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Customer Reviews

Apollo 8p

Overall Rating

81-100 of 156 Results

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June 19, 2017



S. Gough

June 11, 2017

Cheapest way to an Analog Sound

Bought a pair of these for 16 Unison Pre inputs. The recall-ability allows for a very efficient session setup. Also, the unison pre's sound ridiculously close to the originals at a fraction of the cost. Beats the maintenance costs of having a console. For working out of my place, this was the perfect option.

L. Kenward

June 2, 2017

Thunderbolt on PC, no problems

I was initially worried about trying to get thunderbolt to work on my pc, but this works like a dream. The unit itself is really well made and well finished, drivers seem solid and the sound quality is noticeably better.
People seem to be complaining about the monitoring and i could see if you need more than 2 headphone mixes this could require a workaround, however for me tracking drums with a bassist or guitarist is absolutely perfect. Dialling in the sound on a channel strip and track what you hear or add it later.
Everything integrates with pro tools nicely, no latency that i can notice.
The main reason I chose the 8p was for the 8 unison preamps, not disappointed they sound really nice though if you have a unison plugin on each one you might not get much more cpu to play with.

D. Bishop

May 21, 2017

Big Moves

I recently started researching the UA technology after I saw some clients came to my studio and was using the plugins. I was sold out totally on the sound one was able to achieve on the way going in to the DAW. So I went out and bought the 8p, so far so good!!

M. Venli

April 17, 2017

Poor DSP, poor routing and no AES.

Im dissapointed in this device and i should have tested it before buying it. I was planning to use my twin as a volume control but the 8p Is lacking AES out so i cant use my genelec SAM monitors with the sub (aes only) and the volume control wont woork with the mirror routing option. I dig the pres and the plugins but the sharks wont deliver many plugins before maxing out. Im on the werge of going back to RME

A. Pfiffner

April 14, 2017

Great device for quality recording

Extremely pleased with the real time processing and unity capabilities of this device. It's expensive, but so worth it once you are able to commit. The plug-ins are top quality, easy to use, and extremely flexible. If you have the money to afford it this is the interface for you.

a. akkerman

March 28, 2017

Incredible love the Apollo 8p

Of course 8 Sharc DSP chips would be best (hint hint) but Totally happy with the unit so much i bought 2!!!! Keep up the innovation UA People!!

a. akkerman

March 28, 2017

Better than the original!

I didn't think there could be an improvement on the silver Apollo Duo but there has and I am very very pleased with the results thank you for making the most musical sounding interface around! and giving me great bang for buck results!!! So good I bought two Apollo 8ps'!

M. Vancraeyenest

March 22, 2017

Service is exceptionally professional !!!

Thanks Henry !

M. Vancraeyenest

March 22, 2017

Start to loving the Apollo 8P and Apollo Twin MKII.

This is my first UA purchase and I am very pleased. The Apollo 8P is an excellent audio DSP interface. The audio quality is excellent. Having a quad on-board DSP and a close to zero-latency effects applied to audio inputs on the fly (for plugins that support this) is fantastic.
Just starting a few trials with plugins and the sound is top shelf and really opens up possibilities to be creative.
This interface works perfectly with my MacPro using the Thunderbolt connections.
Just missing a second Thunderbolt connector on the Apollo Twin MkII quad. But there service is exceptionally professional !!!

B. Thal

February 23, 2017

Welcome to heaven.

I've waited to write this review so I could offer a more valuable opinion here. I could go on and on but I'll keep this efficient. The features of the Apollo 8p are amazing. The Unison technology really stands alone and can't be compared to any other hardware out there. This feature alone makes this box worth buying. Then look at the DSP, for the first time I can leave my computer's processor to manage other tasks. The ability to offload plugins processing is an astounding improvement on my workflow. The preamps in the Apollo 8p are fantastic even without a single plugin on the channel. I'm so happy to get immediately usable signal. The software user interface, "Console", is a pleasure to work in. It streamlines with my DAW and the Rec/Mon feature for printing with or without your plugs is so well executed. I can get close to a sound I'm looking for and track it, leaving me with even less to deal with on the processing side of things. I can also easily expand my system with another Apollo (or a Satellite as I already have) for more DSP and connectivity.This box is made to work for you, not against you. I find myself making music now without having to compromise because of my technology. To top it all off, UA is making the best plugs that anyone has ever heard. Thank you Universal Audio for this splendid device.

