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Apollo Twin MkII

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T. Munck

June 15, 2018

The ultimate Apollo twin board hands down!

4/5 stars because
-no ext digi I/O and no daisychain thunderbolt
-premium quality thunderbolt cable is not included (this product deserves it!)

I have been using UAD products for almost ten years now. Started off with a lowly Solo Laptop card loaded with EMT250, Harrison 32C and a 2007 MBP. When Apollo duos were introduced, I jumped ship immediately after getting a thunderbolt equipped MBP and found my new go-to audiointerface. the unit served me without a hiccup. Then I got the opportunity to get a twin quad when the mk II was announced, but hesitated since I was already pretty cozy with my twin duo. Having now finally upgraded to twin quad mk II, I find being even happier with the apollo! My DAW projects now run @ ~5-15% CPU with the aid of the grunt in DSP the quad affords.

A word regarding conversion sound quality. I am hearing a slight, but not a significant improvement, so even mk I owners can rest easy and not obsess over any change in sound q (however YMMV). Your apollo mk I’s still sound pretty much the same.

I’ll probably upgrade to mk III if such line ever comes out. The Apollos work solid and give me what I am looking for in an audiointerface.


June 14, 2018

I love it

and hart to stand to buy UAD!

泰. 正谷

June 13, 2018

this is the best choice

best sound and best rec quality.

R. Akins

June 10, 2018

Works great on Windows 10!

I was a bit nervous in looking at some of the threads on the forums, but I made the plunge for the Apollo Twin II and I'm glad I did! I learned from the forums that the Startech TB3 to TB2 was the best choice for the Apollos, so I purchased that as well. With only a single adjustment in my Intel NUC's BIOS, everything is working perfectly!

C. Scelso

June 9, 2018

Una herrrrmosura!!!

Para nosotros, los que tenenos que transformar pesos argentinos en USD es una decisión difícil pasar a UAD. PERO, endeudado como estoy, tengo que decirles que realmente es todo lo buena que dicen que es. La sensación similar a cuando pasé a unos buenos monitores por primera vez. Te abre un espectro de sonido, frecuencias, detalles. Y por otro lado, te habilita un workflow muuuy de consola. Das un pacito más. Y un pacito más es un pacito más. Recomiendo.

T. Goodwin

June 4, 2018


Sounds just like an analog desk. Makes things so much easier to balance in the mix. Amazing!

T. Goodwin

June 4, 2018


Sounds just like an analog desk. Makes things so much easier to balance in the mix. Amazing!

J. Cody

June 3, 2018

Squawlay production

Because I travel a lot and always on the go. This was a great addition to my UAD collection. Not only do I get the great travel side in a interface, but the powerful unison u get with awesome preamps, plugins, and sound.

L. Xun

May 31, 2018

Return to Apollo Twin

I used the first generation of Apollo Twin, and I sold it because it was not easy to carry. But now I have bought the Apollo Twin MkII again, because unison is too powerful, and I can not do without UAD plug-in in mobile office.

a. Taylor

May 31, 2018

Amazing Build & Sound Quality!

Fantastic addition to my UAD system, great sound, build quality and the plug ins are all immense.

J. Waldman

May 28, 2018

Jesse Waldman

Long time Digi002 user, switched to the MK11 and am very impressed. Converters sound great and the UA plugins are a game changer. Took a couple days of tweaking my dell laptop with windows 10 to run optimally but now it's totally stable. The unison technology is huge too, have had excellent results thus far.

A. Umanskii

May 28, 2018

Dream in Real Living Live

Hello ! Plesure to meet Appolo Twin Mk2 ! I got happy after my first record! That magic sound ! Thank you very much to UNIVERSAL AUDIO for chance used ! This is my new way to produce ... Respect

M. Schmidt

May 27, 2018

Ein Traum!!!

…super Hardware! Ich bin absolut begeistert!

M. Schmidt

May 27, 2018

Kaum zu glauben!!!

…super Hardware – super Plugins – super Sound!!!

R. Spencer

May 26, 2018

Paramount Product

I couldn’t be more pleased with the all-around quality of this product—quality in design, build, and performance. After witnessing the power of the plugins, I was glad that I sprang for the QUAD. If you’re on the fence, get off of it and join the UAD/MKII side. It’ll be well worth it.

P. Higuita

May 25, 2018


my best audio investment, sounds amazing!!

T. Ellis

May 24, 2018

Simply Marvelous!

I purchased this unit for home after buying an Apollo 8 for my studio. What can I say? The sound quality is superb and it's dead simple to use. Add to that gaining access to all my plugins and this purchase was a slam dunk!

D. Britto

May 23, 2018

This is a game changer

So a few things that just made this really good. One is the quick mono switch. I’m always checking mono compatibility. Next is the unison function. Crazy. Like the preamps are enough of a reason to get this but I can also use inserts without any latency and the autotune it comes with is super fun. The rest is the console software. I’ve routed a permant headphone mix so when I record (at home) I just hit mute and put my cans on and go.

J. Dzuris

May 19, 2018

Keeps getting better.

Universal Audio just keeps upping their game. Nothing else compares to the combination of interface and plugins.

UAD User

May 19, 2018


Sounds amazing. Easy installation

121-140 of 625 Results