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Apollo 8p

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R. Siedhoff

January 12, 2017

Champions League

Just finished some film music recordings with the Apollo 8p.
I bought it on a friend's recommendations. Exceeded all expectations.
Uncolored, clear and authentic recordings of a previously not known quality. Hight class!

S. Hyvärinen

December 29, 2016


Every single detail is top notch. It´s all you need in a single box. Goodbye SSL boards and outboard gear. Apollo 8p takes care of it now.

C. Nobra

December 24, 2016

if you want professional music studio quality the Apollo 8p is for you!

My Focusrite Interface unexpectedly gave out after about a year and a half so I had to buy a new audio interface. At the time it was still six months before construction of my new studio would be completed so after doing my research and reviewing my options I decided to purchase some of the new studio equipment early. I looked around at different top of the line interfaces and settled on the Apollo 8p.

When it finally arrived I was really excited to have access to all of my normal equipment and a working audio interface until I opened it up and discovered it didn't come with a thunderbolt cable. Not a big deal but I think one should be included, anyways after a short trip to best buy I got everything set up.

To celebrate I put on some 311 and I was absolutely blown away by how amazing the sound was. This definitely has better sound than any other A.I. i've used. Next I started to test out all of my instruments and listen to their recordings and the quality was great. It took me a second to figure out the console but once I did I plugged my mic in and started testing out plugins.

The 10-20 plugins that you do get access to are amazing. But the other 200 all cost an arm and a leg which is a little bit upsetting since the equipment cost $3000. however I will point out that the equipment is worth every penny!

All in All this is an amazing product and if you want professional music studio quality the Apollo 8p is for you!

T. Clarke

December 22, 2016

All-In-One Toolbox

This interface has blown me away. I haven't compared it in person to some of the other heavy hitter interfaces (Apogee Symphony, Lynx Aurora 16, Avid I/O, etc.), but this box definitely gets everything done in one package.

It's got great converters and preamps onboard, and there's 8 of them. That's a huge benefit, and you can keep all the other features. It's a monitor controller, with a big tactile rotary knob for the monitors which you can push to mute the mains, it's got a alternate monitor(s) button, a user assignable function knob, and two headphone ports. And, it's all with no latency monitoring pre-DAW.

Bottom line, there's so many other products that I would have had to buy to get all the features in this box. Also, it's got tons of DSP. I can load an instance of my favorite EQ, Compressor, and more on every single channel in a 32-channel session. Pretty amazing.

M. Agren

December 15, 2016

Sounds great!!


M. Agren

December 15, 2016

Apollo 8p

I love it, the sounds of the plugins and preamps, the best! Here is a little vintage snippet that I just recorded: https://www.facebook.com/morgan.agren1/videos/vb.599956602/10154000666376603/?type=3&theater

M. Agren

December 15, 2016

Apollo 8p

I love it, the sounds of the plugins and preamps, the best! Here is a little vintage snippet that I just recorded: https://www.facebook.com/morgan.agren1/videos/vb.599956602/10154000666376603/?type=3&theater

M. de Saboia FIlho

December 6, 2016

Great Hardware! Console Software still needs improvement

I already had an Apollo Twin from its early batches. I wasn't happy mainly with its HiZ input when using Unison Gtr Plugins such as Marshall JMP 2203, it didn't sound quite right to me. With Apollo 8P, now it sounds as UA advertises. I noticed an overall sound improvement over its preamps as well, so it is a lot more than just an Apollo Twin "bigger" brother, so you know.
I bought A8p to use on live purposes, as a latency free monitoring system running Unison plugins along with Logic Pro and Ableton Live.
Now UA really needs to improve its CONSOLE software a lot more for that type of task, such as MIDI controlling/automation and preset handling. The labeling on Console should follow a Session Preset, as well as CUE and Aux positions... I mean, there is a lot to be done on that regard. The way that the mirroring actually does not replicate the chosen port, is kind of frustrating, but it works just as a hardware should behave, so that's fine... That's rock solid. If you UA guys ever need some extra ideas, let me know!!! :-)

B. Lindgren

December 3, 2016


This is everything I've been looking for in one box. A top notch sound and a solid software with a lot of routing options. Just awesome.

F. Velazquez

November 28, 2016



F. zakariya

November 25, 2016


First of all, the Apollo 8p sounds incredible! Routing and integration into my existing rig were a breeze. HOWEVER… for $3K, the DSP is lacking BIG time! At 96kHz, I get a Unison plugin, and one… maybe two additional plugins on each channel before the processor is maxed. Now try adding Ocean Way or AKG verb to an aux and real trouble hits! I was looking to start recording/mixing everything at 192kHz, but at that rate, I barely get Unison plugins on each channel before the Apollo 8p processor overloads. It's like UA made the Apollos just to wet your appetite so you have to spend more money on their satellite DSP accelerators.

L. Marzec

November 24, 2016


Tout simplement superbe !

UAD User

October 2, 2016

Best advance in technology for a long time!

Ok so yes the CPU dose max out pretty quickly which is a bit of a shame considering the price, however I have always used analog equipment to track and got the sound as close to perfect as i could on input. In a real studio you don't have an unlimited number of 1176's and Pultec EQ's etc so although CPU may feel like its a restriction it is no more of a restriction that a real analog situation in my opinion. This is way cheaper, no maintenance cost and a much smaller foot print than the analog route. quality of the build is 10/10 and the sound is spot on, great converters, great pre's great interface! Good work UA!

UAD User

September 23, 2016

Totally worth it.

I've owned at least three different interfaces over the years and I have to say that, hands down, the Apollo 8p is the finest of all of them. The preamps sound fantastic. They are clear, defined and have a little touch of character so as to not make them 'sterile' sounding. The processing power is unmatched. I've not yet run into any kind of problem with having too large of a mix.

It's intuitive to use and is responsive and musical. Maybe it's just confirmation bias but I seem to be making more accurate versions of the sounds in my head with this interface...and really when it comes down to it, isn't that what all art is but a manifestation of our confirmation biases?

It also looks really sleek and cool. It shouldn't matter but it's nice.

A. Reverberi

August 23, 2016


Great converters, great Unison Mic Pres, and amazing plug-ins. I A/Bed it against full Neve and SSL consoles and I can't really tell the difference.

C. Owen

July 27, 2016

Love it!

This has really stepped up my game in the studio. Single best piece of gear I have owned so far.

B. Ward

July 26, 2016

Perfect Choice

The Apollo 8P is everything they say it is. It sounds great and comes with all the right features to make my new studio easy to use. With Logic Pro X, it has very flexible routing and every aspect can be saved with the project. The Apollo allows you to build a very powerful recording studio ITB with a minimum amount of outboard gear.

UAD User

July 21, 2016

The Apollo 8p

It's great, but it. Lots of routing options and Console is good stuffs.

R. Sudduth II

July 10, 2016

Everything I needed and more!

This unit has every function necessary for the modern home studio

A. Rizzo

June 2, 2016

Awesome A/D D/A. Great Plugs, Unison Pres V. Handy

After many years using interfaces from the likes of Echo, MOTU, RME, Focusrite and such, I overhauled our studios with a whole bunch of Apollos. They are now used heavily for both tracking and mixing on a daily basis. These are the best sounding interfaces I have ever used. AD/DA is superb, the latency free plugs on console a godsend, and the unison pre-amps are a very handy addition for shaping tone.

Am particularly loving the Unison Neve 8816 and 1073 Channel strips. If you cant afford a Neve console from the 70s, get one of these instead. Next best thing. :D

61-80 of 104 Results