SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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T. Mitrevej

September 22, 2013

Punchy touch!

This thing is amazing! It adds wonderful punch and colour - I can't work without it from now on.

G. Gassert

September 19, 2013

Punchy and tight

I love what this channel strip does on all my drum and bass tracks. No need for Console emulation summers. This is doing it. Gates and channel comps on these really cleans up a live drum recording.

R. Folson

September 13, 2013

This is used this on every session now!

This is my first time experiencing the SSL plug-ins, it is awesome! Everything is included for a single channel. I'm glad I made this purchase it is Definitely worth it.

M. Kartashev

September 10, 2013

Great tone!

i love this one on drums and percussion gives things nice classical SSL tone
EQ is very use-full and the dynamic section sound great and tight when dialed with measure
awesome channel strip!

J. Bowman

September 8, 2013


Really happy with this one. It just works, i find I like the sound of it quite a bit more than the Waves SSL buss comp. Just seems a bit more smooth. The meter seems to react more appropriately too As well, when you switch ratios it definitely does a familiar thing that the real 4k buss compressor does...

Recently I was asked by a mastering engineer if/what buss compression i used on a mix because it was really good. Was the first mix I did with this. Also, i've been mixing on a real SSL 4k for the last 4 years until recently when i moved primarily ITB

Doesn't work for all applications, but neither does the real 4k comp. Seems like the best re-creation i've heard yet...

M. Mahler

August 24, 2013

A plugin to add the glue and smotheness to your final mix

I have used so far this plugin on the master channel. For my mixes it glues the whole mix together, the bass is smother and the mid and high frequencies are less harsh.
Overall, it makes the whole sound more radio ready. I use often on my master channel at first the SSL G Series Bus compressor to glue and smoothen the mix, followed by the UAD Precision Multiband to add again a little bit of glamour and high-end and finish up by a limiter. For me a must-have for everyone who wants to take the mix to the next level.

D. Hiett

August 22, 2013

This one beats them all

Once authorizing my duo I immediately started recording new music to use as buss compression shootout program material. I made bass heavy, acoustic, noisy, distorted, clean & polished, lofi, hifi whatever I could think of. To tell you the truth I wanted to like the Shadow Hills comp because it just looked so damn cool. This plugins graphics left something to be desired. It looks like the compressor Mario and Luigi would use to master their jams back in the Super Nintendo days. Well don't ever look at your computer screen when A/Bing its just a bad habit and will ruin your perspective on the sound. After about 20 minutes it was pretty obvious to me that this compressor just had the sound. Bass comes out, and the mix just sounds alive.

J. Brennan

August 21, 2013

Sounds correct

Again, as in my SSL compressor review, this stands up to those who know how the SSL channels sound.

Even FLAT, you can hear a character change in the brown and black EQs.

As true, a little tweak goes a long way. Don't bother with the others. Waves, not even close with the same settings.

J. Brennan

August 21, 2013

True and real.

Don't even bother with the Waves SSL. They aren't EVEN close. Same settings and Waves is all over the place.

If you have ever used an SSL console or outboard SSL compressor, you will know how it sounds.
You don't have to tweak much to get it to change and react. As the hardware does.

You know how it sounds across the buss and across drums. Forget the others.

L. Adler

August 19, 2013

Loving this channel strip!

I've been recording and mixing on an SSL console at Fantasy Studios for years. So to get this amazing plugin that works and sounds the same is such a gift. My mixes are sounding great thanks to UA.

J. Toy

August 12, 2013

SSL E series

After an initial panic caused by thinking I had bought the wrong plugin (see 4k channel strip) I settled the heart down and realised I had bought the correct plugin. I had already used the trial version so knew what to expect. I use this especially for the high pass and low pass filter, sounds great and helps balance my mixes, especially on aux busses.

S. Chablal

July 31, 2013


Excellent Plugin! Way better than the other compainies version of this.

F. Pilz

July 28, 2013


I have no comparison to the hardware, but to the SSL Duende Emulation. Compared with that, the "original" by SSL sounds a bit smoother and fresher. Anyway, i think this is a "fair" emulation...and - to stress this once more - i don´t know, how the hardware sounds.
I love this compressor very, very much. It brings the voice right to your face

R. Gavrielov

July 24, 2013

A must have plug-in...

simply one word: Amazing!
A must have plug-in... works great on everything!

I. Johansson

July 16, 2013

Great st

Yupp, it makes the sound jump out of the speakers in controlled way. Makes it sound bigger and wide in a great way. Compared to the 4K strip it hold the sound together in a more pro way, that I searched for in other SSL strip plugins, but not heard until now. Expander is great and I like the BLK/BRN selector. Boosting the low and putting the Bus comp after creates a solid foundation that puts a smile on my face. :-)

S. Masarsky

June 27, 2013

Best Drum Bus Plug In...

Period. Or of course my opinion. Perhaps overstated but very true. It's that glue that brings the sound of the drum-kit together. Way outperforms similar emulations.

J. Scheldt

April 28, 2013

A "can't do without" magic plugin!

A "can't do without" magic plugin!
Awesome plugin on the master channel.

Producing rock music I like McDSP's Analog Channel but when it comes to pop-, house-, r&b and club tracks it's always this one that I use!

G. Bugmann

March 4, 2013

nearest to the original

it is not just another bus compressor - i have tried a lot of native copy's of the ssl bus compressor because it is a really winner in the mixing process and finally found the one, that really works - especially on a drum-bus!

P. Farnan

February 11, 2013


Basically this compressor is the sound of contemporary Western popular music over the last 25 years. It glued together the mixes of my bands first major label recordings in 1986 and it's making me sound like I still have a budget in 2013. It's subtle, musical and brilliant. And a great emulation.


C. Dennard

February 8, 2013


I use this plugin at least once on every session, and there's many sessions I've done where I've had it on every track. Smooth EQ's with 2 different modes, EXCELLENT gates, and easy to use (after you've read the manual). When I'm tracking with Apollo, this is ALWAYS on, and I print it straight to my DAW. Well done, UA. By far my favorite plug-in.

21-40 of 839 Results