Maag EQ4® EQ

Maag EQ4® EQ


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Maag EQ4® EQ

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81-100 of 216 Results

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C. Perez Iserte

January 13, 2017

Very nice

This eq is fantastic, simple but effective. The air band is especially!!

UAD User

January 12, 2017


A powerful addition to any vocal chain. Easy to use. The air-band is by far my preferred high shelf, and the low band boost adds weight tastefully.

D. Englisch

January 12, 2017

My main vocal EQ now

Getting that vocal job done quick, easy and with lovely results!

K. Andersen

January 11, 2017

Love this plugin!

I learned of this plugin by watching Jacquire King do a mix on Mix with the Masters. I picked this baby up and am now adding it to most of my tracks. The Air Band is fabulous!

S. Muscio

January 7, 2017

Pure Magic

For years I've been trying to get the sheen and clarity that professional mixes have on vocals. This is my answer. I use the Neve 1081 to boost mid and low frequencies and this to brighten up the high end and just a little bit works wonders. Sincerely impressed. 2-4 db on this is like 6-10db on many other eq's. Beast!

C. Bernard

January 6, 2017

The must for the voice and the strings

Definition at the top of the sound spectrum that can be completely controlled.
The guitars are chiseled and the voices fly ;-)
Bernard COQUELET from France

J. Brissot

January 4, 2017


I just don't know why that is, Universal Audio Plugins are better than plugins made by other companies. Universal Audio Plugins do exactly what they are intended for, without a doubt. Mash EQ4 is a great plugin, I encourage every audio engineer to use it

H. Hsieh

December 30, 2016

the air band is amazing!

the air band is amazing!

F. Batiste III

December 28, 2016

Come Up For Air

Using the Maag EQs Air Band is like taking a blanket off of your speakers. It really opens up your mix and adds clarity and definition to your sounds. And just when you think your mix is perfect, add a little Air Band and watch your music breathe like never before.

T. V

December 28, 2016

Let in the AIR

Air adds to the life of each track. With so much EQ choices now, use it sparingly, or a lot - be careful. Sits well with, or adds to the Pultecs, API's, and other EQ's of your choice on each track, and even across the whole mix. Pretty good how software programming emulates the analog choices.

N. Zande

December 28, 2016

Better then the Software Version !!!

I was using the software version without UAD but there is such a big difference between them. I'm so happy to have this one now !!

F. Martin

December 27, 2016

special and beautiful

J'ai pu essayer cet EQ pendant quelques jours, et effectivement le Air Band est très très efficace, et très joli sur les voix, jamais agressif. C'est un EQ assez subtil finalement, cranté, et en ne tournant certaines fréquences que de 1db ou 0,5 db on peut arriver à des choses très réussies. Ca marche vraiment sur les voix, mais également sur les guitares acoustiques ou nylon.

R. Shaw

December 25, 2016

Amazing EQ

I use this on vocals and guitars and it adds great character. The air controls are incredible for dialing in the space you want.

M. Rom

December 24, 2016


Love the interaction of the tone controls, and the Air Band is nice when you need it. Will be part of my regular tool kit! Thanks to Aaron Rom x1294 at Sweetwater for the suggestion!

S. Brown

December 23, 2016


It really does work. In this era of things that say they do things it is really nice to find something that actually does what it should. Thanks to the folks at UA and Chris 'Big Drop' Stone for putting me on to this! The great UA system is changing the way we work, in a great way!

L. McMurtrie

December 21, 2016

Managed EQ4

Bought this eq because of all the air band hype. The more I used it the more I like it, the air band is excellent. 650 Hz on vocals is also something not to be forgotten. 40 kHz is also worth trying on an overall mix , as it provides extra clarity. Well worth adding to the eq collection. The Maag also stacks well with other eqs.

M. Guerreiro

December 21, 2016

One of the best Mix Bus equalizers!

I'm In love with this guy! Amazing on snare, guitars, vocals and on the mix bus!

S. Roefs

December 20, 2016

How else to get THAT air?!

Awesome plugin. I haven't yet found a way to get that air from any other plugin or hardware. No harshness at all! Love that 40kHz. The sub and low band are also very useful, especially for kick drum. That midrange is just right for al lot of things. It's a pity the midrange isn't sweepable. On the other hand, you can quite instantly determine whether this is the right plugin for a certain situation. I love it.

C. Stone

December 20, 2016

What a great EQ

What a great EQ. Smooth top with out being harsh adds a polish to vocals also so good on sub bass "808's" smooth low end sets right where you want them. I can't stop finding ways to use this eq.

UAD User

December 18, 2016

Small Plugin Big Results

Excellent performing plugin, does exactly what it promises and more. Perfect Chanel EQ for vox, guitars, drums, etc. surprising clarity, and sound improvement.
All worth the money.

81-100 of 216 Results