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Customer Reviews

Apollo 8p

Overall Rating

21-40 of 156 Results

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x. romance

January 21, 2020

Tout simplement génial mais .....

Pour plus d'entrées je suis sur une Apollo 8p cette interface est géniale
Mais dommage que les plugins soient aussi chers car en baissant le prix les ventes s'envoleraient sans aucun problème !!!

x. romance

January 21, 2020

Tout simplement génial mais .....

Pour plus d'entrées je suis sur une Apollo 8p cette interface est géniale
Mais dommage que les plugins soient aussi chers car en baissant le prix les ventes s'envoleraient sans aucun problème !!!


March 3, 2019

All In One Studio

I’ve always wanted to have my own studio with all the fancy outboard gear, and fancy plug-ins, but they were way out of my budget. With the Apollo you get all the fancy outboard gear and classic analog plug-ins that make a studio a studio.

R. Mikander

February 16, 2019

Top gear!

I needed som more inputs, so where to go? Apollo 8p of course.
This is just terrific in my point of view, i run only UAD plugins and softube.

L. Antinori

December 18, 2018

GREAT AD/DA and UNISON PRES! 2nd unit I love it but hope for some software improvements

Got my 2nd Unit for studio expansion and for live rig. This one is taken out of studio and used for live. The uad plugs are so awesome and amazing how it elevates the live sound too by using la-2a's 1176's, pultecs , ssl etc ... mainly software issues I noticed only 3 things it could improve on and hopefully fixed in upcoming software updates!

1) fadermeters within console display latency when scrolling left to right (visual meters get stuck for a moment then resume)// not a computer issue as I'm running 3.7ghz 32GB ram 6core mac- issue seems like bad bad console buffering (even though settings are set correctly in uad settings)
2) a single channel can get uad overloaded if using heavy plugins = can't always use the ones you really want in succession slots 1-4 without uad overload clicking/noise
3) there's no visual difference between owned plugs and not owned ones (when selecting) which makes it difficult for someone who doesn't know your owned plugins to select plugs on the fly. Can be a little frustrating.

Hardware is 5 stars for sure// software could improve!However wonderful sound and unit

E. Bell

December 14, 2018

Unreal value!!

The power and diversity of the Apollo is absolutely amazing!!
Also the various tutorials make it possible for any person to learn to use the software, regardless of experience level!

R. Batyr

December 12, 2018

Really solid.

I really dig it. The unison pres are great. The conversion is great. The software is easy to use and once I got used to it, I don’t find it bothersome to use. The plug ins we all know are great.

My only wish list
Would have been a solid 16 analog outs instead of smux. I would like to see more esoteric pre amp emulations some chandler , etc. and please make a sta level compressor ;)

C. Paschall

October 18, 2018

Great one stop shop

Great pres, plugins, and software. I own lots of vintage gear and I'm already trying to figure out how to unload it. This takes up so much less space and does the same job. Been using UAD for several years now and not looking back anytime soon.

A. Perez Reñon

October 9, 2018

5 star interface

Very easy to use. As soon as I plugged in and monitored the sound quality was from a whole different level to what I was used to before this. The plugin bundle it comes with is more than enough to get going without need for any further investment (the interface is a big investment already!). Then there's the preamp modelling which I think is a really great feature. Worth the money if you want to take your studio gear to a serious level. To say something less good I think that UAD should include the thunderbolt cables with any interface purchase.

A. Young

August 27, 2018

Giant leaps ahead

I recently just graduated to the 8p from another interface that will remain nameless and I couldn't be more pleased. It couldn't have been more easy to set up and immediately start using. The auto-sync with Logic (and I'm assuming other DAWs) was a nice surprise. The biggest step up, obviously, is the sound. I A/B-ed my two interfaces with the built-in pres and I was floored by how crystal clear the 8p sounded compared to my old interface. I can't wait to keep exploring and working with this piece of machinery.

J. Järvelä

August 21, 2018

Apollo 8p

Works like a tracktor!

M. Clark.

August 4, 2018

Apollo 8p

A great piece of kit.
overpriced,should be bundled with an Octo Satellite so you have a chance of using your plugins,
Bundled Quad is not a good starting point.


August 3, 2018


I love it!!

M. Carson

July 22, 2018


UA states that you get free plug ins...but all the plugins say they are under a free trial for 14 days...what gives????

E. Ramazanoiglu

June 21, 2018

The most useful 8 channel purchase you can make!

The 8p is without doubt the most useful 8 channel convertor on the market today. I've immediately integrated it into my HDX rig and it now simply handles a variety of recording duties with instant console recalls. If I need, I can just switch it into my live rack and add 8 more adat inputs for great gig recording. Love this box

R. McGuinness

June 10, 2018

Go buy one NOW!!!!!

I can honestly say, with the Apollo 8P my sonic world has been transformed, the connectivity combined with the plugin integration is truly something wonderful to behold. Its so easy to recreate the sound in your head, a truly professional device.

J. Järvelä

April 27, 2018

I love it loud!

Best you can get!

D. Lima

April 15, 2018

Great quality but...

wonderful and great quality! however it has little power to keep more than 4 plugins running together, the processor is weak, by the value expected much more.

Z. Varga

April 10, 2018

Got what i waited

Sounds great, works fine.
The Unison is amazing, if you want to print plugins during recording this is your device and even if you don't.

M. Rom

March 30, 2018


Simple. I liked my first 8P so much, I had to have another. Now I have a total of 18 UA inputs. Enough to record a live show if needed.

21-40 of 156 Results