Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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R. Greene

February 13, 2017

So Far..

So far so good, I've only used the plugin on a couple of attempts on tracks. Having had an old hot rodded Fender Vibrolux 30 years ago to owning a DeVille today - I can compare what I'm getting with the plugin to those sounds. I'm please so far, but I'll continue tweaking and tinkering and see if I can give a more detailed review soon.

R. Quek

February 5, 2017


I have several amps, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall...have to say this plug in does not cut it. It might get you one grungy sound, but it does not sing in overdrive and it does not do a clean fender tone. I so wanted to like, especially for Unison usage, but alas...if you are looking for Knopfler, Gilmour, Stevie Ray, Johnson clean tone, you can't really get it here.

T. Camp

February 5, 2017

Hated It At First, Was Using It Wrong! GREAT PLUGIN

So when I first demo'd it, I hated this thing. It was super midrange heavy and uninteresting. I couldn't be more wrong. After spending time with it with the unison technology and using my Fender Telecaster, this thing reacts exactly like a Fender tube amp. You can control so much dynamically just on your guitar which is unlike ANY amp sim that I've ever used. You can add a pedal board to it going in (if you choose to) and can roll the volume down to get a clean sound.

Here is where I found the magic. I set up two auxes on console. I realized why I didn't love the amp at first as much as micing up an amp... I didn't have a room that it was going into. Once I put Ocean Way on an aux send just for the room, and EMT 140 on the other for some verb, I got the best guitar recordings that rivaled my Fender 68 Bandmaster tracked in a multi-million dollar room.

In short, spend a little time with it, play with your verbs to create a small room space on top of it or you're fighting an uphill battle. This is THE product.

A. Alford

January 28, 2017


I had the chance to play with a custom built hand wired tweed which used the exact same circuit as the original late 50's fenders and I have to say I am really impressed with the Uad 55 tweed.
It took a while to really be able to get the most out of it but after a couple of weeks I am able to get a really wide variety of great tones.
With all the available mikes you get a lot a variety. I have used all the various guitar sim software since the beginning - guitar rig and amplitude. The Uad 55 tweed and Marshall silver jubilee are by far the best I have heard by far. I hope they release more models soon. A blackface deluxe and Vox ac 30 would be nice.

D. Webb

January 25, 2017


This is the best Fender amp modeling I've found. Guts and shimmer and right on par with my actual Fender amp. The mics and tone shaping provide an incredible amount of possibilities. I couldn't be more pleased! The only drawback- it's keeping me busy in the studio into the wee hours of the night. : ) Thank you, UAD folks! Excellent job!

R. Hegdahl

January 22, 2017

This sounds amazing!

So I have to say that they are spot on with this one! You will not be disappointed. If you don't like this plugin it's more likely that you don't like tweed tone. I have personally handwired a number of fender designed tweed amps and they are unlike any amps from the 60's to current day modern amps. I have small children and have to record direct a lot. I miss nothing about recording a real amp and have zero problems getting the sound I am after.

R. Graterol

January 17, 2017

Great amp simulator!

Using it Extensively with my pedal board. Sound is rich and dynamic. Clean or gnarly. Can't recommend enough this plugin, also with unison technology the amp feels more alive.

H. Petersson

January 14, 2017

The best. But not for everyone.

This is by far the best amp emulation plugin I've used (and I've tried pretty much all of them). It's right up there with the Kemper.
The Tweed Deluxe is a total tone machine and there's a lot of versatility despite the very simple controls. But when it's cranked up it will get really nasty and ugly, and that tone will certainly not please everyone. But that's how the real amp sounds.
I love how it will crumble down when you push it too hard, just like the real thing. It really behaves like a tube amp.
Now it does contain a bit too much high end, but a simple EQ move will fix that. And the sound is very dry so adding a bit of space to it is a must, especially if you are playing through headphones.
It does sound like a dream if you run it through the Ocean Way plugin and using headphones. I sometimes need to check that there really not a real amp in my room. It's just that convincing.
I'm looking forward to what's coming next from UAD in terms of amp plugins, because this is certainly the best emulation out there. The tone of this amp will certainly not please everyone, but for those who love it, this plugin is a must have.

L. hoewon

January 14, 2017



G. Burke

January 13, 2017


Pretty amazing plugin. Easy to get a great tone.


January 10, 2017

The Quiet Revolution

I'm absolutely loving the new Fender '55 plug in. It took a few weeks to get my head around the parameters, which at first seemed quite limited. Not so. Now that I've had time to explore the possibilities, I'm hooked. The range of variations is limitless. It's a brilliant addition to the Apollo set up I've been using for some time now. Make no mistake about it, UA have revolutionised the quality of digital recording by creating digital access to the golden age of analogue sound and the Fender '55 plug in takes it to another level. I'd love a live version! The valves never need changing, you don't have to waste hours lugging and setting up amps and mics and it sounds beautifully authentic.

