AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

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September 29, 2016

It's a great magic plugin!!!

i own a lot of reverb plugins but it is a reverb that you must have: fantastic sound.

Great job UA!!!

G. Link

September 23, 2016

Whoah, whoah, whoah

I seriously can't believe the way this plugin sounds on a guitar (vocals too). If you're going for that big, smokey, slow blues or lonely Jeff Buckley sound -- RUN, don't walk, to your computer and buy this thing now. Put it on an aux and it just sounds so big and lush and real. REAL. That is the thing about it. So many reverb plugins, even to this day, still lack something that hardware has. So many reverb plugins to me sound too digital, too weak, brittle. They lack that depth and authenticity you hear from verbs in major studio recordings (who are using real gear). This will get you there. You get a lot of inspiration and creativity just from playing with this, a desert island plugin.

m. meli

September 22, 2016

Sounds Great!

I've used the real thing. Haven't compared them side by side. But it really feels very similar, beautiful dens long dark decays.

m. meli

September 22, 2016

Sounds Great!

I've used the real thing. Haven't compared them side by side. But it really feels very similar, beautiful dens long dark decays.

G. Leslie

September 21, 2016

Dark and lush. Mmm.

This is a great sounding reverb!!

a) It's a different flavour from all the rest.
b) It's capable of so many flavours in and of itself.

I also really like it's ability to sit just right in a mix, just like a 480.

R. Ray Harris

September 1, 2016

BX works they way it should.

Old dynamic values and perspectives should be in our mixes one hopes and this product helped me clarify my other verbs in the mix, thus achieving that goal for me. Thanks again.

M. Hill

August 17, 2016

Filling a massive market niche well

There simply aren't enough spring reverbs around, and this really fills a gap. Has a much cleaner sound than some of the hardware BX20s I've used in the past, so a go-to.

l. slipperz

August 12, 2016

Superb Verb

Whilst i have no experience with the original unit, what i can say is they beautiful sounding reverb unit is getting used on almost all my work at the moment.

Lush, spacious and versatile.

Really great addition to my ever expanding amour of UAD Plugins!

E. Sevmont

August 7, 2016

Best Spring emulation I've tried

Really beautiful sound, it's just match made in heaven for guitars, its mojo just works. The "Abbey road reverb trick" works wonders on vocals with this reverb, after acquiring the EMT I thought I wouldn't need another reverb, but they did it again. The DSP usage is heavy, but totally worth it, I wish I had another satellite.

W. Ayasse

August 1, 2016

Great Sounding Verb!

Lush and full with smooth tails.

L. Zavala

July 30, 2016

Beautiful, Plain and Simple

So I notice that RARELY does Universal Audio price things under $200 bucks. But in their defense, there's aREASON for that. Their plugins Are simply INCREDIBLE. This spring reverb is no exception. Makes for great psychedelic sounding guitar work and overall, using it with other on-guitar instruments in Kontakt you get such a unique and yet beautiful sound. Once again a perfect score for a perfect plugin in my personal opinion, :D

UAD User

July 30, 2016

Smooth sounding reverb

It really works well in a lot of situations. I wish I could have option of some shorter reverb times, but it's true to original. The sound blends well in a mix without it sounding muddy.

N. Davidge

July 17, 2016

Exceptional as ever

I'm a not so proud owner of a physical AKG BX20, not so proud because due to the turnover of music I have to generate these days it's been sat there in the corner of the studio gathering dust... which is why I love this emulation so much, all the sound, all the warmth and character of the real thing... in a convenient plugin. Nice one again UA.

c. Antonelli

July 17, 2016

Perfect Dark/rock Reverb

I waited 6 moths to buy this reverb. it is a great one. A little dirty, not clean but beautiful for rock/vintage ambiances. I like it a lot!!!! A mus have...

R. Bouma

July 16, 2016

great color

the reason i got this one is the color of the 'verb. Great for e-guitar or vocal to create a certain color used in old school recording. Nothing else is like it.

S. Szakall

July 14, 2016

As a guitar player

As a guitar player who grew up on spring reverbs this is the best sounding one I have ever had, and it is easy to work with. End of story.

C. Mayr

July 14, 2016

Absolut Vintage Feeling

This reverb is really an enrichment and for me a new vintage feeling !

z. wolfson

July 13, 2016

spring time!!

ive been looking for a spring reverb emulation for a while. there are so many reverbs on the market, but not even one good for spring reverb. as a guitar player who likes to track guitars through the uad varaiety of guitar amps on the unison technology this reverb is the cherry on the cake.. lush and gentle and fool of depth and width... on vocals its just melting the words and makes a kind of emotional wrap around everything. thanx uad for another grail in the trophy room!!

A. Kofler

July 13, 2016

Just amazed

I love this verb! I prefer it to my my PCM 90 plugin that was $1400 and better than H-Verb by Waves. It is so smooth and transparent,
It's as good as the best hard where reverb I've ever tried. Bravo UA!!

P. Lach

June 29, 2016

So good!!

I just finish a mix for film and the music was recorded using a vintage BX20. Some of the prints of the reverb where not done so I tried the plugin. For my surprise, the result was so formidable that I began to use the plugin for all sort of instruments and also , I used it for the reverbs for the surround channels of an orchecstra. So Nice sounding achievement!!

141-160 of 254 Results