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A. Hanney

February 21, 2018

Sounds great but needs more DSP & a longer-than-20-days discount deal.

It's a good sounding unit, no faults there. Unison is a nice feature that speeds up workflow and frees up DSP, but more DSP out of the box would be ideal, if not necessary. at 44.1 and 48k, I don't even max out my DSP usage before I have sessions crash, which I can't help but think is due to Ableton and the Apollo trying to communicate with each other fast enough and failing. Can't imagine having to work at higher sample rates with this unit and trying to utilize UAD plugins. The plugins that come with the unit seem to run fairly well, but anything remotely taxing is immediately noticed. Using a high quality channel strip like the API Vision or the API 2500 Bus Compressor in a single instance immediately slows everything down. It's concerning, to say the least, for bigger sessions. I'm currently waiting for a free satellite that was part of a promotion so I hope this fixes my DSP issues for a while and is a good move on UA's part.

All of the demo trials for plugins are awesome, and they really do sound incredible. I wish the initial 20 day period bundle discounts were longer, 20 days is hardly long enough to know what plugins I'd like to buy off the bat. That first bundle deal should be a lifetime offer when you buy the Apollo, available to cash it at any point, not rush into buying things in just over 2 weeks of using them.

Otherwise a quality, reliable unit with some great software out of the box and even better software to upgrade to. Glad I've started investing in the UA ecosystem!

S. Sandoval

February 8, 2018

Incredible Interface

I’ve had my 8P for over a year. It’s incredible. It is robust, and 100% reliable. Eight mic pres and four sharc processors is enough to say I got my money’s worth.

I’m very satisfied with the routing, headphone impedance, and endless versatility with Console.

If you try to run premium plugins on every one of the eight channels you will run out DSP, but there are so many ways to work around it. Plus once you’ve finished tracking, you can save the session and reset console or simply disable all plugins and you basically have all of the 8P’s processing power to use in your DAW for post production. If your mix is on the larger side and you want to use premium plugins, let’s be realistic - you’ll need a Satellite or a PCIe card. And in my opinion that’s OK! You get what you pay for. There’s a reason we’d rather go UAD over our DAW’s built-in plugs.

For $3K this is a great interface and/or mixer and/or studio in a box.

A. Tasker

February 7, 2018

Love it!

I have been wanting an Apollo for years and finally purchased the 8p. Love it. Wish I had purchased it a long time ago. Slightly different workflow than I am used to, but tracking through plug ins is just amazing. Still waiting on my free OCTO Sat, to really go for it, though to b honest the 8p has plenty DSP for me. Still also deciding to print the wet or dry signal, but the flexibility to do so is great.
Thx UA!

B. Oszczak

February 6, 2018

Apollo 8P and Apollo Twin and Apollo Octo Thunderbolt System

I use Apollo 8P, Apollo Twin, and Apollo Octo. This system is great and very easy to use. I use all equipment for band and studio. In my band I use 6 mixers simultaneosuly thus each band member has its own mix. This solution is very easy to operate. I have 2 synths so I can operate 6 mixers including Ableton and 5 mixes in Apollo Console (master mix, and buses).
This system is great. I use in on Mac.

J. Jacks

February 5, 2018

Wish I bought it sooner!

I own a commercial recording studio and last year we landed 2 Billboard Top 100 songs. The Apollo 8P is a serious piece of equipment worthy of professional level engineering requirments for limited space deployments. The UAD software is absolutely incredible and ABSOLUTELY holds up to our actual hardware counterparts. Don't let the internet naysayers make you second guess yourself.

D. Hinds

February 4, 2018

Loving my new Apollo 8p!

I was prompted to purchase my 8p after I had updated to OS High Sierra on my iMac only to find that the update had rendered my Firewire ports useless! I was using a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 as my interface for ProTools through Firewire, and it didn't have Thunderbolt. An American producer friend of mine highly recommended the UA Apollo 8p, which he uses in his studio in Texas. So the PreSonus went up for sale and the 8p was ordered along with the free Octo Satellite, and I am totally happy with the upgrade! I work in my studio with my bassist/vocalist wife, so the 8 inputs are all we need. I love the quality of the A/D converters and the interface is very intuitive. The ability to record through Console using the fantastic UA plug ins is a major plus. It's still early days with the 8p, but so far I am totally happy with it and have no complaints whatsoever. A lovely piece of kit UA!!

H. Joe

February 2, 2018

fantastic interface

very satisfied.

L. Nadjiri

February 1, 2018

Even better

I was pretty happy with my Apollo firewire. To be honest I mostly made the move on the new Apollo because of the free-satelitte-promotion. When I swapped gear I was amazed by the sonic improvement. This Apollo is really and audibly better. Just great, way to go UA!

