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Apollo 8p

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Apollo 8p

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B. Ward

July 26, 2016

Perfect Choice

The Apollo 8P is everything they say it is. It sounds great and comes with all the right features to make my new studio easy to use. With Logic Pro X, it has very flexible routing and every aspect can be saved with the project. The Apollo allows you to build a very powerful recording studio ITB with a minimum amount of outboard gear.

UAD User

July 21, 2016

The Apollo 8p

It's great, but it. Lots of routing options and Console is good stuffs.

R. Sudduth II

July 10, 2016

Everything I needed and more!

This unit has every function necessary for the modern home studio

A. Rizzo

June 2, 2016

Awesome A/D D/A. Great Plugs, Unison Pres V. Handy

After many years using interfaces from the likes of Echo, MOTU, RME, Focusrite and such, I overhauled our studios with a whole bunch of Apollos. They are now used heavily for both tracking and mixing on a daily basis. These are the best sounding interfaces I have ever used. AD/DA is superb, the latency free plugs on console a godsend, and the unison pre-amps are a very handy addition for shaping tone.

Am particularly loving the Unison Neve 8816 and 1073 Channel strips. If you cant afford a Neve console from the 70s, get one of these instead. Next best thing. :D

B. Knight

May 12, 2016

UAD the Best Interface Ive Ever used!!!

I've made music since the days of OMS and OS9.
I have owned and used Avid, Motu, Apogee and many other brands of Audio Interface but have found my experience with UA a pleasure, not only the product but the service. The sound of the interface is amazing, transparent and flexible when necessary. The bonus of plugins running on the hardware, and their absolute quality made the Apollo an easy choice over other products on the market. The UAD was recommended to me as i was using Avid HD setup. After a few sessions with one, i wanted one!
As a vocalist, my main concern is a clean and warm line IN. Together with my Neuman TLM103 i was blow away by the sound i was able
to record. I very gd buy!!! I'm not getting paid to say this either lol

A. Zuege

May 7, 2016

Tried Others, Love The Apollo 8p

I used the silver face version Apollo a few years ago and loved it. Haven't had many "wow" experiences that rivaled that - mostly because I was upgrading from a Digi 002. A huge leap and sonic upgrade. Alas, I didn't stick with it because I came to realize the hidden costs of UAD DSP. In my next round of upgrades I decided to try the Antelope Orion Studio. A great machine, tons of I/O and crystal clear conversion, but man does that console app suck. Workflow killer. The digital menu was a subtle pain too. I returned it and went for the Apollo 8p. I couldn't be happier. I'm making more music. The console app is an A+, everything has a manual knob, and I've learned to limit my DSP expectations. It's a tease b/c UAD plugs are hands down best!

T. Joy

April 17, 2016

Unique, Hi Quality Solution for Music Production

A UAD interface is and should be the very first investment for anyone who is serious about doing music and/or audio professionally.
The quality of the hardware and software are unparalleled and remains unmatched till date. As someone who has used Neve 99RS, Euphonix System 5 and many other desks in the past, I find the quality of Apollo interfaces to be simply stellar.

My only 'complaint' so to speak is that I somehow imagined, expected getting more plugins for a quad processor.

L. Morawski

April 7, 2016

Apollo 8P - a fantastic peace of equipment

The best choice for a small studio, great sonding preamps, wonderful ADDA, cues, and ofcourse unison plugins that make this an awesome multitool :)

j. dee

March 18, 2016


My history. In bands,songwriter,start writing for other people,some famous and some not. Worked all over the world in pissy basements to abbey road,its all good for me. Love tape,love shitty microphones,busted guitars and prefer a non easy time of it. Budgets disappear no more abbey road but more coronation street.[For my American friends no more Silverlake but more the Valley]. Fuck em,i still make music from dustbins so I'm happy. Think long,UAD 8p comes. No more compatibility charts for days/there's knobs/switches/. Sounds good/easy to use/more time to write and less time gawping@a screen. Take it all over the world. Im in control again. For 3g's job done,but i hope I'm never content.

M. Ortner

March 6, 2016

Great Gear

Sounds amazing! Thank You!

M. Kenyon

March 4, 2016

Pro Recording Studio & Mobile Solution

I just upgraded from an Apollo 8 Duo to the 8p Quad because I found I wanted the extra pre's and cores. After 6 years working in studios and years of working in audio retail, I've found something that works for me. The unison preamps do a flawless job of recreating some of my favorite gear from studios past and present. Additionally, unlike any 1073 or interface I've ever owned, the Apollo 8P is rock solid from a design perspective.

M. Vila Nova

February 27, 2016


I've been using UAD products for a decade now. This tells you how much I appreciate their products. I Own an Apollo Quad (Silver), an Apollo 16 (Black) and now an Apollo 8P... What can I say? Unison ROCKS!

A. Yeats

February 26, 2016

Game changer for me!

As a drummer the 8 unison pres are a godsend! Have them on the kik, snare, toms, OH's and mono room mic.

Redid a session that I had previously done on a RME interface and the difference was amazing....night and day!

Depth, wartmh but superb clarity and detail, sounded like a record straight away with only basic processing!

H. Varvoglis

February 8, 2016

Great multi-tool with big sound

I'm exited with my Apollo 8p,
It's a great converter with amazing clear and detailed sound,
The unison pres are very clear and works great with the plugins, I know how the Neve 1073 hardware sounds and I'm amazed how an emulation can sound so good.
The routing from UA console with the DAW and vice versa is very flexible and gives a lot of possibilities of how you like to work.
The only downside I can find is that the XLR inputs at the back are used only for mics, and if you want to use them as Line ins you have to connect a balance or unbalance jack, so it's not so practical especially if you have a patchbay or/and if your rack is not so easy accessible at the back.

M. Dennis

January 21, 2016


A fantastic piece of kit once again from UAD. I've used a UAD-2 Satellite for nearly 3 years now and love it… this takes my setup to another level! Thanks UAD. (Looking forward to the free additional UAD-2 Sat arriving soon too - that basically made my decision!)

G. Leute

January 19, 2016

Beyond my expectations!

This piece of gear is the best sounding interface I have ever used. I highly recommend purchasing one for your own studio!

C. Kohl

December 29, 2015

Happy with my investment.

This was the biggest studio purchase that I have ever made. I bought it for many reasons... The DSP, the amount of inputs, the sample rate capabilities, the headphone routing flexibility, alternate monitor options, and so much more. I've had the chance to work with this unit in my project studio now for a full month and I am quite pleased with my purchase. It has paid for itself this month in the ease of use in my sessions. Thanks again.

UAD User

December 19, 2015

Best Interface Ever!

Still getting to know it, but so far I'm loving everything about the Apollo 8P. The dreams and profiles sound fantastic. Really great experience!

B. Ewald

December 17, 2015

just brilliant

I upgraded from an original Apollo quad. Love having the extra unison preamps and the extra monitor output. I was able to clear some other stuff and thin down my rack. Sounds fantastic

D. Lowe

December 9, 2015

Fantastic bit of kit

Been using UAD plugins for awhile now and wanted to be able to use them in real time, so invested in the Apollo 8p. The build quality matches the sound, and both are of a very high quality. I love the unison pre-amps. Great in their own right but combined with the plugins give a lot more colour to the sound. Connecting to the mac over thunderbolt was quick and painless, and the software is easy to use and configure. Liked the interface so much I got another one for more inputs and DSP. Again very easy to setup and integrate on the mac. Can't recommend enough!!!

101-120 of 128 Results