J. Holland

February 9, 2017

Excellent interface for the Late 2016 MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3

The Apollo 8P is an excellent auto interface. The audio quality is excellent. Having a quad on-board DSP and zero-latency effects applied to audio inputs on the fly (for plugins that support this) is really cool. This interface works perfectly with the Late 2016 MacBook Pro using the Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter.

M. Jiaras

February 3, 2017


***** Used to be a Digi/Avid guy. UA is better in every way.


January 25, 2017

Unison preamps are game-changing

I'm currently running four channels from my API 3124 into line inputs in the Apollo 8. Then I have two 1073 unison preamps and two 610-A preamps loaded onto channels 5-8 in my default console configuration. This setup is so great that I'm going to sell some of my other analog preamps.

c. nagel

January 23, 2017

Big Sound - Great Fun - Need a second one!

BIG SOUND - Very good usability and more fun to record small Band projects at home now with one 8p. The DSP power should be more efficient when no plugin is loaded!
Thank you very much for the welcome gift in form of 2-3 plugins and a free Quad Satellite!!!


January 21, 2017

2 ème live avec mon apollo


Bat, orgue Hamond, folk, voix.

Cette fois ci, un petit set bluesy rock.

Le Manley Voxbox sur la voix pfiouuuu.La couleur ci prêtait bien juste magnifique.Le régisseur plateau au café arrive en coulisse pendant la balance voix et ce demandait quel mix j'écoutais pour avoir avoir que du lead qui sortait...c'est vous dire comme il se prit le lead dans sa face!!!!Non sérieux, vraiment magnifique!
Je ne sais pas comment sonne les originaux mais en fait pour le prix les solutions de preamps donc de couleurs, la latence....Je ne regrette rien.

Ah oui j'ai oublié.Le tout en record 18 tracks sous Logic Pro X.(Mac OS El Capitan avec un Mac mini I5 2,5 GHz turbo 3,1 Ghz, midas XL48 en adat=0 Bug).

Bientôt Le mix du Live! Hâte !!!!Comme un enfant avec un jouet tout neuf.

Si vous êtes régisseur et que vous voulez booster votre M7CL je vous conseil de foncer!!!!

Ps:une carte adat sera le bienvenue pour simplifier le câblage.


January 20, 2017

Works well with Apollo Twin DUO

Loving the way this integrates with my desktop Twin Duo to give me more processing power and a really fun desktop controller system. The Apollo 8p sounds great and gives me the I/O I need to have a streamlined and flexible project studio. Great job!

S. Jackson

January 19, 2017

I love the Apollo 8p to the moon and back!

Having owned a Silver-face Apollo Quad TB, I already totally relied on UA for my tracking and mixing. This Apollo 8p is wonderful, now I no long have to use an inferior pre to have enough xlrs inputs to track live drums between the silver-face and the 8p.
I'm so very happy with the quality and reliability of this wonderful toolbox.


January 17, 2017

Worth It!

This is my first UA purchase and I am very pleased. The sound is top shelf and really opens up possibilities to create. If you pair it with high quality monitors your mixes will really come alive!


January 16, 2017

Apollo 8 duo live mix

Premier mix live avec mon apollo 8 duo.Tres bonne impression!
Piano voix.Sur le piano un couple de Neumann KM184 en unisson avec le UA 610B + UA precision chanel-strip en insert sur ma M7CL(post preamp et HPF biensur) ainsi que pour la voix 2 DPA 4060 eux mêmes en unisson avec le 610B + un 1176(je me suis arrêté là pour les plug car la duo en 48 khz était à genoux.La couleur est tout de suite très agréable(attention, oui il faut aimer une colorie et c'est ce qu'on recherche quand on se sert des plug UA).Sensation d'avoir plus de stabilité au niveau de l'accroche (peut etre dû à la faible latence donc à un meilleur/moindre déphasage).Pour avoir testé avec des petits projets sous logicx j'ai profité de la promo une apollo acheté une satellite offerte et je ne regrette pas.Je ne vois pas comment faire tourner mes 4 preamps unisson sans cette addition de 4 processeurs shark.D'où sans doute cette promotion pour satisfaire les "customeurs"...
Mac os El capitan aucun bug.
Plug un peu chers il faut attendre les promos.
Petit bémol, pour 2000€ on pourrait avoir un câble thunderbolt de fourni.
Pour l'instant je ne regrette vraiment pas mon achat, je suis pressé de travailler plus avec!

PS:j'ai également une fireface802, pour ce qui est des preamps et de la conversion y a pas photo.UA is the best!!!!

81-100 of 156 Results