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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin USB

Overall Rating

61-80 of 533 Results

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F. Verdezoto

March 8, 2022

El Equipo de los Profesionales

La Compre sin duda, me encanta la calidad de sonido que aporta a mis proyectos.

A. Steinwall

February 22, 2022

Wonderful, on all counts!

I recently upgraded my home studio to an Apollo Twin. I couldn't be happier with my choice. My audio is now dependable and stable, and the USB plugins were an immediate improvement to my overall recording.

Y. Zolberg

January 19, 2022

So clean, so classic

I sold my babyface pro fs and bought an apollo twin.
Working with unison completely changes the rules of the game!
Hopefully an update to vst3 will come out...


J. Wallstén

January 19, 2022

Nice gear!

Lovely sound quality from cards and plugs. Missing one thing only; if I was buying a Mac and wanted to use this, it´s not posible...

r. gupta

January 13, 2022

Excellent product



a. mazara

January 11, 2022


It is an amazing gear for a start off with the vocals cant wait to upgrade and get more gears i hope uad make the apollo x6 and x8 x16 into usb ugh might not happen so i am going to have to build another pc with built in thunderbolt

P. Stürböth

December 29, 2021

Great Concept

Great concept and professional quality, beautiful Sound.

K. Lopez

December 22, 2021

Great interface for Windows users

This is my third Apollo Twins that I've purchased. Used to own the Twin Duo, sold it and bought the Twin MKII Quad. Excellent interface, but I hate using Apple products. Thought it would work with my Windows rig, but to no avail. Went with another company's high end interface (Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy Core), and it works great. But I had an opportunity to get the Twin USB and I couldn't pass it up. Works like a charm. The simplicity is second to none. Set your preamp, compressor and EQ and you're good to go! I'd tell you what my vocal chain is, but nah, find it just like I did!

My only drawback on the interface is that they only come with 2 SHARC chips. Coming from a Twin Quad and from the Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy Core, the two chips are a bit of a limiter. But there's always a workaround to everything.

P. Prinz

December 11, 2021


Keine Latenz

T. Do

December 5, 2021

Who can help me ?

As we all know, in the apollo twin x duo HE version, the dynamic range is 127db, however, in this apollo twin usb duo version, the manufacturer does not have that parameter? Can anyone give me those numbers?
I really like Twin x duo HE, but having a computer that supports the thunderbolt 3 standard is still an obstacle for me (at least until 2021).
I had to think of twin USB HE

F. Dion

November 17, 2021


Just perfect the best that's it

F. Dion

November 17, 2021


Just perfect the best that's it

M. Nicholas

October 20, 2021

My new Favorite interface

I bought an Apollo Duo and an Octo USB and just couldn't be happier with them. Loads of DSP power and plugins that are so close to the hardware, its exciting. Ahh the 480L, just like I remember it in the real hardware and I can run loads of them :) Just fantastic. The preamps in the Duo are a good step up from my previous preamps and unison plugins are life like and work incredibly well.
Thank you for all the hard work UAD.

M. Snyder

October 8, 2021

Best Interface for the Price

The quality on this thing is impeccable! Easy controls, slick design, and great plugins to go with it. I had a Scarlett 2i4 3rd Gen. before I got the Apollo and the difference is incredibly noticeable; sounds more open and clean than the Scarlett does.

Couple things I am not too fond of with the Apollo that even my Scarlett did well.
1. The main issue I have is the gain control/allowance. If you choose the wrong input on a channel, you might seriously burst an eardrum no joke. Why is there no limiter of some sort to prevent this from happening? Also the "playback cap," if you will, aka the loudness of immediate playback, is too loud. Again, there should be some sort of resilant limiter on the Apollo and/or software with a high attack and fast release so that the level right after clicking play is not so sudden and loud. Lastly, underruns from overloading are louder and more obnoxious-sounding than they should be. None of these issues were a problem on the Scarlett.

2. Gain knob appears to have an exponential rate of adjustment, meaning as you turn the knob, the more % of an increase there is. This is in contrast to a linear rate of adjustment which keeps level adjustment at a consistent 1:1 rate.

3. Hasn't helped my CPU. I'm on an i7 processor and 16gb of RAM and was hoping this Apollo would help at least some with overruns and glitches, but it almost seems to have gotten a little worse. Not a whole lot but it definitely hasn't helped any.

4. Haven't figured out adjusting delay compensation when using UAD plugins in DAW. It sounds normal during playback, but after export there is a very noticeable delay in whatever track the plugin was placed. This is prevented me from even using any of the plugins yet. I will say, however, this could be due to ignorance and I just haven't found the answer yet. Nonetheless, more support/easier means of finding a solution to this issue should be more readily accessable.

Even with these pretty hefty issues I have with the Apollo, it's still the best of the best in terms of quality for the money. I wouldn't even think about taking it back. It just seems that the options are lacking with regards to obtaining a more individualized experience. All this being said, you still won't regret the purchase. It's becoming an industry standard!

D. Skerke

October 8, 2021

Windows USB Apollo Twin

Works great (so far). A lot of folks seemed to have problems with Windows USB and UAD. As for my experience,. I had a relatively hassle free setup and the unit operates as advertised. I bought mine refurbished, note to othjers, do not follow standard install path if you buy refurbbished, make sure you install via the 'used device' path even if it is factory refreshed. I write that for the reviewer that may want to give it another try when they pull it from the closet.

K. Barański

September 29, 2021

APOLLO-TWIN-DUO-USB 4 years of durability max

It may be a good sound card, but it only works for 4 years until it breaks after warranty. Contacting support about a fault will get you nowhere and solve nothing ... (they say their product is indestructible and durable) ... just a waste of time. Considering the times when there is almost no post-warranty service with such miniaturized electronics, for this price, the quality of electronic components in this device is a scandal. In addition, too expensive third-party plugs, such as Softube or Brainworx, which can be purchased cheaper from manufacturers. Complete disappointment. Believe me - 4 years and the equipment goes to the garbage.

M. J

September 28, 2021

Easy Setup.

Easy to setup. Rebooted PC once to Update Firmware after hard reset on device - no problem. Console easy to use. Well packaged as expected from UAD. USB-A cable included. Purchased a $20 USB-C cable (only port on my laptop)

D. Maine

September 21, 2021

So buggy that I was never able to install it.

Wtf is this product? Plugged it into my Windows 10 computer, followed the default install path and wouldn't you know it I ran into an immediate error that I still haven't been able to figure out. I don't have time to troubleshoot stupidly built products while I'm under the demand of my client schedule. I'm back to using my original cheap interface and this Apollo Twin piece of junk is going back in my closet until I have time to troubleshoot. Thanks UAD!

A. Salganik

September 16, 2021

Great quality wow

Great quality wow

A. Salganik

September 16, 2021

Great quality wow

Great quality wow

61-80 of 533 Results