Apollo Twin MkII

Apollo Twin MkII

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Apollo Twin MkII

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N. Lockhart

July 18, 2018

Best traveling solution

I needed a good solution to continue working while touring and it's the best.

J. Moon

July 17, 2018

great interface!

la-610 mk2 를 사용하고 있었는데, 하드웨어 없이도 이렇게 좋은 성능을 낼수 있을지 몰랐어요! 정말 좋습니다! 모두에게 추천합니다.

D. Dionisi

July 15, 2018


Compacta y poderosa! Es increíble la conversión digital de los canales y la practicidad operativa!

C. Romero

July 12, 2018

So happy!

I'm so happy to finally get this interface, since I started my career as an Audio Engineer I've had very clear that Universal Audio stands for quality and excellence.

UAD User

July 9, 2018

the best on its range

Nice plug ins, new layout on MUTE and DIM options, talkback as a new feature well built great audio interfase i miss the lock on the AC (important)

E. Minutella

July 8, 2018

Apollo rules

Amazing. Five minutes and you'll go crazy for its great A/D converters and plugs. It's good for home recordings and live performances too. I have very much respect for professional studio's gear and knowledge, but using Apollo and UAD plugs you'll give your home productions and mixes more punch and definition.

C. Hernandez

July 7, 2018


Apollo twin is a very powerful addition to my setup. Included plugins are more than enough to get an incredible sound out of every instrument and get a really good mix similar to the big studios with analog hardware. Console is very intuitive. I love it! I don’t want to leave my workstation for a second...

A. Firdaus

July 6, 2018


i just bought the twin quad at my local dealer. was amazed by the quality of the converter. this is my first time using the plugins and was also amazed by the plugins that i got by default. i got the vocal pack with the voxbox, pure plate, and antares auto tune. top class.

E. Rüegg

July 4, 2018

definitely best interface EVER!

Im using this interface for 2 months now, and its overwhelming. I love it. The sound is amazing the quality is amazing, plugins are amazing, ... for this price this is definitely the best you can get.


U. Fabbri

July 3, 2018


Whit this board you can travel and gain the best sound everywhere!

M. Looker

July 2, 2018

Very practical and sonically pleasing!

Love the quality of the preamps, the plugins it comes with are really good too. The Unison technology is impressive.

b. berkovic

July 2, 2018

Amazing little monster

In my studio I have setup with 3 RME800 but I have need something great and portable and Appolo Twin MKII is exactly what I have looking for, also some routing and all can work together

R. Lopes

July 2, 2018

Great product, still terrible instability with Windows 10

Sad that's it's so hard to have an Apollo Thunderbolt Interface Working perfectly with Windows 10.... Sounds great and have some awesome clean pres, but always experiencing some popping and distortion on the playback... Sad.

M. Inoguchi

June 29, 2018

not perfect, but goon

The sound is NOT way greater than AIF price around $200.
If you just want to use UAD-2 plugins, you should go buy satellite.

I. Muller

June 28, 2018

Oh this is brilliant

I used Apollo USB since it came out (old time windows user, ex Microsoft engineer), built a machine on z170 chipset and made a switch for a TB version with QUAD DSP. Its amazing. It has literally zero latency with direct console monitor and like 3.5 back to back latency in Reaper on 32buffer/96khz. I actually started to use more of home recoreded guitar in my commercial products (and mind you it includes some federal wide TV commercials), because the way i can record it now is simply amazing. Love it. Great investment.

b. phukan

June 28, 2018


the AD DA conversion is awesome, and I felt with any DAW it gives a nice clarity of the sound...the plugins which comes free with the interface are awesome, now sitting at home i get the same UA 2610 colour/flavour I mean :) and the the console is like a god to me...m able to do many things now without LATENCY.......AAAAAH...m a happy man now...SATISFIEEEEDDDDDD :) :)

UAD User

June 27, 2018


Hight Quality, great sound very happy to have it

A. Ragoussis

June 27, 2018

Pure Gold

Very satisfied. Would like to see more brands jumping on the uad ship!

J. Stiles

June 23, 2018

The BEST hands on interface.

The best designed 2 channel interface, period. Not only does it sound uber-professional, but it is so easy to use. The tactile controls are quick and effiecient. It just makes sense, Unison is a thing of beauty. Home studio is no longer a phrase for semi-pro gear, Apollo makes every studio PRO!

C. Russell

June 22, 2018

Great Sound

Sounds better than my previous USB3 Twin. Love working with the Console.

101-120 of 630 Results