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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin USB

Overall Rating

21-40 of 533 Results

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s. ngo

April 6, 2023


Đã mua mắc rùi.. Còn phải bỏ thêm tiền mua pulings rất mắc.. Khuyễn mãi pulings mặc định rất ít.. Rất keo kiệt

J. ter Borg

April 3, 2023

Flawless operation

Super happy with my Apollo. Tip for AMD users: AMD's messy USB implementation can cause stutters, this is easily fixable by just getting a cheap usb 3 HUB and connecting the Apollo through that.

j. m'gouni

March 26, 2023

The best choice

One of the best audio interfaces in the market if not the best ; been using it with neumann tlm 103 it sounds great on vocals .working great on windows i had no issues.

T. Bastien

March 21, 2023

An Amazing Investment

It truly is a great investment, and does provide an incredibly clear sound even without plugins. There is a night and day difference between this interface and budget interfaces.

C. Kim

March 14, 2023

Wonderful interface

With near 0 latency, it made my dream come true. Perfect product for all sorts of audio work. Highly recommended

t. cetin

February 26, 2023


It’s nice!

A. cantone

February 24, 2023



C. Willis

February 20, 2023

Producer/ Beat maker

Just Purchase my new toy the Apollo Twin USB and wow this thing is Awesome very Impressive working great on my PC know Issue. ..

G. Corsale

February 8, 2023

Professional sound quality

The audio quality of this wonderful machine is fantastic.
I use an old microphone for live,
Shure beta 87/A , and the result was incredible.
I don't even imagine what can be done with a professional studio microphone.
For small recording studios that don't have big budgets, you can't ask for anything better. Quality/Price, superb!

D. Garrett Jr

January 27, 2023

Magnificent !!!

Absolutely positively the best investment I could ever have made. Phenomenal performance and sound. I now understand the value of a POWERED plugin. WOW.

B. Mihaly

January 26, 2023



G. Corsale

January 23, 2023

big background noise

I don't know if the first one I received was broken, I just tested the audio, and opening Cubase, my krk gave a big background noise, that didn't happen with my old sound card, lower level than the twin usb. Sent back to the seller, waiting for a new one

R. Eyre

January 19, 2023

Awkward Install but well worth it

I am a newbie to recording, so I was worried when I had no left channel monitoring when installed. Support took a long time to get back to me and a firmware reset solved it.

The sound quality is superb on this unit as are the UAD plugins, for my guitar based needs the Helios pre amp and pultec EQ are on all the time.

B. Herring

January 16, 2023

Everything it is cracked up to be and more!

I wanted to upgrade my interface from the "red" ones that I've been using and man this didn't disappoint!

J. Jae

January 12, 2023

Great sound when it works

I received the Apollo Twin USB about 6 days ago. I have been saving up for it for quite a while and was really looking forward to it. The installation was ok, I was surprised how many extra posts I had to read and work through to get it to work with windows. In the end it worked and the sound was great. Short. If you listen closely you can hear small pop and glitch noises in the sound. After a long search I found the safe guard function, so it sounds a little better again.
But: I use it in abelton. As soon as I switch it to ASIO and listen to anything else in Windows, like the UAD Apollo setup tutorial, the sound distorts and gets noisy. Other users and UAD posts suggest that there is a problem between the UAD Asio driver and windows WDM. All last weekend I spent several hours each time searching the UAD forum and web for solutions and trying them out. Nothing has made it better.
So I was looking forward to Monday. There should be UAD phone support available. Unfortunately not. No one in all of Europe can be reached by phone from UAD. It took me half of Monday to find a solution and send a message to UAD support including my windows system log by email. Until today (Thursday afternoon) I waited for an answer and waited with the review. Unfortunately, still no one has contacted me. Therefore, I see the 1 star rating now as justified.
My old far cheaper scarlett interface worked straight, by the way, there were no problems with the drivers, no noise, no page-long instructions, what you have to do, that the interface works and the support was also available.
Very sad. Very sad. I hope that maybe through the rating someone can be found who can and will help me because I would still appreciate the sound and the plugins very much.

J. Danielsson

December 29, 2022

Great sound, with ease

Sold some hardware pultec and La-2a clones to get into this unit. Would say the included plugins sound almost as good and made the switch well worth. Plus I got many more plugins on top of those too! The 1176 sounds better than most hardware versions. And the unison stuff is phenomenal! Hat off.
Only downside is that it's missing optical out for expanding with more out channels. And that the Luna software is not yet supported (or even planned) for windows users.

S. Mikhnavets

December 26, 2022

Apollo twin USB version is awfull

Do NOT recommend USB version for windows, full of bugs lags etc.... Maybe it can work for some kind of lattency problem but after all user experience is just awful everthing is not designed for windows at all i dont want to list all the problems that i've faced this year with apollo twin usb but trust me A LOT, i put 2 start just for rly good plugins emulations suddenly they also works now rly well on windows


December 17, 2022

Great sound but what DAC?....

Excellent audio interface, intuitive software, low latency on Windows 10, but I'd like to know if it has the same converters as the TWIN X (ES9016S)

T. Shimizu

November 8, 2022

Great interface

I upgraded from Presonus Studio 26c for Studio one 5. It is not BUS powered and the sound is much better. I’m really happy that I upgraded for my studio.

P. Boucsein

November 3, 2022

Just great

I saw lots of people complain about apollo being so complicated. I think its super simple, you can even use it to play through with your computer turned of. Sounds just great as well as the plugins i have so far. Also I have the USB version and have had no problems so far.

21-40 of 533 Results