A. von Schroeder

January 10, 2017

Wow just wow!

Title says it all.

J. Dover

January 7, 2017

Disappointed, Zero Headroom for Clean Tone

Really disappointed with this plug-in as I love small Fender amps (deluxe, princeton, etc.) and UAD products (own an Apollo Twin and handful of plug-ins). Nearly impossible to get any kind of useful or practical clean tone. Anything past 1 on either Mic or Instrument input are variations of fuzzy, overdrive, over-to-top distortion. If you apply the jumper cable, forget any clean tone at all. If you're a country player or jazz or even pop, and need clean tones (with maybe a bit of breakup) this plug-in won't work for you. I demo'd and despite the lack of clean tones, it does behave and sound like a real amp. I was hoping I could coax a clean sound, but alas, not to be. It's really good for rock, alt and any guitar tone requiring dirt, dirt and more dirt with every shade in between. Cool interface though and mic options are simple, flexible. UAD should develop a similar plug-in based on Fender Deluxe or Twin to get some decent clean tones. Takes up a huge amount of memory (over 50%) so I can't use with more than 2 other plug-ins, depending on those. Purchase with caution.

M. Hernandez

January 6, 2017

The BEST Authentic Fender Tube Emulation

A few years a go had the same amp but then have to sell for buy another stuff, with the years of digital domain I prove a lot of guitar amp emulations but when Universal Audio release this Had to checked the demo, plug my guitar and every note and every chord that I Play sounds amazing! As if you were in front of this amp, the three speakers options are great too! The Mics offer a lot of possibilities ass if you were in studio, sound perfect for classic rock, Blues, rockabilly, punk and more for a Grunge Tone or whatever that you wanted with different guitars...
Check the Razorblade Suitcase album from Bush Band this was recorded for Steve Albini and you'll find a big example of the sound capabilities of Fender 55' Tweed Deluxe in a record but now in a plugin.
Believe me this is a big Hit for Universal Audio!!! #TheRealDeal #ElRockNoTieneLaCulpa

M. Marbaix

January 6, 2017

Best Of The Best

This Plugin is absolutely Awesome !!! I have used Waves and IK and Native Instrument plugins and have always always had to re amp to gat a good sound or i would need to setup and mic guitar amps . This sim can get every sound you would expect from a Fender Deluxe + the mic choices are excellent. I use it with an Apollo and the detail and feel are second to non i have ever tried. People who Knock it are obviously not using it well. The amount of tone and variations are amazing and the feel and response playing through it are well ... Breathtaking. Worth every penny + some.. Like magic in a box.

R. Hegdahl

January 3, 2017

I build tube amps and this sounds Amazing!

I didn't want to like this...truly! I've built many hand wired fender tweed copies... I've recorded all of them. This plugin nails the tone. The only thing that's missing is the interaction a guitar and an amp have together. If you don't think this is a great plugin then you either don't like or know tweed tone. Thanks UA!

B. Schultz

January 3, 2017

One of the hippest great sounding..

I'm floored. One of the best sounding amp plugins I'm running... I use the uad family for both tracking and re-amping. This one far and away does exactly what I need... even re-amping a Marshall or a Friedman to make it sit in the track with not too much other processing... well maybe a bit of 33609 lol ...

J. Benathan

January 1, 2017

Nice but ...

Compared to "industry standard" amp modelers (hardware or plug in), the visuals are certainly great but UAD '55 clearly lacks flexibility when it comes to amp settings (not mentioning mics selection/positioning etc.). For instance, getting a warm clean usable sound is quite challenging. Volume has to be set with a standard Strat at less than 1. Furthermore, I would have appreciated a possibility to set the bias of the amp and hear the natural "sag" of vintage amp tubes. Maybe this will be fixed with a forthcoming update of this plugin.

A. Crowley

December 28, 2016

Go to for clean tones

I prefer this to the Marshall simulations as I generally want a cleaner tone, this has a lovely warmth to it

T. Urban

December 21, 2016

Excellent Job! People, read the manual and learn to use it!

I teach online Skype music tech classes. I was surprised to have so many students come to me and say they do not like this amp modeling. The distortion characteristics are really amazing! Everything about the plugin is great. But, you must first understand how to use it. I cannot plug and play with my guitars and get the sound I want. I must gain stage properly and then I can start to tweak to get the sounds I need. 5 Stars, but learn to use it, otherwise, you may not hear what this plugin is capable of.

201-220 of 302 Results