J. De La Cruz

January 25, 2018

...in addition to the Apollo Twin

I was so impressed my purchase of the Apollo Twin Duo in 2014 that I decided to add the 8p for the additional preamps and DSP. Very flexible.

C. Lattimore

January 21, 2018


I needed a great interface that would allow me to control everything remotely. This unit totally filled the bill! I love it!

A. Torres

January 20, 2018

Best Interface period

I have been a UA user since 2006 when I purchased my first UAD-1 Card just to have the Fairchild plugin, since than my plugin arsenal from UA began to grow, topping it off with an Apollo 8p (Currently own a Twin Quad MkII, Apollo 8P , Apollo SF Duo, 2 Octo Satelites and a Quad Satellite plus the majority of their plugins) It has been the best investment I have made for my Studio and my career as an engineer. I own Outboard preamps (API,Neve 1073, Portico's and SSL's) I have worked on big Neve and SSL desks and this is the closest you can get to them! Just love that once you learn how to use it along with the Console 2 app workflow will become so easy that you can focus on what is truly important THE MUSICIANSHIP and ART of creating. If you are looking to take your projects to the next level, this is the way to go but get ready and willing to learn the inside out of the Apollo and its capabilities and of course to drop a few thousands not only on interfaces and satellites (Need them for DPS, your workflow and creativity flow will much appreciate it) but on plugins. Only 4 CUE Mixes available is a huge downside...

P. Tomkins

January 20, 2018

What a purchase

I was slightly anxious researching the Apollo 8p &a this grew after making the purchase. Once it arrived I knew this was a mate for life. Using the cpu juicy uad plugins through the Apollo saving previous space for my other plugins is fantastic. The sound quality is awesome. This is just the beginning for me & UAD. I want all the plug ins!!!!

A. Wingert

January 17, 2018

Apollo 8p

Great addition to my Apollo 8, multi unit works fine and the plug ins are awesome!!

C. Lattimore

January 9, 2018

Fabulous peice of gear!

I sometimes need to work from my recording room so I needed a way to control both the preamps and the daw from both the control room and the recording room so I got 2 Apollo8Ps. They fit the bill perfectly! Also the UA plug-ins are second to none.

J. Cummins

January 9, 2018


Doing what it should very well. Very happy.

J. Poole

December 30, 2017

Old school meets new school

I needed a recording, mixing, mastering solution and when I dumped the Nuendo/PC/Waves combo for Logic Pro/Mac Pro/UAD I went from being embarrassed to legitimate overnight. I tried the Waves IOS and went into buyers remorse immediately. The Apollo has 80x the throughput. While the Waves IOS advertises 1 Gb's, Cat 6 cables only have a throughput of 250MB's. 4 x 20 = 80X. This unit is a winner.

G. Navas

December 24, 2017

Minus 2 Stars For Weak DSP Chips

The Apollo 8p is a great sounding audio interface with a very well thought-out accompanying software package. It also looks great and feels very sturdy. Unfortunately, its weak point is that you hit the DSP limit rather quickly while tracking at higher sample rates as the plugins take up more DSP resources. Having said that, i revisited some older mixes I had done prior to obtaining the apollo and sprinkled them with some uad-2 plugins and immediately noted that they made the songs sound noticeably better and at the end of the day, there's no price tag on the satisfaction of a great sounding mix. This recommendation comes with an asterisk so do your research and be warned about the dsp usage.

A. Burroughs

December 20, 2017

The Cherry on top!!!

20 years writing and producing, 16 years on the road at FOH, and I come back to this???!!! The 8P is a game changer for me. Pure butter!!! I love the old analog stuff so the Apollo 8P is perfect. And I can buy ALL of the plugins for the 1980's price of one effect. UA, Thanks for the hookup!!!!

R. Uvarov

December 18, 2017

Amazing sound and design

Apollo sound is incredible. It is different from mid-class audio interfaces and you feel this difference from the 1st second. Same for recording vocals and instruments - I was surprised how wide and juicy, so realistic they sound. It is definitely changed my workflow for higher level.

T. Chattaway

November 30, 2017

Handles my DPA 4011A microphones beautifully

I started a journey a few months ago, to record a grand piano, and it's been no easy endeavour. After months of research I invested in a matched pair of DPA 4011 microphones. When I first recording with them, they sounded so clear and capture the piano beautifully, but something was wrong on the top end (sounding a bit crunchy). After some advice, I soon discovered they needed decent preamps. After more research I took the plunge and bought the Apollo 8p. It's awesome! It's the perfect answer for my studio. The sound is true, clear and beautiful through the Apollo preamps and the DPA mics are now sounding flawless. I've found that the UAudio API Vision Channel Strip plugin seems to handle the piano frequencies best. It was a significant financial investment for me, but well worth it to achieve the high-end results I was hoping for. Very happy with the result.

41-60 of 132 Results