UAD-2 Satellite

UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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B. Agra

June 6, 2018

A League

Best technology out there. A League Rig.

W. Noel

June 5, 2018


Moar power... Yes!

D. Morgan

June 2, 2018

Sometimes its just better to have TWO!

I run Pro Tools using templates I create. It got to a point where the main template that I use with voice and voice effects and sound effects coupled with music was just bogging down. UAD told me to freeze tracks. I just went ahead and got another Satellite and Daisy- Chained them together as I would rather just have a complete workflow and not freeze tracks. Now lots of power and pace to add whatever I need. In the end, I think it was worth it. I voice and produce spots for Radio and TV, and speed is critical especially these days.

R. Chirinos

May 31, 2018

Plug-Ins Issue Resolved

Experienced a HUGE problem receiving all the plug-ins ordered, but after going back and forth with the support team, they delivered what was originally promised.

R. Chirinos

May 30, 2018


UAD turn off some plugins from my account after 5 month continuo I made my purshace at Sweet water store

l. di filippo

May 28, 2018

always a pleasure to use the uad power!

Now I've 10core to bomb the mix!

S. Cordell

May 25, 2018

Quad satellite

This my first experience with uad plugs and they sound great. I just wish they could run from my computer as well as the satellite as I have maxed out the satellite's dsp more than once and I have a powerful computer that could easily pick up the slack. Also you could at least throw a thunderbolt cable in the box couldn't you? Rather annoying when you want to try out a new toy you've just forked out a decent wedge for and immediately find you have to go out and buy a thunderbolt cable before you can.

y. yamada

May 25, 2018

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt


J. Galle

May 22, 2018

my 2nd DSP

2nd one for me , love the plugins and the hardware is build like a tank

R. Esposito

May 21, 2018

Pretty good but of course I want more!!!

I like that it allows a few more plugs to be used but I’m still running out of Processing power cause I like to use an insane amount of them until deciding which will make the final cut. I love the new plugs too!!!

M. Rom

May 19, 2018

Better. Stronger.

Just received my OCTO Satellite. Now I'm cruising with 2-8p's 2-Satellites and a Twin. 18 inputs for recording live, using Unison pre-amps and plug-ins. 18 channel Neve? Yep. 18 channel SSL? Yep. 18 channel API? Yep. 18 channel Helios? Yep. 18 channel UA? Yep. I like saying yes to my clients.

m. joneid

May 16, 2018

So brilliant !

I'm so satisfied with the device and it has had such a big influence on my mix and masterings and I would totally recommend it to my friends.

A. Wentz

May 14, 2018


An additional 4 cores at a ridiculous price. I love UAD plugs and can never have enough!

UAD User

May 12, 2018

You need to buy it in the right time!

After almost 10 years of making electronic music I have decided to buy UAD and it was very good decision. My sound upgraded to another dimension! Thank u Universal Audio for this possibility, VSTs are amazing! Cheers from Poland

K. Weigert

May 11, 2018

UAD-2 Power!

so simply to get great power!

UAD User

May 10, 2018

UAD-2 Satellite

What can I say about the satellite other than sometimes, MORE is MORE, and when it comes to being able to instantiate my favorite UAD plugins, the more CPU, the better. This thing is a breeze to get up and running. The only downside is that it installs ALL of the UAD software again, (I already was running an Apollo) so I had to go through the folders and move out the plugins I don't own to keep them from showing up in my DAW menus. I wish you could opt out of that part with a simple prompt, but other than that, it's wonderful.

G. Calin

May 10, 2018

Lovely piece of gear

Great portable piece of gear. Had a Duo for years, and got used to freezing tracks and rendering in order to make way for more UA plugins, but that’s history now. Love it

M. Mehr

May 5, 2018

18 x 24 i-o, should actually say Can Only Use 8 at a time!

I love everything Universal Audio, I love the concept of the Apollo, but the fact that I have so called 18 x24 simultaneous in's and out's is bull. I called UA tech support and the person helping new much less than I did about the Apollo, and that didn't help, it only made me upset (he never knew it)

He tells me that I'm only able to use 8 in's outs at a time with the console software, and with my experience I believe him. I have 4 apollos, so I'm in for the long haul at this point, but UA should have been more clear and not exaggerate 18 x 24 - "8 at a time" is more like it!

Oh, and the Console 2 software is not so easy to get either. Ok I should "RTFM" but what busy musician, engineer, producer has the time? I don' my experience, UX design keeps one from needed to read a manual. Don't believe me, use an Apple product!

J. Peña

May 4, 2018

poder de procesamiento UAD 2 QUAD

sin duda alguna que es un poder de procesamiento,,es garantia para mis mezclas

m. minton

May 4, 2018

Great product easy to use!

Easy setup, easy to hook up to Apollo, only bad I can find is no thundrboldt cable is provided, but I expected that already since neither did the Apollo.

41-60 of 686 Results