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LUNA Sessions: Cold War Kids “Scandalized”

LUNA Sessions: Cold War Kids “Scandalized”

Carlos de la Garza Mixes Cold War Kids in LUNA with API® Console Emulation.

In this exclusive LUNA Session, we go deep inside a track by Southern California indie rock band Cold War Kids. Learn how producer/engineer Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, Bad Religion) used API Vision Console Emulation on the track “Scandalized” and get pro tips and insight on using the first ever authentic end-to-end analog console emulation.

Rewatch how the song came together

13:50 The Genesis of the Song
19:11 Hear the Full Song
26:13 Mix Bus Processing
35:40 API Summing On/Off
43:00 Carlos’ Workflow
44:57 Mixing & Recording Drums
1:00:18 Carlos’ Go-To UAD Plug-Ins
1:10:47 Mixing Guitar & Bass
1:18:35 Production Process
1:23:23 Advice for Young Audio Engineers

Are you an Apollo interface owner? You can download LUNA and explore this incredible session and more for free! See Carlos’ signal chains, routing, and plug-in choices, then tweak and build your own mix to see how it stacks up.

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“Scandalized” was originally written and composed by Nathan Willett, Carlos de la Garza, David Quon, Matthew Schwartz, and Gavin McDonald. Production, engineering, and mixing by Carlos de la Garza at Music Friends Studio in Eagle Rock, CA. Published by Turnorburn Music (ASCAP), May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way (ASCAP), Shandag Music (ASCAP), Soft Light Music (ASCAP), Gavin McDonald Publishing (ASCAP). ©2021 CWKTWO Corp.

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