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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

181-200 of 2189 Results

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R. Bradish

February 2, 2023

Nice Preamp

kick snare we go

M. Culpepper

January 31, 2023

Luxurious Audio Chains and ease of application!

The interface aesthetic and functionality is superb. Long time user of the sister Neve and brother SSL bundles I have been dialling the API into my workflow and love it, it has a beautiful subtlety and sheen (as do most, if not all of the UAudio Plug ins) , shaping with infinite flexibility and adding and subtracting to fit mixes with consummate ease. Increasingly turning to Luna to approach certain sessions with enhanced workflow and methodologies not found in other DAWS/plugins brings out new creative ideas and just sounds fabulous.
The ever growing arsenal of toys from UAD just allows me to work freely and obtain fast results, happy to have added API complete to the studio party!

R. Adams

January 30, 2023

Enhancer Maximus

This does a beautiful job of enhancing the shape of your source material whether vocal or instrument or mix bus.

E. Morgan

January 30, 2023

Killer on guitars!

So far I've gotten to use this on some distorted guitars and it really helped bring out the midrange snarl and added punch and weight.
Looking forward to trying it on some other sources.

J. Barron

January 30, 2023

Great channel strip

I am loving having this for tone shaping during tracking, particularly on drums. Deffo a key ingredient to getting my tracks sounding like a record at the source.

c. maskell

January 29, 2023

Perfect from in to out

Sounds great. Great controls. Authentic.

K. Didvalis

January 28, 2023

Great preamp!

Great color.

D. Amatori

January 28, 2023

No other plugin can't compete

wonderful .. ijust like the real one bit at affordable price .. bring life to every signal that pass through it... Can't live without it

L. Brown

January 26, 2023




January 25, 2023

Great EQ

Already have the Waves version , this is slightly better but who wants to deal with Waves support.A great EQ, a small boost in any frequency adds a lot so good to get something to cut through the mix.

D. P.

January 24, 2023

very impressive

the api preamp is a real salvation for fast and precise recording. Adjust gain, adjust output and record your setting from crystal clear over analog to saturated sound. For me the perfect different pre to the Neve 1290. simple but essenziell

V. Kozarin

January 16, 2023

It’s Great !

Easy to work with and it sounds great on hip-hop vocals. Love it

J. Tornay

January 16, 2023

Great preamp

I use this preamp on all my Unison slots in Console, brings a punchy mid forward sound a bit less colored than a Neve. Love it!

J. Tornay

January 15, 2023

Must have

One of the plugins that cannot be missing in your collection, analog flavor extremely similar to hardware and also includes the plugin in native format, double the fun


January 14, 2023

Best Unison Pre

As this is my favourite Unison Pre , especially for vocals, I felt it was worth the upgrade from old API pre.Also like the extra eq

D. Gardell

January 14, 2023

Works as a native plugin too!

Great that it's included with Spark, which means I also got a native version! I'm not going to compare it to other API strips, as it's modelled after a specific console, so it's not going to sound exactly like the next. But there are tons of videos review this and of course you can demo it.

So you might wonder why the average is not five stars? I'll save you some time scrolling through the reviews: It's because UA upgraded the old plugin (it's now called "legacy") and they didn't give the owner of that plugin this update for free. I understand the frustration, but I would wish sent those comments to UA instead of giving this particular plugin a negative review. So keep that in mind.


January 14, 2023



A. Thierry

January 14, 2023


This eq is just magic for kick bass and in fact for anything .. thanks for this

I. Bandera

January 13, 2023


Grande suono!
Anche se in possesso della Channel strip Api, può essere un ottimo alleato. Leggero sui DSP con un suono caratteristico e molto bello. Comunque versatile.

O. Okoke

January 13, 2023

Sound like it should be

You can’t go wrong with this channel strip, the compressor is so good and give my vocals a nice flavour same as the eq

181-200 of 2189 Results