore it must have been fake or a company sympathizer the worst thing that can happen is you get famous. .

A. Jäger

November 3, 2020

UAD-2 Satellit Thunderbolt 3

Das Gerät ist einfach Super!

P. Betremieux

November 2, 2020

Satellite Quad thunderbolt. doesn't. work!!!

I have a apollo 8 and an octo satellite who work good. I've bought a satelite quad for more power, but it does'nt work at all! charge my general DSP, dismiss all my UAD plugs!
and now the music store is close for one month in Paris... what a ...!

J. Phab

November 1, 2020

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Custom

Good stuff but what I bought was a Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Custom. Excellent product really provides the seamless heavy lifting to support bigger mixes. Nice to be able to build and engineer audio chains on the canvas and not get limited by tech. Let's you put it between the speakers. Thinking of getting another unit for the house.

The rear power switch on the OCTO compromises usability. Also it should come with optional 1RU Ears. Had to pursue a DIY to custom fitted solution to put it in the rack in one of our sidecars.

Desk space is premium real estate. The price was also a bit heavy almost the cost of the main Apollo 8 we purchased. Overall great product. Also like the umbrella licensing across the entire system for the plugins. That is a solid value add.

S. Costantino

October 30, 2020

Very much needed with my Apollo Quad

Can’t get enough DSP with all the powerful plug ins available at UA!
I love having this under the hood for maximum recordings and mixes!

W. Edwards

October 28, 2020

Best purchase since my Apollo Twin

So glad I bought this unit. Lets me use the plugins I want on my mix. I went for the Octo, and my template with all the plugins in place only gets me to 75% of available DSP. That’s with a couple of instances of Capitol Chambers, and a whole host of other stuff. If you like UA plugs, this is a no-brainer.

z. al-jebori

October 26, 2020

3 octa + quad all work perfectly

Very happy with my over kill set up only downside is it doenst help the apollo with unison applications but I dont really need it.

V. Velazquez Solis

October 22, 2020

I love it

A game changer. Thanks UA!

A. Björnsson

October 22, 2020


I bought this product and It's not working at all. The box itself seem to only run one plugin and majority of my plugins are disabled because of the Dsp. I've tried to contact the support team and they haven't replied to my actual questions. Pretty disappointing as I have another older version of the satellite box and that one runs fine.

T. Anderson

October 12, 2020

Just added my first Octo Satellite

I started a year ago with the Twin X Quad to get a nice interface and test the waters of UAD. Well I drank the koolaid and one year later just added an octo satellite to the mix and it's great. I look at it as an investment in my future music. There is lots of competition when it comes to plugins but I choose to put my money with UA and I've been really happy so far.

T. Musto

October 11, 2020

Did the trick

Whats to say? Love the plugins need more DSP!

P. Spierenburg

October 9, 2020

Very happy

This is my second octo tb3. It has lots of dsp power and very good effects. If you want a stable dsp system, just go for this one.

A. Fazil

October 7, 2020

Power DSP when you need it the most

This is my 2nd Satellite - With Luna and this device - its a Dream - you have enough power to use all your great UAD plugins to get great mixing going - If you can afford to go for the OCTO as eventually you will want to move to a higher specification device.

H. Jang

October 5, 2020

This is what I want

It is a really good piece of equipment. I have just as much as I want. I wish it could run on Luna, but I’m totally satisfied with it.

C. Naes

October 4, 2020

Game Changer!!!

This has cut down my time on mixing Sooo much! This is worthy every penny & more!
So much fun using my UAD plugins now!

M. Hagan

October 1, 2020


Being all-in with UAD product (Apollo, Luna, plugins, etc.) this was a no-brainer! Plenty of DSP and easy setup.

M. Hagan

October 1, 2020


Now fully integrated with UAD with my apollo, Luna, plug-ins, etc., this was a no-brainer! Totally worth it and now I have plenty of DSP!

181-200 of 1348 Results