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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

941-944 of 944 Results

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F. Yaker

July 4, 2012

I've used many reverb plugins over the years and have always struggled to find one that I really can work with. I find most reverbs to be overly complex and even though I am somebody who uses presets as a basis and adjusts from there, if the options are overwhelming, I get frustrated. This plugin sounds great, but one of the main reasons that I love it is because the controls are few and straight to the point. You can easily adjust the sounds to your taste with the limited amount of knobs. I also want to mention that while most reverbs I always finding myself slowly turning down and down and down until there is a subtle ambience but not a really apparent reverb this might be the first reverb that beckons you to turn it up!

P. Monteiro

July 3, 2012

Great sounding Reverb. I have Lexicon PCM Series, Sonnox Reverb, Altiverb... This one is up there with the best, really simple to use and GREAT sounding, use it on almost every mix.

C. Visser

July 1, 2012

Excellent reverb!
I really like the sound of plate reverbs and the EMT140 is perhaps the best in it's kind!
All the controls for modeling the sound like stereo, eq and mod are very easy to use and give so much options for tailoring your own reverb sound.
The input filter comes in very handy, but the choice of plates is by far the nicest feature of the plugin.

S. Hughes

June 29, 2012

I read some glowing reviews about this plug-in and now that I own it, I can confirm that it's absolutely superb.

It's hard to believe that I own an EMT 140 plate reverb. These things are rare now and were extremely expensive. UA have captured the sound brilliantly and it really does bring a mix to life with that 80's world class sparkle and shine.

Together with the Lexicon 224, these are my go to reverbs now, and my DAW has never sounded so bloody good. My clients are raving about the jump in quality, all
thanks to UA.

I'll probably end up buying all the UA plug-ins as so far I've had no duds. These are marvellous sounding tools that finally render a physical outboard rack obsolete.

Think I'll have a garage sale this week end.

941-944 of 944 Results