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Precision Mastering Bundle

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M. Pistel

August 16, 2020

Great Limiter!

This plug in is simple to use and sounds great! Gets things as loud as you need with no distortion, no artifacts and no digital clipping. I’ve used it with good success at the end of my mastering chain.

C. Kiasi

August 12, 2020

Great control

Totally love this plugin. It gives me complete control over my sound source. Works great on everything

C. Bruce

August 9, 2020


I use this to de ess my vocals

C. Bruce

August 9, 2020


This is a must have. First thing I touch when I start a song.

イ. オサフネ

July 28, 2020

音が硬い!The sound is inflexible, Lack of softness

Anyway, the sound is inflexible. It lacks flexibility. The coloring is also insipid. It may be suitable for dance music and electronic music, but I personally think that it is not suitable for classical music, pops, jazz, etc.The easy to understand operation interface is good.

K. Frost

July 20, 2020

Works great!

Only reason 4 Stars is because I haven’t learned all of it. Definitely Pro gear, it will challenge you to learn your craft, not just turn knobs. Which is a good thing.
That being said, a lot of presets that work. If you have an eq analyzer and you learn the gear you can flatten all the peaks and keep the musicality of the work.
If you want to be “better”, get it , put in the time to learn it.

G. Juan Antonio

July 13, 2020

Precisión Limiter at Sonometrica Mastering Studio

I use an Analog chain in my master. I use Precision limiter like an insert in my Apollo X16 before to landing in to the digital world, this limiter is my final Peak control. It doesn't distort my signal and keep my work really clean and transparent.
This precision limiter works really good. Well done guys.

J. Napolitano

June 28, 2020

Precision Limiter

Really pleased with it adds punch gets the level loud without distorting sounds very clean

D. de la Plaza Marcos

June 28, 2020

Great limiter but i have True Peak problems

I've been using Precision Limiter for more than three years now, and I like it very much. Transparent and solid. Always great sound. But it let pass true peaks, around one dB or so... I mean, you can put -1 dB on the output, and it still can let pass through true peaks, more than 0. It may lead to trouble when mastering for Spotify, iTunes, etc. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

S. Peterson

June 19, 2020

A little bit goes a long way.

I'm relatively new to the multiband world. Definitely is a very useful tool in taming problem frequencies but can be over used easily & compound issues. A little bit goes a long way.

J. Davies

June 15, 2020

Limit Your Master

Great for mastering. Use it on all my mixes.

T. Rice

June 12, 2020

I love it *

The latency issue is such a bummer. It is incredibly powerful and sounds really good, but you are either stuck printing with it or using on the master bus. I would easily have 5 stars if there wasn't the latency issue. The only UAD plugin I wish I could return.

D. Warren

June 11, 2020

Top notch

Still very punchy and transparent. Great for hip hop and heavy 808 tracks

K. Frost

May 31, 2020

Great Limiter for Especially the K Band

I use this as last Plugin. I like the K settings, they are set for different types of distribution, such as for “Streaming” services. Most streaming services us -14 Luffs, selecting the K14 setting, Zero on the meter will actually be -14Luffs.
You can also turn it off and just use the meter. Worth it.

C. Vazquez

May 24, 2020

Rhythm Guitar Buss

Use it on your rhythm guitar buss!!! You will thank me later!

j. vasco esparrell

May 22, 2020


Un imprescindible en mi cadena de mastering no puede faltar

j. vasco esparrell

May 22, 2020


Un imprescindible en mi cadena de mastering no puede faltar


May 20, 2020

Silent but Powerful!!!!

This limiter is exactly what I have been looking for.....really transparent and very powerful.....I will not mix or master without it!!!!

g. davies

May 19, 2020

does what it says on the tin

limits with precision. been using it on every track.

J. Moreira

May 19, 2020


Is beautiful

81-100 of 672 Results