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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

841-860 of 943 Results

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R. Muir

July 14, 2013

EMT 140 goodness

Only had it a few days but it is one of those pieces of my eqpt that just feels right without fighting things. I value that "rightness" and it's not always easy to find so hats off to UAD
Cheers, Ross

C. Allen

July 8, 2013

So real it's ridiculous

I have been sitting in the studio comparing our real EMT 140's to the UAD versions, and it is ridiculous how close they are. I have been relying on EMT's on every mix for almost a decade, and never thought I would be able to live without the real thing. The UAD EMT 140 has finally given me a reproduction that allows me to mix anywhere without compromise. For a few of the mixes that I have done in the last month, I have actually preferred the UAD plugin to our actual plates. Fantastic job on a classic reverb that engineers like me cannot live without.
-Chris Allen
Chief Engineer at Sear Sound, NYC

A. Seth

July 8, 2013


I've been struggling with tinny sounding reverb plugins for over a year. This has solved my needs. Lush, rich, warm sound. Simple yet highly effective operation with everything you need (high and low cut filters, predelay etc.) and nothing superfluous. Thanks UAD!

B. Miles

July 3, 2013


This plug in is just fantastic. I've never been lucky enough to get near an actual EMT 140, but now I feel no need to. To me, this is how reverb should sound like as both an enhancement or an effect. There is so much variation within one simple unit and as ever, the interface is so easy and intuitive. It's a genius move to re create not only the sound so perfectly, but also the front panel. It's totally transformative. Thank you, UA!!

D. Kulp

July 2, 2013

My go to reverb!

I couldn't believe how smooth and natural the EMT 140 sounded. From vocals to drums I have utilized this beauty on just everything.

You can't go wrong choosing the 140!!!

S. Kannis

July 1, 2013

The Plate

What a great piece of engineering guys.... Takes me right back to 1993 when I bought THE BIG BOX and cannot believe how close this emulation is to the original, prior to purchasing the plug in, I ran the demo, pulled up an old transferred multi-track session from 1995 (I used to print Reverb tracks often), I then inserted the plug in version and fiddled with it (very little adjustment) and within 45 seconds, I could not really tell the difference. I immediately bought it!!! There are only a very few developers that are really getting things right in this virtual revolution and UAD are at the top of the list in my opinion.

S. Cooney

June 26, 2013

EMT 140

This reverb gets used everyday in our studio. We have a few plate reverb options but this one seems to be the default.
It has an extremely lush and thickening characteristic to it that the others lack.
The ability to change every parameter and save them for later recall is invaluable.
Thanks for a great product.

Sean Cooney
3 Leaf Post Recording

A. Francesquetto

June 22, 2013

My best reverber

Just perfect, easy to use, very good. Gives life to the sound it is placed.

O. Connell

June 20, 2013

Crazy glue

I find myself using this plug-in to hold the mix together. It has the ability to really make individual sounds gel nicely. Great!

H. Henning

June 20, 2013

sounds fine

I knowed the EMT reverb plate a Long time ago from studio work and broadcast studio.

I allways wished to own somthing alike, - it sounds very eqal to me - and costs and weights just a small fraction ..

P. Favati

June 18, 2013

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator Plug-In

exceptional sound, like the original, stable, uad knows his stuff

M. Müller

June 15, 2013

Basic Gear for mixing

I searched a long time 4 a good Reverb to add some space around voices in the mix. This cool plugin does the job exactly how I expect it. No harsh sounding metal-like flickering nor undefinded reflections. Just warm, but controlled extra Space. Works also great with Horns.

M. Brawer

June 11, 2013

great plug

very tasty, musical plate verb. proof dsp reverbs don't need to sound sterile...

A. Claudiu

May 24, 2013

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

Absolutely fantastic reverb plugin- awesome on vocals!

M. Denda

May 18, 2013

Classic sound

The EMT 140 Plate Emulation is a very good sounding vintage plate reverb. The fact that the interface is very simple makes it easy to find a good and convincing result in no-time. For me, it works excellent on drums, guitars as well on vocals.

M. Walker

May 17, 2013

Smashing Plates !

It just sounds great, thought i'd be using it mainly on drums but it's really nice on vocals,
just plug it in and it sounds right straight away you don't have to touch it, quick and simple, love it.

M. Gervasi

May 8, 2013

Clean & Natural

This reverb really is the best on the mix buss. It has such a clean sound and natural decay on the tail. I prefer it over all the others I've used in the past.

A. Sedrakyan

April 25, 2013

EMT 140

The best plate for vocal and percussion!!!!!!!!!!!

B. Callaway

April 23, 2013

Must Have!

This is by far my favorite of my go to plugins. The sound is not only convincing, it's just plain beautiful. The interface is fantastic and feature set, provides exactly what I need. Not much more to say here, if you like the sound of a plate reverb, this is for you, even if you have an actual plate. It just sounds gorgeous. You want this.

J. Piccione

April 21, 2013

Clean and Beautiful

I never had the hardware EMT 140 but I can tell you that this sounds great. Even a seasoned pro that has had the hardware counterpart would say this is an AWESOME Plugin.
It adds a wonderful sense of space, the tail this can produce is so natural sounding to my ear. Great Job UA, love this Plate.

841-860 of 943 Results