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Customer Reviews

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Overall Rating

21-40 of 753 Results

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B. Lehaney

December 18, 2023


Great sound, I'll be using this plugin alot.

C. Gutierrez

December 15, 2023


Great sounding master EQ and also works great on the 2 bus! Gets me where I’m going quickly.

E. Zorgman

December 13, 2023

Big Beauty

This is a unique and beautiful EQ. From the middle cut knobs to the cut and boost per frequency band, the choices between shell and bell boost and cut (ohhh my the amount of volume you can add or remove). FLEXIBLE. The cross over points from the frequencies. This is really a great plugin with so much to offer. It works beautifully on bass… clear transparent and musical. I use this on multiple other instruments as well…

j. roe

December 10, 2023

Best EQ

Massive Passive sounds great

J. Soto

December 10, 2023

La excelencia

Un eq sutil que realmente hace la diferencia.

F. Verjux

December 9, 2023

Transparency or not, it’s your choice

I use it mainly on buses to clean some frequencies and on synths to help some frequencies to be less sharp

s. ermolaev

December 8, 2023


I have wanted it for a long time and now I am the owner of this unsurpassed warmth)

E. Nerva

December 8, 2023

Love it

Sounds great. The user interface is responsive. Some of the buttons (boost/cut switch) are quite small and fiddly, but otherwise a nice plugin.

j. paredes

December 4, 2023

Great sound

Great sound

c. rosario

December 4, 2023

My permanent Master EQ

The most amazing master EQ I use on my master bus .
simply clean , even the presets are amazing.
Just a small adjustment you could hear the difference.

J. Davies

November 24, 2023

Massive Master

My favorite "go to" mastering eq.

A. Grujic

November 24, 2023


Unique sound, easy to use. I am using it on master bus

P. K

November 23, 2023

Does it pass the blindfold test against the hardware? Oh yes....

I used to regularly hire the actual hardware Massive Passive to finish my mixes back in early to mid 2000's ..... I know the original unit well. This emulation is ridiculously good and an accurate rendition of the original.... I called the original hardware the "silk machine" . This plug-in allows you to impart the same subtle luxurious definition in the low frequencies without overwhelming the mix, and a trademark gossamer sheen - "air" - around the top end. The "silk" metaphor especially applies to the magic this EQ imparts to vocals. Purchase with high expectations and you wont be disappointed.

N. Martens

November 22, 2023

Interesting understanding of customer orientation

UAD waits until you have bought a plugin for full price and sends you exactly one day later a loyality price offer for same plugin. I like their sense of humour :-D

A. Sanchez

November 22, 2023

Mix bus and master

Great on mix bus and for mastering

T. Fuxa

November 21, 2023

Why I waited?

I can not understand, why I waited so long wuth buying this beast. One of the best plugin from UAD

O. Seiffert

September 14, 2023

Manley Massive Passive EQ

Great transparency for mastering!

A. Kose

August 23, 2023

Very close to the hardware!

I have the real thing but this is a pretty good plug-in if you’re looking for that similar mojo. On some applications you can barely hear the difference!

It takes some getting used to but when you know this unit - it can be a tasty little tool. Very clean and a unique modern Pultec style Eq!

R. Amor

July 31, 2023

Great !!!

Me Encanta este EQ en el Master Bus , Muy Limpio y con Muchas Posibilidades...

J. Santos

July 25, 2023

Not Just Another EQ

I thought "do I really need another EQ?" After using one this I do! It's hard to make adjustments that sound bad, it's so smooth. What do I do with all my other eq's?

21-40 of 753 Results