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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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March 16, 2021

Must have

It does what it says on the box. Extra DSP chips which are a must have if, like me, you "cheaped" out on an Apollo TwinX Duo and didn't go with the quad right from the start...

J. Romero

March 15, 2021

UA the Best

Well of course the UAD plugs are the best. They sound fantastic! The only bad that I can say if that they are expensive! I got the Apollo X4 and after learning it realized that I needed more DSP ! I didn’t know that even with 4 chips I wouldn’t be happy. I want to run only UA plugs so I needed the Octo Now I can run 54 instances of the DSP intense Neve 88rs channel strip! Oh... my life is complete!! (at lease until the next big thing)

g. choi

March 15, 2021

nice hardware

becuz using analog plug-in

i. meli

March 12, 2021


I have problem with Satellite uad Is on. The plugin don't work. Errore Cod.38 .

i. meli

March 12, 2021


I have problem with Satellite uad Is on. The plugin don't work. Errore Cod.38 .

a. lopata

March 12, 2021

AMAZING every star uses this !

There are more expensive models and preamps but they still choose this on their desk for vocals everytime bc it’s the industry standard the gold standard despite what ppl may say oh this is cheaper and sounds almost the same blah blah blah if you ain’t using this with a Apollo then you need to look at your favorite celebrity while their in the studio let me know what preamp and gear is in their desk guarantee you will see this alongside. A Apollo twin with the green circular volume bars on top of the volume knob everytime this is gold !!!!! Zero latency as well and clear as hell!!!!!

a. lopata

March 12, 2021

Again fire asf

Top of the line this is what all the stars use with the Apollo twin or whatever Apollo they use they use this along with it ! Just look at ur favorite star guarantee you will find this on their studio desk every time !!!!!!!!

a. lopata

March 12, 2021

Every major artist uses this

Juicewrld drake Pooh sheisty. Dababy lil baby all use this I figured out why too there are more expensive ones in the thousands range but this gives u everything zero latency and clear full vocals industry standard is what this is if u don’t have this then ur not at the industry minimum or standard for preamps/interfaces if you want to become rich and famous you better motherfuckin buy this !!!!

U. Soto

March 11, 2021



e. tucker

March 11, 2021

Alot of power

The octo has alot of processing power. I opened up close to 40 plugins on a mix and was at 90% usage. Works seamless with my daw logic pro. The uad plug-ins sound great. The uad control panel is good too. I would recommend this .

S. van Servellen

March 6, 2021

Expensive box with DSP’s

I love UAD plugins and needed the extra satellite to have enough DSP power to run enough in my projects. It works fine. Just a bit pricey for what it is.

B. Rogers

March 4, 2021

My voice has never sounded so good

Decided to take the plunge into the world of UAD to record some vocals (previously instrumental). Worth every penny. No other plugins have made me sound anything like this good before.

A. Kieper

March 3, 2021

Nice addition to my system

The Satellite has made me less worried about running out of DSP on my X4, which is why I bought it. Mission accomplished.

D. Long

March 2, 2021

Just what I needed

After increasing my arsenal of UA plugins, I had to get it to avoid the load on my CPU. So now I can use more UA plugin in my mixes.

N. Acrisio

February 28, 2021


I have no words to review. A product to have absolutely, and once you've seen how many plugs you've got out of your daw.

J. Feinberg

February 28, 2021

Changed the way I work.

I love my Apollo, and was able to do most of what I wanted to do, but was resigned to designing a sound and bouncing it as a way of life. I got good results, but had to live with my choices while mixing, or else tweak, bounce, repeat.

With the OCTO, I can run a couple of Ocean Ways, a Capitol, plenty of LA-2As, a zillion Pultecs, and react in the moment while mixing. It completely changed the act of mixing for me, into a more fluid and pleasurable activity. The result has fewer compromises.

M. Ezzine

February 27, 2021


Ik had er geen spijt van dat ik het had gekocht.

S. Trazos

February 26, 2021


Me gusta tanto que no me lo creo, es increíble que no use recursos de mi iMac y los plugins son asombrosos,
muchas gracias universal audio. ✌️

j. gabriel

February 25, 2021

Perfect expansion

Hugely expanding my limits on DSP processing

s. grant

February 25, 2021

Takes the load off!

Brilliant, like having a virtual rack full of outboard gear!

181-200 of 1462 Results