AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb


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Customer Reviews

AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

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J. Moore

December 14, 2018

More please sir!

Wow, this thing is the biz, sounds amazing!

O. Morris

December 14, 2018


lush sounding reverb i start out with a preset as a starting point and then craft my sound. This plug in is a swiss army knife of reverbs

D. Blackett

December 13, 2018

Rich and dark

My favourite reverb plugin. The way it catches on the right harmonics and beds in the track is beautiful

D. Blackett

December 13, 2018

Rich and dark

My favourite reverb plugin. The way it catches on the right harmonics and beds in the track is beautiful

M. Kourilov

December 13, 2018

Great Unique Reverb AKG bx 20

Well... what can I say? One of the must have reverbs. Beautiful, smooth, really helps to keep the vocals sit nice in a mix. To be ownest it just saved my arse with the latest track that I worked on. The singer wasn’t as good as I wish her to be so I just add that reverb and it smooths all the issues with her singing. Bravo UA

N. Ben Shabat

December 11, 2018

sounds very good! but.

hard to hear the springs and the shortest delay time is very long so it's hard to fit that into a mix

M. Ottavi

December 9, 2018

Beautiful reverb

Epic reverb !!! It’s amazing to play with it and explore the settings . The sound of it is awesome !

D. Fleming

December 7, 2018

Beautiful reverb

Sounds great on guitars and synths. My favourite reverb is the EMT 140 but this is a close second!


November 13, 2018

Great reverb

Unique character and los of settings.

T. Peters

November 13, 2018

Just Amazing.

I bought this to track some washy guitars in real time with my Apollo.

I think it might be the best sounding reverb I've ever heard in the box.

Its quite sensitive to input levels but so detailed its unreal. Not for everything but if you track live instruments its the one!

A. Avelin

September 19, 2018


It's amazing! Still my favorite reverb almost a year after purchase!

A. Araujo Cunha

September 18, 2018

Amazing Reverb

This is one of the most gorgeous reverb I have used, so smooth, but remember to use it carefully otherwise your mix will suck.

j. Rodriguez

August 25, 2018

Grate Amazing !

I just used the plugin literally about 30 min.
I use the hardware every day and it's so close!
It's amazing literally is like the hardware with more controls it's a must!

G. Petel

August 7, 2018

Probably the best spring ever

Sounds amazing on guitars and drums

UAD User

July 23, 2018


What good is something that sounds as good as the AKG BX20 if you can't ever use it? I won't argue with its sound quality, but it is the FIRST thing that eats up my PRM/MEM resources after i spend all the time getting the sound I want. For tracking, fine, whatever, but it just loads in a really horrible way. I love a sound I can never use, which is almost worse than "i'll do the best with what this can do"..

R. Alvarez-Torre

July 22, 2018

Excellent reverb!

I’ve been using this in my aux insert for my blues guitar playing and it sounds so authentic.

C. Bell

July 17, 2018

Great Verb

One of the best spring reverb plugins I have heard if not one of the best reverbs.

UAD User

July 2, 2018

Very Nice

Completing the UAD reverb collection with this one

S. Rehbein

July 2, 2018

Lush and creamy

Best spring reverb plugin, very 3d and easy to dial without the noises of the hardware. It would be nice to have shorter decay times. Great Job!

G. Westwood

June 26, 2018

Wow what a sound!!

Lush spring reverb that creates the space you need in a mix.
Amazing on guitar and just as good on vocals

101-120 of 375 Results