UAD-2 Satellite

UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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b. jung

January 10, 2018

must buy.

thanks for uad team gives me 4 channel strip bundle.

C. English

January 9, 2018

UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Thunderbolt Studio One V3 Pro Integration

Seamless integration with S1 V3 Pro (and Pro Tools 12 atm). I mainly have used this unit for mastering testing purposes so far in the Project facility available in S1. Though I've also used it during mixes during Song sessions as well with no issues. The addition of free UAD plugins is nice as well, though I purchased a couple of others that I felt were a requirement for my needs. The sound quality is superb and my i7 is hardly straining at all right now. The OCTO also has plenty of DSP available to run a decent amount of plugins, probably more than I need right now, but its good to not have to worry about running out of chip resources for some time (UAD provide a handy monitoring/managing resource for that).

The install process was a breeze with no detection/UAD driver problems as I have a W10 PC with a Gigabyte certified motherboard and Startech Tb type-C converter.

Recommended if you can afford the OCTO, QUAD also, especially if accompanying an Apollo unit.

u. labus

November 30, 2017

UAD Satellite TB ------ Just Working

Well, after working with apollo Firewire, the Thunderbolt installation is a lot easier.
And so it went with Satellite. Plug in, Power on, ......working
Thats it

V. Mentil

November 30, 2017

Nécessaire pour ajouter de la puissance DSP

J'ai reçu un UAD-2 Satellite Octo dans le cadre d'une promotion avec l'achat d'une interface Apollo 8p. Ce boitier permet d'ajouter 8 coeurs DSP nécessaires lorsqu'on travaille dans de grandes sessions utilisant de nombreux plugins Universal Audio (et certains sont très gourmands).
Le UAD-2 Satellite Octo a un design très proche de l'interface Apollo et s'intègre parfaitement dans le studio. La hauteur est 1U.
Dommage par contre qu'il n'existe pas, à ma connaissance, de système pour racker en 19'' (rackmount kit) 1 ou 2 Satellite.
Il faut également penser à acheter un câble Thunderbolt qui n'est pas fourni.

J. Brown

November 29, 2017

Without question Universal Audio, this brand, and their products are the best in the business on the professional or even starter level. Dollar for dollar you're not gonna find anything in the industry that can do a better job whatever your needs are. Here at Empire Digital Recording Company, we pride ourselves on using the best products in the industry that make us the most sought, after UA helps us get the job done. Thanks again Universal Audio! James "Chase Green" Brown

a. cubilo

November 28, 2017

A must have for a serious sound blending, sculpting, enhancing.

In one word (or just a few) : You do it all in the box & you don't mix or pre-master on UAD plugins, you got it all wrong trust me. I passed a sound engineer diploma in Paris few years ago & i had the chance to work on real hardware. I can then compare with uad's plugins. I tried many other hardware-emulated plugins, even though from major devellopers ... forget about it, uad has seriously killed the market with their plugins. It's truelly serious, very precise, incredibly sounding, as soon as you put a plugin within the chain ... "Bammm !!!" the sound is rich, warm, gritty as you like, pristine if you need, harsh if you choose the right knob, some of the plugs are hard to work out at first, but comes very handy in most situations. About the unit, very well built, the safe power adaptor socket is quite handy. The unit is built like a tank. You plug it, you install the plugin library, it works, as simple as that. As i said first, the sound of these plugins is just amazing really.

C. Rollans

November 26, 2017

Great Value

Came free with my apollo and is allowing me to run far more processes than without.

S. Wongjenson

November 25, 2017

I love it

I love it

P. Dorlig

November 25, 2017

UAD-2 QUAD Satellite

It was a wonderful thing to get extra DSP with the TB Quad Satellite. The TB Quad Satellite was included as a promo with the purchase my Apollo 8. I've added many of the great sounding UAD plugins in my mixes - and so far, I have no issues with system overloads. Registration and thunderbolt connection was smooth, and the few minor questions I had were answered with prompt and courteous U.A. support!

D. Rieley

November 25, 2017

Are you kidding me?


D. Török

November 25, 2017


I collected my octo by the promotion for free after i've bought an apollo 16. I combined it with a twin II duo at home thus I can mix there while the 16 is at the recording studio. Now I have the required power at both places, only have to carry my mac with myself..

d. selement

November 25, 2017

Satellite Saviour

The Satellite allows me to craft and hone sounds while using multiple DSP heavy UAD PlugIns (Channel Strip, Harmonizer, Delay, Compression, Distortion, etc.) at once without channel freezing while I sculpt a sound to print... Wonderful tool.

M. Olsen

November 23, 2017

No more DSP worries...

Looks like I can run about 50 heavy duty plugins with a 1024 DAW buffer. Not bad.

M. Olsen

November 23, 2017

Doesn't get any better than this.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? I love this thing. Combined with the Octo satellite, I never have to think about UAD DSP again and the interface is flawless.

W. Mims

November 17, 2017

Great! Can't live without it

It's so great to be able to take all of my UA plugins with me anywhere I go with this Octo satellite!


November 17, 2017

perfect portable.

is the best. the ability of to take uad plugins around the world. when im not in my studio i can mix my song in every place. it is wonderfull for my.

H. Lali

November 16, 2017


خیلی راضی هستم

J. Marvel

November 10, 2017

Make an Apple "Pro" product act like its label

Adding 8 more DSP processing to make a total of 22 is starting to let me work like/better than I did with the real hardware. I am also happy with the plugins available to emulate that hardware. I save room on my Apple processor to run creative/next generation plugins. This is a great way to work.

L. Webster

November 6, 2017

My New Octo Accelerator

Well, what can I say? This is a transition phase and I've been testing the October accelerator on some plug intensive sessions as far as recording, mixing and mastering. The October accelerator has been quite helpful so far. I was somewhat disappointed at first. However, I guess my system had to accept its new tag along partner or something. Now they play well together my Apollo quad and the octopus satellite accelerator. So, should I say I'm happy, well that would be an understatement at this point in time...Thanks for a great piece of gear that has been helpful in my setup!!!

UAD User

October 31, 2017

UAD Satellite OCTO

‘This hardware is simply a ‘must have’.when it comes to getting the best from your UAD plugins as it takes the CPU usage of your computer to a minimal level. The sound quality of my DAW has improved and I have not had any overload issues since installing the Satelite OCTO. A great addition. JC Musiq

61-80 of 560 Results